Cards for Kids and prize info – please read!


A few important things:

  • First, if you won a prize from me before – either for the Card Drive or just here on my blog – and haven't received it, PLEASE email me.  Sometimes I have to count on companies and other folks to ship for me and I always fear it gets forgotten.  Thanks!
  • Next, if you sent cards in for the last Cards for Kids card drive, please review the list HERE. If your name isn't on it or isn't correct, please email Jana.  We will be picking winners soon!
  • Once that is done, we will announce the next card drive. 
  • If you had emailed me about a sick child you know of and would like to see added, please email me again.  I am missing an email and it is driving me nuts. Thanks!

Even more important, we need some prayers for some of our kids from the card drive…

  • About Aria: "Aria's body has rejected the bowel transplant she received a few months ago, and she has been relisted as a Status 1 donor candidate. Her family are understandably devastated, and would appreciate the prayers of your blog readers as they wait now for a suitable donor for all four organs. The tragedy of it all is that for Aria to live, another family will face a terrible loss of their own."
  • From Braden's mom: "I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and have undergone a double mastectomy and follow up surgery for more node removal.  I just began my own chemo last week which was the same time Braden was beginning a new regimen of chemo.  The news for Braden is worsening.  His cancer is stable right now but his liver enzymes are very elevated which eliminates his ability to enroll in trials that could lessen the disease.  We know it is about time right now and we are trying to glean every precious moment we can while we are still fighting with everything we have for a miracle!  We won't stop hoping!" (Yes, I will give info for how to send cards to the mom, too.)

Thanks.  More soon. 

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40 thoughts on “Cards for Kids and prize info – please read!”

  1. My heart is aching for Aria and Braden’s family!! How devastating for them!!
    I will continue to lift them up in prayer!!

  2. The only answer is prayer…lots and lots of prayer. Life is so fragile. I’ll be praying for them, for courage, faith, healing, and determination. We simply cannot give up hope. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I will be keeping these families in my prayers and try to get some more cards sent for them. Thanks for the updates.

  4. What discouraging news! Fortunately I’ve only had to deal with one family member’s illness at a time. I can’t imagine dealing with cancer myself and trying to take care of one of my children. My prayers for both families.

  5. My prayers too for all the kids and Mom who are facing such awful news. Please keep my sister in your prayers as well – she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December, had surgery, and is now undergoing chemo. Thanks so much! Hugs!

  6. Hi Jennifer-

    I really enjoy your blog, but for those of us who are newer, can you explain how to (and where to) send cards to the individuals that you mentioned above? Or anyone else on your list? Can we send cards for the parents?
    Ok, thanks.

  7. Jennifer, Thank you for the updates. We’ll certainly continue to lift everyone up in prayer for healing and peace.


  8. keeping these families in my thoughts… and sending good, positive wishes their way. Also taking stock in all the things I am grateful for… 🙂

  9. Prayers are being made for everyone involved.
    Makes you look at your own life a whole different way.

  10. this is just awful. what a double tradgey for this family to go thru. will say a prayer for them. the whole family.

    jennifer, i could not get to you via e-mail. my name was on a prize list and i did not here from any one about the pize or my address. sorry, i wrote this here but did not know what else to do.

  11. I just need you to know that what you do MATTERS!!! It’s so hard to read about children who are suffering and families that feel helpless, but I’m so grateful for you, Jennifer! Having been on the receiving end I just ache for these families.

  12. I know you don’t do this for the praise, but I think you deserve it. I’m so impressed that the card project is so important to you. Thank you for helping us touch lives.

  13. what a beautiful idea. i havent heard of a card drive before but now that i have i might have to start one up here is australia. congrats to you ladies for having such wonderful hearts.

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