Below is the status of giveaways I have on my blog. Please note – if you win a giveaway, I will email you! (With the exception of giveaways where I say the winners are announced on a company’s blog.)

If I contact you via email about winning, please reply with your address. If you do not receive your prize within two weeks, please contact me. Some prizes come directly from the manufacturers so I may need to check on it.

Winners list is updated usually once a month. Newest giveaways are listed at the top.

  • Alochol Pearls – announced after 3/12
  • The 13 crafty boxes go to:
    1. Susan Spencer Tully
    2. Maureen Morton
    3. Farah L. (Canada)
    4. Terrie D. (Colorado)
    5. Cindy Obermeyer
    6. Lisa Bzibziak
    7. Laura Long
    8. Beth Devitt
    9. Barbara (Kay____55)
    10. bmwlawky
    11. sandy miller
    12. Jeanne Thompson
    13. LMFields