Cards for Meg

This is adorable Meg…


Meg is a 5-yr-old darling battling Leukemia.  At age 3, she was diagnosed with high-risk Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.  She is currently doing well, but still has to be cautious due to her diminished infection-fighting ability.  She still has two years of treatment left and is currently taking oral chemotherapy.  On November 23, 2009, she will go in for a lumbar chemotherapy procedure.  She has such a sweet spirit and doesn’t complain about all the procedures she has to endure.  Her parents draw their strength from her and from their faith.  Meg loves to dress up like a princess and when she wears her princess dresses and high heels to Cook Children’s Hospital, she’s pretty much known as Princess Meg, said her mom, Sheri.  Meg is proud of the fact that she has “no peeps” (as in, she doesn’t utter a peep!) when she gets her shots.  Her sister, Jenna, is 7 years old and is a wonderful sister to Meg, playing dress-up and “pajama party” with Meg when she has to stay inside.  They are a wonderful, loving family who strive every day to keep a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts!

The family includes:

  • Meg, age 5.
  • Sister – Jenna, age 7.
  • Dad – Steve.
  • Mom – Sheri.

You can find out more and get updates about Meg HERE.

UPDATE: Princess Meg Schmidt is doing super duper!!! Meg just turned 5 and is anticipated to finish her chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia-ALL in March of 2011. Praise God!!! Meg and her family have been so thankful for the prayers, creative cards, stickers, and jokes. They have brought many smiles and laughter during some difficult times. A big thank you to the many thoughtful and creative members.