Lots of news…

Lots to share tonight. 🙂

First, if you are in Cincinnati or nearby, Stamp Your Art Out has their used stamp sale this Saturday.  I have hundreds of old stamps I will be parting with there, along with many stamps from others.  It is a GREAT day to get some great deals.  Call 513.793.4558 for more info.

Next, a quick Cards for Kate update.  Jana is keeping a list of all the people we get cards from and how many they sent.  She just started adding them… more will come.  Click HERE to see the list.  And email her if yours seems to be incorrect.  (Her email is on the sidebar of her blog.)

Also, I am sending Kate and her family their first package of cards tomorrow.  There are about 100… they will be so thrilled!  Kate's mom says Kate LOVES mail. 🙂

Stay tuned – I will be adding some AMAZING prizes tomorrow – one from the wonderful Tim Holtz.  You will LOVE it.  Start sending in more cards!  Here are two more prizes you could win:

PRIZE 2:  Goodies from Heather Ruwe from Scrapbook Bakery.  Includes: 9 Double Sided Patterned Papers from the American Crafts Amplified Line, 1 Mini Marks Rub-On Book from American Crafts, 1 Mini Chipboard Book from Jenni Bowlin, 1 Heart WInged Butterfly Stamp from Hero Arts and 2 Spools of Ribbon from American Crafts.

Donation-Card Drive2009(2)

PRIZE 3: Lesley Grainger Design Digital Kit from 2peas.  Donated by Lesley Grainger.  You can use the kit for your personal projects for the digitial and hybrid scrapbooking, gift tags, card designs, crafts and much more!

Image111 Image

Oh!  And if you have a Girl Scout troop, soccer team or bible group or whatever, have them all make cards!  Anything.  Really – we just want silly cheerful cards. 

And!  This is cool.  PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT.  Kristina shares all the details of an amazing digital kit created especially for Kate by Crystal Wilkerson… and the money goes to the McRae family.  SO amazing.  Go HERE to buy and take a peek.  Kristina created some amazing things with this!!!


Next… be sure to check out the Hero Arts blog this week.  Lots of yummy colors.  I love what Tami and Kelly shared today.

Scrapfest is coming up.  Anyone going?  Pulling that together now.  It is such a hectic show, but I hope to see some of you there!

Random things today… huh?

I usually don't bore ya all with this kind of non-crafting stuff (at least I try not to – ha), but I thought it might be good info for some.  Got my hair chopped today.  It is pretty short now.  Now it is time to grow it again and chop it again – each time I donate the hair.  I am not one who cares about her hair much (never have colored or highlighted, don't use hairspray and get it cut only twice a year or so), so I figure it is best to donate it to someone who would appreciate it, ya know?  I send it in to Pantene, who only require 8 inches.  Easy to do and such a good cause.

Photo 54

Off to watch TV.  I am hoping this fall brings some new shows to fall in love with. What are you looking forward to?

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37 thoughts on “Lots of news…”

  1. Oh gosh!! That digikit for Kate makes me puddle up!!!!
    My son had his first cub scout meeting of the year today… I’ll chat with the leader – she’s a stamper!!!!!!!
    And, adorable haircut!

  2. Cute hair! I’ve been just trying to grow mine. I’m not a hairspray or dyer either.

    Fall shows: I have to say I’m looking forward to The Modern Family on ABC looks hilarious!

    You know i’ll be at Scrapfest. I’m so excited to just get away with my family. George (hubby) is such a good sport while I do make and takes and take classes. You’ll get to see my kiddies! My chunker baby! LOL!!

  3. Working on my cards for Kate and family! Cute haircut! Awesome to donate it! :> Too many shows for me to look forward to, we PVR them (DVR) and watch them super fast! Lost, Grey’s, How I Met your mother, 90210 and well I can’t remember the rest! :>

  4. That’s awesome of you to donate your hair!!! I too don’t fuss over my hair…it’s too straight and thin to work with!!! You look great!!

  5. Love the haircut. And what a good cause. My hair has been short for a very long time and will never be long because it looks horrible on me. I had it long for my wedding 16 years ago and had it cut the moment I came back from my honeymoon!
    I’m sorting out my cards and trying to make some for Kate.

  6. I have just discovered your site (yes living quietly down here in Australia)….love your info about stamping and realized my addiction when my first black Stazon ran out!!!! LOL.
    you are now on my fav list and am sure I will visit you often.
    newbie Jane

  7. Wow, I’ve never heard of donating hair before – what a great idea! However mine is short and so thin that I don’t think I’ll ever manage to donate – could probably do with someone to give me some of theirs! Love the new haircut – v. chic. Have just cut my 5 year old’s to the same style. So easy to manage.

  8. Jennifer

    Looks like a great hairstyle to have with this busy time of the year. You are a great person for sharing your hair.

    Stamp sale…I went last year and purchased some great deals. I will try again this year.

    I am so excited Kate will get her first package soon. I hope it can bring lots of smiles to her.

    Love the digi and butterfly kits. There are lots of wonderful people coming together for Kate and her family. God it good.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Sandi N.

  9. Your hair is adorable.
    I am looking forward to the show “Community” with Joel McHale sp? and Chevy Chase! of my favorite, “The Office”!

  10. Thanks for sharing the Pantene link. I have never had my hair long enough to donate, but 8 inches could work for me.

  11. Thanks for sharing the Pantene link. I have never had my hair long enough to donate, but 8 inches could work for me.

  12. Love the cute hair — always wish I had low maintenance hair but mine had always been “some assembly required” — just did not get good genes in the hair department!

    Can’t wait for the fall show — getting kind of tired of home and food shows! Looking forward to Amazing Race and Grey’s Anatomy!

  13. I can’t wait for new shows for Big Bang Theory on Monday nights. That’s the funniest show I’ve seen in a while.
    You look cute with your new hair cut.

  14. Your hair looks cute! As far as fall shows, I can’t wait for Glee! And it comes on tonight…so excited. And I’m really looking forward to Private Practice again…the season finale was a real cliffhanger.

  15. Cute haircut! That’s awesome fo you to donate it. We did that last year with my daughter Emily’s hair…14 inches to Locks Of Love!

    I’m really looking forward to NCIS and House starting back up. Those are my top 2 favs…

    Also, wanted to share a site with you where I found some kid jokes…


    Some of them are kind of out there, but others would be really cute for some cards! 😉
    – April

  16. Your hair looks great! And as a fellow non dyer / hairspray user etc I could donate. I only get my hair cut every few years. (hairdresser phobia…) I will see if there are similar programs in England – what a great idea, thanks Jennifer. X

  17. love the haircut…we tried to donate my daughter’s to Pantene, but we got this weird stylist who was all contrary (and her hands shook the whole time, which is odd to see in a stylist) about cutting it. Anyway, glad to hear someone actually was able to donate to them!

    And no, we didn’t go back to that stylist.

  18. Oh so CUTE !!! I want cute hair….. 🙂 Errr… not what you cut off. Um… like my own, but cute… errrr, that now sounds rather creepy and stalkerish! Sorry !!!! xx

  19. Cute haircut! Nice of you to donate too. I’m with you, no hairspray needed….well it might be needed for me, but I dont bother with it. 🙂

    Going to Scrapfest, can’t wait! And I can’t wait for The Office – that’s one of my all time favorite shows. Glee looks like it could be funny/interesting too.

  20. Your hair looks cute Jen! The short style really suits you!

    Amazingly I have got a couple of cards all made and ready to go. Just need to send them once I have got the boys to write in Kate’s one!! As for TV. Can’t wait for Grey’s to come back on, plus really looking forward to Glee. I downloaded the pilot and now looking forward to keeping up with you guys for the rest of this program.

  21. Love your haircut, Jennifer! I don’t like the smell of hairspray so I don’t use it either. If you have allergies, hairspray is hard on the lungs…. I’m looking forward to seeing “Glee” too. Have a great evening!

  22. Love your haircut and where your cut hair is going.
    Making some cards for Kate and her family, and would like to know the ages of her brother and sister, if you can tell us, thanks

  23. I love your hair cut!! I had all of 10 inches cut off in Feb for loc of love and I got the same hair cut. I am still deciding if I want to do it again, got tired of wearing it in a ponytail and took forever to dry. Thanks for sharing

  24. Looking forward to Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Bones – Just saw America’s Next Top Model! Okay, I love my nighttime TV!

  25. Thanks for sharing the Pantene info. I, like you, cut, grow, cut, grow and always try to donate but haven’t been able to meet Locks of Love’s requirements for 10 inches. I’m pretty sure I can do 8 inches. Thanks!

  26. i’ve been working on a card for kate and haven’t liked anything i’ve come up with. but i think i can do “silly” that gives me an idea-thanks. i think this is a wonderful cause.
    i’m so excited about fall tv. glee started last night, and i was pretty excited to see that show. it’s really funny. other shows i’m looking forward to: lie to me, house, and gossip girl.

  27. AAAAHHHHH! Awesome! In my mind, I’m jumping up and down saying “Me, too! Me, too!” I chopped off 10″ plus a couple weeks ago, it’s above my chin now. I also grow my hair out and donate… started doing it right before I got married 7 years ago, and I think I’ve donated 4 times now? Never knew about Pantene, I’ve only done Locks of Love. Don’t care about my hair much, either. Your hair looks great.

  28. Hair cut is adorable! How generous of you to donate. I’ll have to check out some of the new fall tv shows. Heard lots of good things about “Glee.” I’m also looking forward to making gifts and cards for the upcoming holidays. Now is a good time to start since things get so hectic in December.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  29. Jennifer, First time I’ve visited your blog and saw the Cards for Kate. How did you first find out about her. Such an intense time for her family. I’ve asked the group I belong to (Comforting Guardian Angels) to send angels c/o her dad’s church.

  30. Such a cute and flattering hairdo! Not that you aren’t always cute ! ?
    My granddaughter donated hers after her first haircut to Locks of Love…just 7 years old and it was her idea! Don’t even know how she knew about it but she did!

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