GIVEAWAY! In honor of Cards for Kate

Hey!  Just want to give something away today – hope that is ok. :)  I have been thinking about Kate all day and thinking about how much our cards will make her smile.  And, I want to make one of you all smile, too.  So just leave a comment here by Tuesday at 11:59pmEDT telling me what made you smile today and I will pick a winner of these three Fiskars punches…

Fiskars prize

I am going to share all the Cards for Kate info here again because so many people have asked for it.  Please keep them coming in.  The prizes are ROCKING.  Click HERE and check them out.  Several great companies are giving away HUGE $$$ goodies!  And more are coming. 

Here is the info…

Cards for Kate Card Drive


Here is some info about Kate:

About 6 weeks ago the life of the McRae family changed forever when their precious 5 year old daughter, Kate, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.  Dad (Aaron) is a pastor in Arizona and he and his wife, Holly have two other children, Will and Olivia.  Of course this is devastating for the whole family and many are praying for them.   (Go to to learn more about this family and their struggle).  Kate has a rough road ahead of her for quite awhile.  When you hear their story you will want to do anything you can to help.

And one thing we can do to help is to send cards to Kate and her family to encourage them, give them strength, and let them know how many people are thinking about and praying for them.  And the most generous and kind people in the world are crafters so we thought we’d have a Cards for Kate Card DriveThis time I have two rockin' friends helping me out – Jana Millen and Kristina Proffitt.  Be sure to watch their blogs for more info, etc.

Think of how much it would encourage this family to receive cards from all over the world.  You can simply send the cards to me. We will then box them up and pay to send them to Kate's parents.  (We have already gotten the ok from them.)

The details:

  • Cards can be for any member of Kate's family:

                           -  Kate (age 5) – The sweet girl who is battling cancer.
                           -  Little brother Will.
                           -  Bigger sister Olivia.
                           -  Mom and Dad, Aaron and Holly.

  • Cards can be anything cheery, encouraging, supportive, etc.  (This family is a family of God, so for all you Christians out there, feel free to share messages of Faith.)  Anyone can send a card – even your children!
  • Please write a message in the card and sign your name and where you are from.  On the card envelope, please write the name of who the card is for (Kate, Will, Olivia, Aaron and/or Kate).  Also, please don't seal the envelope, as Kate's parents might want to preview cards before the kids see them.
  • With your cards, please include a piece of paper with your name, address, email address and number of cards.  We will keep these for picking out prizes.  (See below.)
  • The cards should be sent to:

                        Jennifer McGuire
       Card Drive for Kate
       PO Box 428612
       Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

  • Please send the cards to arrive by October 1. This should give enough time for those overseas to play along. As we get enough to fill a box to send to Kate's family, we will send them.  This way they don't get them all at once.  And since they are having some struggles lately, the sooner we get some cards, the better.
  • If you want to send more than just a card (such as a gift), please just send directly to the address given HERE.
  • If you want to donate money to Kate's family, please click HERE.  If you want to help cover the costs of shipping, feel free to include some money in with your cards.  Any money leftover will be donated to the family.  (But there is NO need to include money.)

And… how about some prizes as a thank you for participating?  For all the cards we get, we will pick random winners of some great prizes.  Click HERE for up-to-date prize info.  Stuff will be added soon and often.  Please keep in mind that winners will be pick based on piece of paper you include with your cards with your name and info. So, be sure to include it!

Thank you everyone,

Jennifer, Kristina and Jana

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487 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! In honor of Cards for Kate”

  1. What made me smile today was knowing that there are great people like you out there who devote yourself to simple causes like this one. Wish you all the best in your Cards for Kate drive!


  2. My daughter makes me smile all the time. She told her friend the other day ” I thought tomorrow was yesterday” I couldn’t stop laughing.
    Thanks for your generosity. I posted about Kate’s card drive on my blog.

    God bless

  3. My sister-in-law and I visited a large craft fair Sunday. Seeing all the clever people’s booths made me smile.You never know where you might get inspiration for your own craftiness.

  4. I smiled at an email a very close friend sent me, it told me all the things a true friend would say to you that no one else would..It made me smile because everything the email mentioned dipicted my friend to a T…We have been best mates now for 42 years and she still makes me smile!

  5. Believe it or not my twin daughters coming home from college with 3 friends and ALL their laundry made me smile. It is such a joy to have them around and for some reason laundry is just so much more fun now (: Thanks for what you are doing for this precious little girl and her family.

  6. Believe it or not my twin daughters coming home from college with 3 friends and ALL their laundry made me smile. It is such a joy to have them around and for some reason laundry is just so much more fun now (: Thanks for what you are doing for this precious little girl and her family.

  7. What made me smile today? My friend’s two year old LOVED watching “Singing in the Rain” with me and proceeded to dance several numbers for us. My mom’s kitty (who I am kitty sitting) played a long game of “catch the light” with me this evening. I got to drink my coffee at a leisurely pace…and I got to scrapbook for hours this afternoon. It was a smiling, blessed day.

  8. When my 2 year old hid from me then jumped up and yelled a very long “BBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” Great to read about how I can support little Kate

  9. What makes me happy is seeing my beautiful daughter off to school happy and excited about what the day will bring.

  10. My sister lives about 3 hours away from me and I got to spend the weekend with
    her, just us girls and we laughed all weekend. It was great.

  11. What made me smile today was just having the chance to be home with my two little guys this morning. A day off so no rushing to work. Watching them both smile and laugh while they ate breakfast. It just breaks my heart to know there is another child suffering in this world. I can only imagine the great amount of joy these cards will bring to this family. God bless!

  12. I just love reading your blog each day……

    What made me smile today was watching my two younger sons (ages 4 and 6) making banana bread with their Daddy. And then later when they pronounced it to be the “best banana bread ever”!

  13. It is so sweet that you’re doing a give away in honor of the cheeriness that surrounds this card drive. Thanks for the chance to get those awesome punches!

  14. Well it made me smile last thursday….does that count? Thursday was my birthday and my last class of the day is 7th graders, someone had prepped the kids in advance; so that every time I asked a question in class, lots of them would raise their hand, but instead of answering my question…the answer was always “Happy Birthday Madame” LOL! They were all so sweet and so funny. They kept this up for the entire 49 minute class, no matter what my question to them was. It was adorable and made me smile lots.
    P.S. I teach French, so that’s why they call me Madame!

  15. This is a very good Idea to do for them. I will try to get some cards made to mail out to you(hubby’s gone for a few weeks).

  16. I’m a kindergarten assistant who is working on scrapbooking project with 2 of the classes I work with. Each month the kids draw a picture if themselves, write their name, do a handprint craft and another art project for something special to do with that month. We give it to the mothers in May for Mother’s Day. Since we have only been back to school for about a month, the kids first monthly installment was pretty darn wonderful to see;) I wish you could all see how cute they are because you couldn’t help but smile.

  17. What makes me smile every week is seeing and playing with my 4 great-grandchildren who live nearby. AND what
    makes me smile every day is that the Lord has given me another day to enjoy and the strength and energy to make
    MORE CARDS! (I’m 89 years old)

  18. I have been praying for Kate since I found out about her story! My boys and I pray for thier family daily!
    I am thrilled to have come accross Cards for Kate as we wanted to make cards, but we were not sure where to send them! Thank you for hosting this!

  19. I have been praying for Precious Kate since finding her story a few weeks ago! My boys and I wanted to make her cards but we weren’t sure where to send them. I am thrilled to have come accross your blog, thank you for hosting! I am sure the family will be blessed!

  20. I had dinner with Izzy tonight. She is the 2 1/2 year old daughter of my friend. She made me smile when she starting singing songs in the restaurant that she made up. It was so cute!

  21. Hello-today is my daughters birthday and we will be going to visit her this afternoon-that makes me smile-as well as my younger daughter getting her stuffed animal “puppy” dressed for the occasion! I will be sending cards soon to this family in so much turmoil right now!!! May God be with them!!!

  22. This made me smile at work when a student with Autism telling me no his name was not what I called him , but he was a valasaraptor (sp?). He walked the rest of the way to his class looking just like the dinosaur in the movie Jurassic Park with sound effects, steps and head movement. Imagination can really make you happy.

  23. I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I’ll let you know what made me smile anyway. 🙂

    My 7 YO was home sick with the flu and had the flushed cheeks, glazed eyeballs look. Even so, he just makes me laugh. I sat down next to him, he glanced over and in his very matter-of-fact voice, “Well, mom. I see you have on your Halloween socks today.” Probably had to be there to here the inflection in his voice, but it made me grin.

  24. My husband helped me hang a grouping of 10 framed photos today. It’s called the perfect Picturewall at www.
    That really made me smile today! I have had the set since October. It was so difficult choosing only 10 pics to display. I have over 4000 pics uploaded to iphoto.

  25. Just 5 minutes ago, I saw the first hummingbird for the season. That means I need to put up the feeder. They are so fearless it is refreshing to see something that small.

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    this take a great deal of work? I have virtually no knowledge of programming
    but I had been hoping to start my own blog in the near future.
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  27. What made me smile today was the beautiful sunshine. Too often, I take it for granted instead of enjoying it!!

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