And I am off! And a FUN giveaway…

Tomorrow, I leave for Summer CHA. This is a giant craft show that I go to every year for Hero Arts. I work the booth, laugh, teach classes, see friends, go to meetings, laugh more, do make and takes and get very little sleep… the whole works.

And, I am so very happy to say that I pretty much wrapped up the HUGE project I am doing for Hero Arts. Just a few minutes ago. I have some last minute finishes to do. But the guts of it? It is DONE. Whew. Once it is announced at CHA I will be sure to share here.

I have done some samples for my favorite companies/friends at the show. Want a peek?


I also am thrilled to have a giveaway for you.

Recently, I have been collecting fun, playful prints for an upcoming remodel of the kid's bathrooms. I plan to have everything white, except TONS of these bold prints and a mix of bold towels. I have been collecting some on etsy for awhile now. Recently, I got a batch that are by far my favorites. I did something I rarely do – I asked her if I could give one away on my blog, knowing you all would love them. And guess what? She is super sweet and said I could give away two. Sweet.

So, HERE is the shop I love. Her name is Lori McDonough, and she even has a great blog HERE. These are the prints I got…

THIS one makes me smile…

And a "Cloud 9" print? Brilliant. A reminder that life is good…

Il_430xN.156100834 THIS one makes me giddy…

THIS one is BRILLIANT. My new favorite saying…

And I am going back soon to get THIS…


SO… now is your chance to win a print of your choice! Just leave me a comment here by Wednesday night telling be about a happy moment in your day and I will pick TWO winners. Each will get a print of their choice from Lori's shop HERE.

Thanks, Lori!

And I am excited that my next post will be the first of a few from Kay! And we will even end with a post from Audrey. You will love what they have to share – promise. 🙂

Oh, and I forgot to announce the winner of the Sponge Daubers from earlier this week. The lucky one is Tracey… I will email you.

I am off to pack. If you want peeks and photos from CHA, follow me on Twitter HERE. Bye!

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268 thoughts on “And I am off! And a FUN giveaway…”

  1. A happy moment today, was coming home from work and being greeted by my husband and kids. All are off from school for the summer(my husband is a teacher) and are always excited and happy to see me when I come home!

  2. The happiest moment in my day was reconnecting with a friend I haven’t spoken too in two years! Thanks for a great giveaway, I’m going to have to check them out they are great!!! =)

  3. Those prints are fabulous!! And what a great idea for the bathroom – my kids bathroom is one of our short term projects to redo…not sure I want white for boys but you never know! My happy moment this morning was getting super big hugs and a “Mommy, I love you” from all of my boys as I was leaving for work. Great way to start the day!

  4. Cute, cute prints! My happy moment was having the 3 birthday cards I made for my niece and two of my nephews turn out just perfectly fitting for each of them! My second happy moment was coming to work this morning and finding the coffee was already made and waiting for me!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  5. those prints are fantastic! My happy moment was a hug from my very busy 2 yr old. A little snuggle time then back to throwing balls and racing cars!

  6. I love God’s creation! I begin my day on the patio feeding my Blue Jays, Cardinals & squirrels who come when I call them by shaking the jar of peanuts.

  7. My happy moment every weekday is when my hubby gets home from work! Love the sneak peaks! Wish I was going to CHA! Have fun!

  8. My happy moment was when my three year old asked for chocolate for dinner. I politely told her now and she looks up at me and grins and says, “I want Uncle Brandon’s Susan.” We just returned from a camping trip with my family. I giggled!

  9. My happy moment today was when I actually made and posted a card for a challenge. For once I really got to work, rather than just thinking about it… It felt good to be productive and creative! 🙂

  10. Cute Prints, very inspiring. I love that kind of stuff. Can’t wait to here about CHA. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi, Jen. Thanks for the giveaway! One of the happiest moments in my day is lying in the dark when I sneak a few minutes with each kiddo while putting them to bed. Those moments are just precious! I especially love that last print. I just took over as the Children’s Ministry Director at my church, and I’d love to hang this in one of our classrooms. You’re the best!

  12. I’m sorry I missed this (was helping a friend move this week), but wanted to say “thanks” for the link to Lori’s store. There are so many really cute prints, I don’t know how to pick just one or two. Love the Sailing through life. Have fun at CHA!

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