Let’s celebrate…

Hi, everyone!


Let's celebrate election day!  I am so glad it is finally here.  I have another giveaway to celebrate!  And for you non-US people, you can play, too, of course. 🙂

But I do have to say, I hate the day after the election.  Even if I am happy with who won, I still feel SO bad for the person who didn't win.  Imagine how sad they are after putting so much into it?  I feel the same way when someone gets booted off Dancing With the Stars.  Ha. 🙂

How about a couple quick shares.  This is from an old Autumn Leaves project, but I wanted to share anyway.  The challenge was to use all my current favorite products on one project.  Turns out not much has changed – still buttons, gems, sewing, stamping, flowers, enlarged photos, mini photos and computer journalling.  (The only thing I would add now is AC's Thickers. 🙂


And this is from Hero Arts.  I just stumbled upon it today and thought I would share it here.  Isn't Erin Cobb's daughter gorgeous?  I would love for Erin to take pictures of my family someday, along with Lisa Russo.  My dreams. 🙂

(c) Hero Arts

And I have a winner of the Jamie Scraps kit from Sunday's post is Carol B!  I will email you.

You still can enter yesterday's drawing for the fabulous Studio Calico kit if you post HERE by tonight.

And… finally… today's giveaway!  Just leave a comment on this post by 11:59pmEDT on Wednesday night and I will pick a random winner of this great 6×6 BasicGrey Offbeat paper pack.  (It is perfect for cardmaking. I just ordered one from 2peas for myself and decided to order an extra to give away here.)  And, can you help me out?  In your comment, please give me some ideas of questions I could ask you all for my giveaway comments.  Anything you want to learn about your fellow stampers?  I loved asking about your recipe ideas.  I am collecting some from you all and will share soon.  Thank you!  Oh, and here is the BG paper pack you could win…


Thanks for stopping by and being my happy place every night.  Take care! 🙂

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281 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate…”

  1. I have never seen these papers before, they rock!

    My Question would be: What is your family one Christmas tradition that you will never let die?

  2. hi jen thank for another chance to win some goodies!!
    how about useing your favorite old goodies and i love LOVE basic grey

  3. Great questions so far… the most used/fav stamp question is my favorite – and a hard one to answer I’m sure.

    I love this new BG line. I’m doing a lot of my childhood & it’s perfect for that but also looks great on my boy pages (minus the birds lol).

    Love the layout of Colin – he is such a doll

  4. Great questions so far… the most used/fav stamp question is my favorite – and a hard one to answer I’m sure.

    I love this new BG line. I’m doing a lot of my childhood & it’s perfect for that but also looks great on my boy pages (minus the birds lol).

    Love the layout of Colin – he is such a doll

  5. For a comment, have people tell what good deed they have done today without being asked to, or done secretly (not for recognition or praise).

  6. Your photos are just as awesome and so are your wonderful blog tutorials. Thanks for posting them. I think a great question would be what is your favorite holiday cookie to make for christmas?

  7. Love that BG paper pack! You could ask simple questions like: How long have you been stamping, or do you like wood or clear stamps or how did you get into this hobby…

  8. Love Basic Grey, woot! 🙂 Ok, questions..

    *Is there a stamp you find yourself using over and over?
    *What is your favorite way to add color to a stamped image?
    *How many cards do you usually create at one time?

  9. Questions…huh.

    What would you do if you couldn’t scrap/stamp/make cards anymore.

    If you were to design your own stamp or tool, what would it be?

    If you could meet any scrap celeb who would it be – other than Jennifer of course.

    If the color isn’t quite right – do you use it anyway, or do you search until you find that “just right” color?

    I can just keep going ang going……I don’t know if they are any good, but I’m havin’ fun!

  10. What beautiful layouts!

    Questions . . . What is your favorite stamp company/line? What is your favorite holiday/occasion to make cards/layouts for? What was the last card/layout you made? What was the last product you bought? What was the last product you used?

  11. that is so nice of you! thanks for the chance to win. since its the holiday season

    Do you make or buy your holiday cards?
    Do you make or buy your envelopes? (I always wondered this one especially with the different size cards)

  12. Thanks for a chance to win the paper pack. Gotta love Basic Grey and I’ve just started getting into making cards so this would be great. Have a blessed Wednesday.

  13. Hi! My question: if you could have dinner with someone, who do you pick? (Everything is possible.) I would pick my grandmother (and grandfather!). I would love to talk to her (and him), hug her and show her (pictures of) my son. If only that would be possible… (she died 18 years ago and the last few weeks I think a lot about her and miss her).
    Bye, Diane

  14. Very sweet layouts. Thanks for always inspiring us with your passion.

    Questions I would ask.
    What would you change about stamping/scrapbooking if you could?

    How does the rest of your family react to your hobby?

    Where do you see this industry going in the future.

  15. How about “what’s your most unusual use for a stamp or supply?” :o) Mine is probably the glue dot I used to “fix” this little rubber piece falling down under the windflap on the back of the van, lol!

  16. I am a new mom. Cason is 7 mos and I am way behind on scrapping his life. I have plenty of picts to document. Which ones should be prioroty? How can I whip out pages that are meaningful yet not skimpy on details/events?Thanks for the chance at some goodies!!
    Sarah in Texas
    ps I voted too, for the first time:)

  17. I’m a fan of the ‘what are you loving right now’ questions – whether it be a store, movie, book, food, etc. … it’s always fun to read the diverse answers – and get new ideas!

  18. Those BG papers haven’t arrived here yet. I can’t waith, love them!! Thank you for being so generous. I’m struggling to think about good questions now – favourite towns to visit, fun weekend activities, when do you start decorating your place for Christmas, great Christmas foods and songs.

    Have a great day!


  19. A question I wonder sometimes is how a scrapper came up with a particular color scheme. Did they use a color in the picture, a color from clothing, or just the color because of the time of year.


  20. Love those papers. What is the cutest/funniest thing your child said? Most embarrassing moment? Favorite gift to give someone?

  21. love anything from BG!!

    Question: what kind of albums do people use for their scrapbook pages and why? i.e., post, hinge, strap, three-ring, etc.?

    any tips on organization is great. i liked the idea about preparing for a crop.

  22. A good question (to me) would be 1. name some family favorite holiday dinner dishes 2. Name some favorite Christmas family traditions, 3. when do you put up your Christmas tree, and is it treated as a special occasion…hmmm I have lots more!

  23. Hi! Thank You for Your gorgeous blog!! Actually I scrap, but I love cards as well 😉 I’ve seen so much great cards made by You, that it’s always fun to check in here 😀
    And this giveaways! You’re so kind.. in Hungary there isn’t so much SB things, so it’s a GOOOD chance to me ;-)Thanx!!!

    And ’cause I’m from Hungary, maybe You colud ask from everyone: Do You know where is it?? 😉 Joke 😀
    Actually I’d like to read about how others arrange their stamps.
    ’cause there is always someone who has a great idea :-)))

  24. Great giveaway!! Here’s some ideas!

    1. Your worst habit?
    2. Your favorite ink?
    3. Your oldest piece of clothing?
    4. Most exciting thing completed this month?
    5. Coupon user or no?

  25. Well..I couldn’t vote since I am from Austria…but I am glad you did and am very glad Obama won! I really think he – with all the support he can get – can change things for the better!
    Thank your for the give away!

  26. Oh Jennifer, I just love your blog! And I love that paper pack and don’t have it yet….

    What about asking stampers how many handmade Christmas cards they plan on making this year? Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Hi! Thanks for all the great ideas and giveaways. You’re such a sweetie! How about favorite holiday recipes? Everyone loves holiday goodies! 🙂

  28. Great giveaway – here’s hoping I win!

    A good question – one that I struggle to answer – when and how do you find time to create pages??

    I have three small children, and am involved in church, MOMS Club and two service organizations, and I’m struggling to find time to scrapbook.

    Oh wait, maybe I just answered my own question – how about tell someone NO once!?!

  29. I like hearing what everyone else’s go-to embellishments are–i.e. what they can’t live without? (buttons? ribbons? chipboard?)

    Also I like here where people start when they scrap? Is it with a photo and then work with the colors therein. Do they have a story to tell? Is it with their newest product etc?

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. What about, “what would be your dream vacation spot?”… or something fun like, “what kind of food do you think is delicious but other people always cringe at?” Hee hee, this is fun! 🙂

  31. What about asking why we scrap. For some it’s all about photos, journaling, preserving memories, giving to your family, etc. For others it’s a creative release, another form of art, all about products, techniques, and style. Then there are those who combine the two. I love to hear the different reasons people scrap. We are such a diverse group of people: it’s awesome!

  32. I adore the BG 6 inch paper pads too. Just got the cupcake collection yesterday- delicious!
    How about asking what stamp would we love to have but can’t find? Best Christmas gift ever? Favourite Christmas carol?

  33. Since,thanksgiving is soon, how about asking what we are grateful for? or what’s your current fav craft tool? or what you are currently working on? Thanks and have a sweet day!

  34. I consider myself OFFBEAT! I would love to win some BG! How about: If you were a fly on the wall, who would you be listening in on? WHY?

  35. Thanks for a great giveaway. As for questions,,,how about,, What is your favorite stamping/scrapping tip? Jill S

  36. I would be curious to know how many people scrapbook 1 page or 2 page layouts. How about a product you can’t get enough of.
    Heidi H.

  37. OH such cuteness here!!! OK my question is to ask all of us what was the first concert we went too. When my friends ask each other that, we have some laughs. Kinda silly, but fun!

  38. Hi Jen. Glad you voted and I’m glad it’s over too. Now we now what we are dealing with; no more wondering.
    Anyway, for questions to ask, I see many people have already come up with some excellent ones! Another one could be, “What is your favorite quote?”
    Whether I win or not: Thank you!
    Jennifer L.

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