Mannie’s Legacy


Most of you know my dear friend Kristina Werner. And if you know Kristina and watch her videos, you likely also know Mannie, her adorable cat.

On Friday, Mannie passed away after suddenly becoming ill. Over the years, Mannie made many of us smile through his pictures and guest appearances in videos.

After many requests, Jana Millen (another dear friend) and I decided to start a small “Mannie’s Legacy” fundraising page. The money goes directly to an organization near Kristina that helps animals in need.

If you are interested in donating, you can find information HERE.

Thank you! (I will be back soon with a video. I just felt this was a bit more important today. 🙂

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136 thoughts on “Mannie’s Legacy”

  1. Kristina, so sorry for the loss of your sweet Mannie. Our little fur babies are truly members of the family.

  2. Jennifer and Jana…..Thank you so much for organizing this donation for Kristina/Mannie. You gave so many of us an avenue to send out our love and sympathy. You are both Angels! Thanks.

  3. Wow what a wonderful way to support your friend Kristina. Having rescued, loved & lost 2 special furbabies I know how important this support is to Kristina. Please give her a hug from one of her many fans. God bless both you & Jana for doing this for Kristna & her beloved Manniemeow.

  4. So sorry to hear of Mannies passing. I know how hard this will be for Kristina as he was so loved. Keep strong as I know his memory will linger in your heart.

  5. So sorry to hear about the loss of Kristina’s cat passing. Our pets are such a Huge part of our lives and when they are gone they leave such an emptiness. Many ((((((Hugs)))))

  6. I am so sorry for your sad loss Kristina. You will have some beautiful memories.
    From way down under in New Zealand Lee

  7. This is truly the most heartfelt and wonderful way to honor the love for Mannie. And for all that love their fur babies.

  8. My heart goes out to Kristina. I have loved all my furry companions and know how hard it is to lose them. I always loved seeing dear Mannie in her videos. He was a very special cat. He will be missed by all Kristina’s fans. He brought smiles to all of us.

  9. Oh no, that is terrible. I’m sitting here with my kitty in my lap and my heart is breaking for Kristina.

  10. What a sweet thing for you guys to do. I heard about Mannie and it broke my heart. I am a huge cat lover and my cat Missy looked just like Mannie and I just recently lost her myself. I felt as if I was going to die my heart hurt so much. I love to hear him on the videos and see him on the videos that Kristina would post on all of the social medias and on her blog. I know that he was such a huge part of her life.

    If you don’t mind me asking, how is she holding up and can you send her my love and prayers. I don’t know if she is excepting emails right now but I just want her to know that I know he was such a special cat and those kinds of furry friends don’t come around very often. There are wonderful ones, and then there are those rare exceptional ones. I actually started to cry when I heard the news…I never thought I would feel so bad for a kitty that I have never met in real life but he touched my heart.

  11. My deepest sympathy I know how much your Mannie was loved. Our fur babies leave paw prints on our hearts.

  12. Jennifer…you have defined friendship. A good reminder to us all.
    I just know Kristina must feel the love and support from all of us. And I know our donations in Mannie’s memory will spread joy and love to other wonderful animals that need us.
    One never knows what to say or do in times like this. But we are desperate to do something to ease the pain. So thank you for giving us a voice to show our love and support to Kristina in such a sad time. I hope and trust she will feel us all helping to shoulder her burden with her.

  13. I am so saddened to hear this news. Like many others, I adored Mannie! I loved hearing and seeing him pop up in videos and in pics on Instagram. He spread a lot of joy to Kristina’s fans. He will be missed greatly – this furry member of our card-making community has left a very big paw print on our hearts! We love you Mannie! God bless!

  14. I am not a “cat person” but I will miss Mannie. I really enjoyed getting to know him via Kristina’s videos. Please pass along my sympathies to Kristina.

  15. I too wept with grief after hearing of little Mannie’s passing. I lost my Cazimier 3 years ago after 21 yrs together. Hearing abt Mannie made it feel like yesterday. I’m so glad Kristina has so many wonderful friend and well wisherss out there it helps. Maybe my Caz will meet her Mannie in the after world and give Mannie one of those kitty affections for me and show him around. May he bask in the light of plentiful sunbeams and find plenty of catnip to keep him content and happy.

  16. So sad to hear of the loss of this lovely little friend, Mannie. I enjoyed hearing his purring during Kristina’s videos. Thinking of you Kristina. X

  17. Oh my God! I am so saddened and shocked to hear this. My heart hurts for Kristina. We have lost two of our cats this year so I know the love she has for Mannie and the loss she now feels. I will miss Mannie

  18. So sorry to hear about Mannie .
    I hope that u will remember all the time u spent together good and we lol good .
    Ur fur babies are very special to us ,
    Mannie will b remember fondly.

  19. What great friends to love your friend so much that you are honoring her fur baby and helping other fur babies at the same time. My heart breaks for Kristina but her memories will help her heal. This is a loving tribute to a loving fur kid and also to a dear friend. Thank you for this wonderful gesture.

  20. Kristina, my heart is aching for you. Our furbabies are family, and I know how much you loved Mannie. No kitty was ever loved more, and thank you for sharing him with all of us.

  21. What a great friend you are to do this for Kristina and Manny. Not everyone understands how devastating the loss of a pet can be. I’m sure that knowing so many people care will help Kristina get through this. In time her heart will start to heal but she will need you to be understanding for a long time. I know how close the two of you are-she is lucky to have you!

  22. So sorry to learn Mannie passed away. He was so adorable and I enjoyed watching him on Kristina’s videos. She must be devastated. I understand how sad the loss of a loved pet can be. She’s lucky to have a friend like you, Jennifer. My heart goes out to Kristina. I pray she will get through this with the help of friends like you and the support of her followers.

  23. My heart breaks for Kristina. What a great friend she has in you, though. I am very thrilled than the fundraiser benefits CAWS. This is a wonderful organization through which I have adopted 4 out of 5 of my kitties. They do amazing work for the animals in the community in which Kristina and I live. Kudos to you for setting this up so that other animals may benefit during this sad time. And I hope that when she is ready, Kristina will adopt another kitty. There are so many homeless cats that would love to have a loving cat mom like her.

  24. I was teary eyed when I read about Mannie; such a sweetheart. We must realize that we become ‘one’ so to speak as we read your day to day blogs. We care!

  25. OMG…I have been without internet and just read this terrible news and it took my breath away. I am so so sorry Kristina for your loss. My heart goes out to you.

  26. I am new to all this and your videos are extremely well done. Thank for explaining things in a clear and concise manner. I will be checking out all your other videos too.

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