Some info…

Hey there!

Just a quick post with some info.  Will be back with more tomorrow.

  • Some fabulous companies that I love have sent me some great giveaways.  Will be passing them on to lucky winners soon……….
  • Kay's summer begins soon!  I am hoping she will take over my blog like she did last summer.  I know several of you have been asking.  (If you don't know, Kay is my almost-15-year-old step-daughter who is unbelievably talented.)
  • Speaking of Kay, she will be having a class here in Cincinnati this month!  If you have a child between the ages of 7-15, check it out.  It was a HUGE success last year.  HERE is the info.
  • I have a class in Dayton on June 12.  Click HERE for info.  I am REALLY looking forward to it.  So excited about the projects!
  • Cards for Kids – yep, it is still going on!  We will be announcing the winners from the last round soon.  Stay tuned.  And, another round will be start up after that!
  • So happy to be getting THESE.
  • I have mentioned before how much we love Jamie Oliver's cookbook. But I thought I should mention it again.  We have done many recipes from it and they are all incredible.  Last night?  Crunchy Garlic Chicken with Lemon.  Oh my.  Yum.  Get the book HERE.
  • So excited that my little town is starting a farmers market this year!  They are popping up everywhere – you may want to see if your town has one.
  • I am buying THIS and can't wait to make a book.  So classy.  Perfect for the part-time scrapbooker in me. 🙂

OK… off to finish watching Food, Inc again.  Night!