My Favorite Crafty Things 2018: Adhesive & Paper

Hello! I am back with another episode of My Favorite Crafty Things 2018. Today is all about adhesive and paper.

Important note (and confession): It’s been a challenging few months. Yikes! A couple family members are having health challenges… and life got away from me. I am a giver and I was giving so much that I started to feel weak. Last weekend, while I was snuggling for a nap with Lila (I have been uber sick), I decided to let go of a lot of things. And I felt a lightness that I needed so badly. I know I am not the only one struggling, so I wanted to share in case this helps you feel not-so-alone, too. Hang in there and embrace that light! As part of me letting go of stress, I will not be trying to jam the rest of My Favorite Crafty Things series before the New Year. I apologize for the delay… it all got away from me. I need to focus on my family. I thank you for your understanding. Hugs!

How about several great discount codes from some of our favorite shops? I will be updating this list:

Let’s talk about adhesive and paper

[All products are linked to multiple sources in the thumbnails. Affiliate links may be used at no cost to you. Please note that I purchased most of the products in this post personally, but not all. Regardless, the decision to include them in this list was my own. I truly like these products and companies. For more info, visit HERE. If you have questions, please email me.]

Let’s get started…


There are lots of adhesives out there but these are the ones I recommend the most…

Gina K Connect Glue
[ SSS | GNK ]
Gina K Dot Runner Adhesive
[ SSS | GNK ]
Gina K Dot Runner Adhesive Refills
[ SSS | GNK ]
Altenew Adhesive
[ SSS | ALTN ]
Be Creative Tape
[ SSS | ELH ]
3M Foam Tape
Gina K Foam Tape
[ SSS | GNK ]
Gina K Foam Squares
[ SSS | GNK ]
Scrapbook Adhesives Thin Foam Squares
[ SSS | ELH ]
White Craft Foam
Tim Holtz Mini Foam Adhesive Sheets
Tim Holtz Adhesive Sheets
[ SSS ]
Stick It Adhesive Sheets
[ SSS | ELH ]
Tim Holtz Mini Snips Scissors
[ SSS ]
Adhesive Eraser
[ SSS ]


Here are the cardstocks and specialty papers I recommend the most. To learn about these products, please watch THIS video. It is from 2017, but I still recommend the same products.

Neenah Classic Crest 110lb Cardstock
[ SSS | ELH ]
Neenah Classic Crest 110lb Cardstock
Gina K Artist Choice Cardstock
[ GNK | SSS ]
Koh-i-noor Bristol Cardstock
[ SSS ]
Tim Holtz Watercolor Paper
[ SSS | ELH ]
Gina K Designs Cardstock
[ SSS | GNK ]
My Favorite Things Cardstock
[ MFT ]
Lawn Fawn Cardstock
[ SSS | LWN ]
Simon Says Stamp Cardstock
[ SSS ]
Simon Says Stamp Fog Cardstock
[ SSS ]
Gina K Black Onyx Cardstock
[ GNK ]
Simon Says Stamp Glitter Cardstock
[ SSS ]
Neenah Desert Storm Light Kraft…
[ SSS | ELH ]
Heavyweight Vellum
[ SSS | ELH ]
Grafix Vellum Assortment
[ SSS ]
Grafix Platinum Vellum
[ SSS ]
Judikins Embossable Window Plastic
[ SSS ]
Gina K Envelopes
[ SSS ]
5×5 White Envelopes
5 1/2″ Square Envelopes
6×6 Envelopes
4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ Envelopes
Simon Says Stamp Envelopes
[ SSS ]


Today I am giving away a $50 gift certificate to Gina K Designs! For your chance to win a giveaway, leave a comment below by 11:59pmEST on 1/12/19 telling me your favorite adhesive. (To leave a comment, scroll down to the bottom of this post on my blog and click the green “leave a comment” button. The winner’s name will be randomly selected, emailed and posted on my “Winners page” after the giveaway closes. International folks are eligible, too! Prize personally donated.)

See you soon!

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605 thoughts on “My Favorite Crafty Things 2018: Adhesive & Paper”

  1. I have used many adhesives over the years and each one has had its own special use. A big-time favorite of mine is the Tombow Mono Adhesive Dots Roller. Based on your recommendation, I just ordered Gina K’s Connect Glue. Looking forward to trying it out!

  2. I just started using the Gina K Connect Glue recently and am loving it! I also use the Be Creative tape in a number of widths.

  3. My ATG gun is my go to adhesive as it sticks well. For fine or intricate things I liked the old Creative Memories glue pen. I am excited to try the Gina K Connect Glue when I can catch it back in stock and cash in pocket.

  4. i am using a stash of KOKOYU still (i think you recommended it like 10 years ago?!) and glossy accents as a liquid.
    Take good care of yourself!

  5. I love the Gina K liquid glue, so thank you for sharing this amazing product. I do use tape runners, don’t have a favorite, but since your introductionof Gina K’s liquid glue that pretty much all I use.

  6. 3M foam tape-hands down! Looking forward to trying some Gina K products in the new year! Take care of you and your family in 2019!

  7. I have a bit of a problem when it comes to adhesives…. I have two drawers and a plastic tub full!!! I like to have lots of options 🙂 My favourite at the moment (aside from tape runner, which is probably the easiest for me) is a fairly inexpensive tacky glue I bought recently. I made a lot of cards with stacked die cuts for Christmas and it was the easiest to use, dried really fast and didn’t leave ‘wet’ marks on the paper.
    Happy New Year, hope 2019 is wonderful to you.

  8. Love your recommendations, know from the past they are ones that I can trust. Because of you I rarely have to waste money trying products.
    Was wondering if you have ever tried a product called Stacey Tape (believe that’s what it was called)
    Thank you.

  9. I know a lot of people don’t like it because it is bulky, but I like my ATG gun. It’s hard to lose 🙂 I also just tried the Nuvo liquid glue, and really like that so far, too!

  10. After you first mentioned the Gina K connect glue on youtube, I tried to get my hands on it. Finally I made 😉 I worked on two projects with it and I have to say: I love that stuff! Thank you very much for your recommendation! You reach people around the world with your tutorials!
    Sending greetings from Germany
    PS: I hope you and your family got some rest at your cruise!

  11. Gina K Connect Glue is what I really want to try. After watching your video, I will definitely look forward to buy one and use it since I do a lot of detailed cutting that needs that kind of adhesive. Thank you for sharing those tips. God bless!

  12. I have lots of faves that are adhesives. I have credit card points so I use them on Amazon & I have always loved Glue Dots. I used to buy them at Dollar General till I found I could buy a box of 600 on Amazon with my points. If I give someone a card or I sell one, I don’t want it to fall apart shortly after they receive it. I want it to last a real long time which is why I love this adhesive. I also bought from Oriental Trading some of those tape runners that I like but I don’t remember the name of them. They come in a pink package. Yours are blue/green color. I love glue sticks & I use Elmer’s. I’m not big on buying a brand I’ve never heard of before which is why the Elmer’s. I’ve used their glue since the 60’s. Unless someone tells me they love this glue or this paper & why, then I stick with what’s tried & true. I just bought some glue from Simon Says because it was a great deal & it had this thin, tiny tip which I love. The problem is now I am having trouble getting the glue out! It works well when I can get it out. I am going to check out some of the things you recommended because you are a fellow crafter & make ton of cards so you would also know what works best.Thanks for the recommendations!
    I hope your feeling so much better! I haven’t been sick in years but I feel your pain. Get well soon if you haven’t already. Love you!

  13. The Gina K connect glue is really pretty amazing and has to be my fave liquid. I also love the thin versions of 3M gosh tape. The 1/4 inch width has become a go to.

  14. Hands down, or hands crafting, it’s the Gina K. Connect Glue. Took me a long time to find it, as everyone was selling through it. In December, Gina K came to our local scrapbook store in Central Illinois to teach a foil class. She’s amazing, and the sweetest ever, but her Connect Glue is even more amazing! Thank you Gina K for the opportunity, and thank you Jennifer for this opportunity and everything you share with us!

  15. I asked for the Gina K connect glue for Christmas and I love it. I love the control that it gives me. I also love that the bottle is easy to squeeze which is nice if you are working on a large number of cards at one time! Thanks for sharing this with my us!

  16. I do like using the Gina K connect. It holds very well. Thank you for creating these blog posts and videos. A lot of hard work goes into these. Your expertise and advice is appreciated.

  17. My go-to adhesives are both the Gina K Connect glue (for finer die cuts especially) and the Tombow Mono Dot tape runner for applying bigger pieces of cardstock to card bases. Sure do love these videos…thanks for the time spent making them!

  18. I use both the Gina K Connect glue (for attaching finer die cuts) and the Tombow Dot Tape runner for attaching card fronts to the card base. Thanks for all the informative info!

  19. I wish you a verry happy and healthy newyear. Take your time, sometimes rest is the best medicine to get everything flowing again.. My favorite adhesive are the stick it adhesive sheets for intercated dies and i use bookbinding glue for wet adhesive. it works like a charm and is easy to buy in the Netherlands.

  20. Happy New Year! I tried out the Gina K connect glue on my Christmas cards this year and was really happy with it. It allowed me to adjust the glued item to make it straight before it dried. This is helpful for card makers like me who don’t always hit the bull’s eye on the first try:-)

  21. I use Gina K connect for a liquid adhesive, and for a tape runner, I use Tombow extreme. This is really strong and once you adhere it that sucker isn’t going to come loose!

  22. I love tombo runner adhesive but I feel like it’s costing me more than I would like… I love TH multi medium matt. But recently I bought my first Gina K glue, and I’m also loving it.

  23. I hope you’re feeling better Jennifer. I was struck down with a nasty cold for the first week of this year! My favourite adhesive is my ATG

  24. I have been very pleased with “Art Glitter” it dries clear and has a tiny nozzle that I can use on smaller items. I’m still learning and growing with crafting so very open to finding the best products. Your blog and videos have been very inspiring and helpful…..informative and helps me see what I’d like to try before I buy. Thank You!!

  25. I’ve only been making cards for 2 years so I’m not sure I’ve found my favorite adhesive yet! I started out with Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive and liked it. I then saw a demonstrator use Art Glitter Glue and decided to try it. I can’t tell much difference in those two. They both work well, although I’m not totally satisfied with the applicator tip on either one. Next, I plan to try Gina K Connect. I love the idea that it comes in smaller tubes and is easier to squeeze if you want more adhesive than small dots. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful cards with us. I use your videos for inspiration!

  26. A favorite adhesive that I don’t see used very much is “Lick & Stick” by Green Sneakers, Inc. I use this strictly for my envelopes because it is as it says … Lick and Stick … just like a regular ‘old-fashioned’ envelope. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and suggestions.

  27. I just received some Gina K glue for Christmas that I am excited to use! Before that I had used the tombow mono multi glue or the zig 2 way glue pen.
    Thank you for the time you put into sharing this information with us. Best wishes for a better 2019!

  28. Thanks for this lovely episode. I’m using the tombow mono Aqua Liquid Glue and American Crafts Double-Sided Super Sticky Tape. I’m looking forward to try Gina K glue some day. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. First I want to thank you for all the inspiration you have given me through your videos. Second your family comes first so no need to apologize. I like Gina k connect glue. Continue to feel better and hugs to you

  30. I tried the Gina K. Connect Glue on your recommendation and I love it, it is all I use now for liquid glue (I buy several tubes at a time when they are in stock so I don’t run out while they are out of stock lol). I received the new Gina K Dot Runner Adhesive and Refills in a giveaway from Gina K. Designs and love that as well. I also received Purple Tape in that same giveaway and it is awesome too. I think these will continue to be my “go to” products for a long time. Thanks for doing all these “My Favorite Crafty Things” blogs and videos, it is so helpful!! I sure hope you get to feeling better soon and maybe keep a little lighter schedule so you don’t wear yourself down so bad. I think we all understand Faith, Family, Health must take precedence over everything else. Hugs! ([email protected])

  31. I’ve been using Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue for a couple years. I’ve never tried any other glue and I would love to try Gina K’a glue!! 💕

  32. I haven’t tried the newer adhesives except stick-it which I like. I use the 2-way glue but have so much trouble with it. I use my scotch glue gun.

  33. Happy New Year! I actually don’t have a favorite adhesive yet as I have just been exposed to card making!! I am in the process of acquiring tools I need. What I’ve seen of your craft makes me very excited to get started!

  34. Jennifer, Happy New Year! Thank you for your many videos on “My Crafty Things.” I look for these each year plus I follow your videos closely, please keep them coming. I appreciate you. Hugs…Deb

  35. I really like the Be Creative tape. Liquid glue – I love Zig’s blue 2 way glue since it is only permanent when it dries. Happy New Year and hope you are feeling better.

  36. I really like the Tombow adhesive runner (I tried it based on your recommendation).
    I had tried a few other cheaper brands and was always frustrated with the way the adhesive came out (or more like didn’t) of the applicator. Tombow is always smooth and effortless!

  37. Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for sharing your story and how you decided to let go of a lot of things that cause you stress. I believe that 2018 HAS been a hard year for many people–I know it has been for my family. Actually, things have been hard since December 2012, and I’m prayerful that 2019 will be better. One thing has been obvious to all of us throughout that entire 6 year stretch, is that God loves us abundantly, and was with us the whole time. I know with every fiber of my being that we could not have made it through without Him, and I’m so thankful for His faithful and unconditional love and care. I’ll pray for God’s care and healing for you this year, and the strength to take a step back and rest when you need to. Thanks for all you do for the papercrafting community through your God gifted skill and passion, and may the Lord bless you and keep you safe and well throughout 2019 and the years to come. We love you Jennifer!!!

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