Cards for Kids Update, info and share…


I haven't been very good about updating you all on the Cards for Kids status.

We are still collecting any cards – handmade, store-bought, anything – and I am extending the deadline to 12/31/10. We will then start another round. If you want to send holiday cards, please mail them by 12/16. The more the merrier! Thanks.

Another bit of info. Many people have asked about the Powder Tool I use when I emboss. I love this tool. I just brush it on my paper before I stamp and heat emboss and it prevents random pieces embossing where I don't want. This is SO much better than an anti-static-pouch-thing that makes a mess. This just brushes out a bit – a tiny bit – perfectly. You can find it HERE.

Would be a great stocking stuffer. πŸ™‚

Also, I thought I would also share a fall layout I did for Creating Keepsakes. Love these photos of the little man.

As seen in the January 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. Copyright Creative Crafts Group. Posted with prior permission from the publisher.

So, went to see Santa today. Colin was having nothing to do with it. Was fine the past years. Anyone else have kids like that? Sigh.

Off to watch Dexter. Love. That. Show.


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32 thoughts on “Cards for Kids Update, info and share…”

  1. Jennifer!! Thanks for the info!! I know what you mean went to have Beckett’s (4)
    picture taken w/ santa like the years past and same thing he was acting like there was no way!! Finally he let santa stand behind him but it made me sad, he must be growing up!??? =) Have a GREAT DAY!!

  2. I sent a box on Wednesday with 80 cards in it. I will get back to work on another box. My goal for round 4 was 200 cards and was disappointed that I only did 111. But I did do 45 for Vera’s Caring hearts drive. So maybe with the extension I will make it to 200. Thanks for the extension.

  3. Jennifer, don’t worry too much about Colin not liking Santa. Both my boys acted different each year. He will more than likely love the big guy next year. There are just certain ages when they are more fearful or indifferent. Love the layout of him! He has such a sweet face! Hugs to you!

  4. Jennifer I know how you feel out of 3 kids I think I only got 1 picture of each with Santa all the other years they all had nothing to do with the big guy! They all loved him from a distance but no way were they sitting on a strange man’s lap! πŸ™‚ You could still do a layout about it though…

  5. I love your LO of Colin. He is getting big. My kids didn’t always want to sit with Santa either. I am adding the powder tool to my list. Thanks!

  6. Lovely layout. I think is ok with Colin and Santa. My sun has today a costume party and didn’t want to go. This after he was over the moon about his costume during the week end. So………..difficult age.

  7. That powder tool is definitely on my wish list.

    My kids never would talk with Santa. We would just wave at him from the railing. Fortunately, he always saw them and waved back. They were quite satisfied and I was quite frustrated…I wanted a photo! πŸ™‚


  8. Have tried to find video using the powder applicator tool you mentioned. Nothing – am one of those that needs to see how it works before I buy one more tool – I too am a bit miffed with embossing buddy and the powder left behind on dark cardstock.

  9. Love the layout of Colin! so cute. My Daughter never would even go close to Santa, I do not have one photo of her and Santa, she laughs now (age 15)and says no wonder, you told us never to go near strangers…aren’t they so clever at 15… There is always next year for Colin.

  10. Thanks Jen for showing us where we could get that powder tool. I was just thinking the other day, “where did she get that tool”?

    I have now bought one! Thanks so much. I enjoy your posts, videos, and info so much! You are some one to aspire to!

    Kari W.

  11. Jennifer, my oldest would have NOTHING to do with Santa one year, but I just HAD to have a picture, so that year my picture is of Santa, me sitting on his lap, and Chris screaming his head of sitting on my lap. It’s funny now, but I was so sad that year. I’m surprised that Chris ever got near Santa again after that tramatic experience. But he LOVVVVVED Santa the following year.

  12. Cute layout of Colin. Too bad about Santa this year. That’s kids for you! I have never heard of that tool you mentioned. Is there a tutorial where I can see if I REALLY need it? I sure don’t like to use that powder on dark colors. Thanks for the information.
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  13. Jennifer,
    You are right! It is a cool, easy to use tool!

    Jaxon is always silent Sam when he sits on Santa’s lap. Wish there was a trick to it. He recites his Christmas list every day and is shell shocked once he gets on Santa’s lap.

    Maybe if Ken warmed him up by dressing up in a beard and a red suit every night, Colin would get used to the Santa look and be more open πŸ™‚

    Happy happy holidays!


  14. Thanks for the link to that tool. I’m really keen on it after a yucky white embossing powder incident last week LOL.

    As for kids not liking Santa … oh I hear you!!! I am Santa’s official photographer again this year, and some of the screaming really does defy description! Still … there are kids who didn’t like him last year, and loved him this year (and vice versa!).

  15. “he’s not weeel, Mommy.” How do you counter that? My 3 year old wouldn’t have any of this Santa stuff. Meanwhile, her sister who is 2 years older embraced Santa, told him her wish list, just as she had in previous years. Then asks why Chris doesn’t like Santa and why wouldn’t she take the candy cane from him?? LOL I didn’t get pictures with Santa for the next 4 years.

    That was ages ago, fun to remember though.

    Your autumn layout with Colin is so cute. Can’t wait ’til my CK gets here.

  16. Daughter #1 was fine with Santa. Daughter #2 would have nothing to do with him. Didn’t bother trying with Daughter #3. I think #2 would have been a piece of cake compared to #3!

    Love the layout, Colin is adorable.

  17. If I get a picture this year with none of my kids crying, it will be a miracle. It has never happened since my first was born. He was to small to remember. I have some of the funniest pictures of them.

  18. I will take any video you offer!! You have challenged my creativity.
    You should write a book -a bestseller for sure. Thank you for
    teaching us so many different mediums to use in paper crafting.
    I tell everyone to check out your blog – I just can’t get enough πŸ™‚

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