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When I got back from Ranger U a few months ago, I spent the next weekend playing with the techniques… coming up with new stuff and learning more by playing.  All in preparation for the class I was hoping to teach with 2peas.  So glad it has started – such fun.

I thought I would go ahead and share a few of them…

This first one shows inking and flicking with water, as shown in the first Thinking Inking video HERE.  I also punched the butterflies from yummy Studio Calico paper and covered them with Glossy Accents.  Love that stuff.  This is pretty distress-y for me, but that was what made creating it fun.

061909 Butterfly Distress Mess 1

061909 Butterfly Distress Mess
Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (greeting, script), Studio Calico patterned paper, Paper Studio butterfly punch, Hero Arts pearls, Glossy Accents, Distress Inks

For this next one, I masked off a rectangle area in the center of a notecard.  I then inked it with Broken China Distress Ink (blue) and brushed with perfect Pearls.  So, you can't see it in the picture, but the blue is shiny/pearly.  So cool in real life.

061909 Distress and Perfect Pearls Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (greeting, stem flourish) and flowers and gems and notecard :), Distress Inks

This is another one of my made-with-scraps cards.  That is one of my favorite things about the techniques done such as distress inking, water stamping, etc.  There are always delicious scraps leftover.  Always.  I save these in a basket and reach for them often.  These we leftover pieces of stamped Distress Ink images… I just punched hearts from them.  So easy and fast.

061909 Distress Hears Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (greeting, fern), Studio Calico patterned paper, Paper Studio butterfly punch, Hero Arts notecards and embossing powder, Fiskars heart punch, Distress Inks

Well, I am off to hang with little Audrey.  I adore her.  She is such a good sister to her little brother who is never more than 2 steps behind her.  Bless her heart.

Night night.

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26 thoughts on “More Inking…”

  1. I have been following your videos with a great deal of pleasure. The cards you’ve posted above are lovely. The good news is that I’ve been using the techniques you’ve been demonstrating. The bad news is that they still aren’t as pleasing to me as yours are–but I’m working on it. Much thanks for all your work.

  2. This is wonderful – I was hesitant to invest in more of the colorful distressing inks. I had no idea WHAT I’d need them for, with all of the standard colorful inks I already have. Well I just want to thank you for “showing me the light!” I think my favorite card that I’ve seen you share in all of these tutorials is “Thinking of You” card above. I love the contrast, and I love how the hand-crafted technique it totally the center-piece. And I think you’ve sold me on that Fiskars heart punch! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yummy scraps are the first thing that I noticed after any type of distressing. Every little bit is a treasure–LOVE it!! My fingers are very badly stained and it does take a little longer to get back to normal, but it’s like a “badge” that proves we are taking your class and having a lot of fun!

  4. I’m really enjoying your class at 2Peas – thanks for sharing these extra snippets. I love how rich the colours look on your punched out hearts against the chocolate brown background – yummy!

  5. Lovely examples….beautiful butterfly pieces of art here…impressive. I am lovin´ this Two Peas class and it is just great with the PDF…I am going to make all the PDF´s into a book…won´t that be gorgeous and a great resource of ideas to have on hand!!!What fun!

  6. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The “water flicking” resembles raindrops in the first one, perfect with the butterflies and sentiment. Love it! The masked pearly rectangle is oh-so-pretty and the flourish extending beyond it is so beautiful. Love those heart-punched scraps, the colors come out so wonderfully against the brown. Simply marvelous works, as always!

  7. More beautiful cards. The butterfly with the glossy accents actually looks like porcelain. You can never go wrong with hearts and butterflies. Very nice work. Thanks for sharing. :0)

  8. These are absolutely stunning Jennifer- I love those gorgeous butterflies especially. Thanks for being such a continual source of inspiration.

  9. Hi Jennifer,

    You are such a sweet person. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m absolutely loving the Thinking Inking class.

  10. I like your cards very much.
    I’m suprised about the first card. The text in the background is a german one and I’m german so it’s great to see a connection.
    Why did you use a german text?

  11. Thanks for the extra inspiration! The video presentations are wonderful, and adding the extra ideas is terrific. I’m looking forward to seeing more next week.

  12. AMAZING cards Jennifer! Love, love, love them.

    After hearing your voice in the 3 videos last week and seeing the pics that Lisa Russo took of your family I’ve been dreaming of you and your family the last two nights. Weird, eh?

    Looking forward to this week’s classes at 2peas. 🙂

  13. the masked off card is so wonderful- I believe you about the shine IRL- it still looks fantastic even though I can’t see it.

  14. I am SOOOO enjoying your class over at twopeas. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment. Thanks for sharing these extra pieces of eye candy today!

  15. I too have been inspired to invest in distress inks and give this technique a try thanks to your fabulous tutorials!!! I really love the Studio Calico paper you used for the butterflies, but after extensive googling–I can’t find it for sale anywhere!!!! Where can I purchase some of that stunning paper?

  16. I have really been enjoying your classes!! Great ideas and tips. While I love Ranger distress inks, I’ve been having some troubles with them and I am hoping that maybe you can help me out. The very first time I tried the technique where you smear the ink onto the craft sheet, spritz with water, and rub the paper into the ink turned out great. But then, every time I have tried it since I get a really washed out look to the color. I tried pushing the paper into the ink a second and third time to add more color, but it jsut gets more and more washed out. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I’ve tried more water, less water, regular paper, even shiny cardstock and the same thing keeps happening….icky washed out looking results!! I’ve watched all of Tim’s video’s a bunch of others too with no success because I am doing exactly what they say to do in every video!! Can you help????

  17. WOW! I’ve been in awe of your work for YEARS, but your lifting spirits card just floored me tonight!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talents!

  18. Jennifer

    These are really lovely cards. I am so glad you
    had joy playing with new techniques. You bring so much happiness to us.

    Sandi N.

  19. My name is Stella, I’m a brazilian scrapbooker, living in Orlando,FL since 2006.
    I just want to leave a scrap to let you know, how I admire your work. I follow your steps through Two Peas or your blog because I love everything you do! Even when you use techniques that I’m not a big fan, like alchool ink, you find a way to make it awesome.
    Your talent will always inspire me!

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