And I am off! And a FUN giveaway…

Tomorrow, I leave for Summer CHA. This is a giant craft show that I go to every year for Hero Arts. I work the booth, laugh, teach classes, see friends, go to meetings, laugh more, do make and takes and get very little sleep… the whole works.

And, I am so very happy to say that I pretty much wrapped up the HUGE project I am doing for Hero Arts. Just a few minutes ago. I have some last minute finishes to do. But the guts of it? It is DONE. Whew. Once it is announced at CHA I will be sure to share here.

I have done some samples for my favorite companies/friends at the show. Want a peek?


I also am thrilled to have a giveaway for you.

Recently, I have been collecting fun, playful prints for an upcoming remodel of the kid's bathrooms. I plan to have everything white, except TONS of these bold prints and a mix of bold towels. I have been collecting some on etsy for awhile now. Recently, I got a batch that are by far my favorites. I did something I rarely do – I asked her if I could give one away on my blog, knowing you all would love them. And guess what? She is super sweet and said I could give away two. Sweet.

So, HERE is the shop I love. Her name is Lori McDonough, and she even has a great blog HERE. These are the prints I got…

THIS one makes me smile…

And a "Cloud 9" print? Brilliant. A reminder that life is good…

Il_430xN.156100834 THIS one makes me giddy…

THIS one is BRILLIANT. My new favorite saying…

And I am going back soon to get THIS…


SO… now is your chance to win a print of your choice! Just leave me a comment here by Wednesday night telling be about a happy moment in your day and I will pick TWO winners. Each will get a print of their choice from Lori's shop HERE.

Thanks, Lori!

And I am excited that my next post will be the first of a few from Kay! And we will even end with a post from Audrey. You will love what they have to share – promise. 🙂

Oh, and I forgot to announce the winner of the Sponge Daubers from earlier this week. The lucky one is Tracey… I will email you.

I am off to pack. If you want peeks and photos from CHA, follow me on Twitter HERE. Bye!

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268 thoughts on “And I am off! And a FUN giveaway…”

  1. My happy moment was Friday, when my mailbox had a surprise check for me…couldn’t have come at a better time!

  2. Have a great time at CHA! Thanks for introducing this wonderfully talented artist, heading to her Etsy shop now. I have the same happy moment every morning when my sweet hubby brings me a steaming cup of coffee. I always wake up with a smile!
    bless you!

  3. Today’s happy moment, hearing from a friend that I had lost touch with over two years ago! Friends always put a smile on my face! Thanks for a WONDERFUL giveaway, I love those prints! =)

  4. My home could certainly use some positive reinforcment right now. These prints would help. Have a wonderful time at CHA – bring back all sorts of wonderful things to share.

  5. Love those prints! My happy moment was playing volleyball with my daughters in the backyard yesterday. We laughed and teased and had a great time! It was especially fun since 2 of my daughters are grown and live 3 hours away and were down for my 11 year old birthday! So fun to watch sisters play!

  6. Happy Moment…waking up every morning knowing I’m here for my kids and hubby! Thank you God 🙂

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these gorgeous prints & they would all go so fabulous in our hall bathroom which is also my first grader’s bathroom. What powerful uplifting messages for him to see every day. I would have a really hard time deciding which one to pick–I would probably have to order a few more!



  8. Have fun in Chicago–love the bits of your projects! Happy moment in my day was when an old friend stopped by and we got to catch up — so much fun!!!

  9. How adorable!

    My happy moment was to hear someone else say how appreciative they were that my daughter (she’s 16!) volunteered at a local festival this past weekend and worked really hard at the task she was given. When I asked my daughter how her day was, she said that she barely took any breaks because she knew that it was super busy and she couldn’t bear to see everyone busting their butts to keep up while she was strolling around. She’s growing up!

  10. My happiest moment lately? Drinking coffee on the porch with my husband. Listening to the birds and tree frogs on a cool summer evening. Pure heaven.

  11. My happy point for the day was when I was getting ready for work this morning and my 15 year old daughter was sitting on my bed channel surfing and watched Sesame Street and when the Elmo’s World portion came on she started singing and reciting the words to it just like she did when she was 4 years old…it brought an instant smile to my face and that was highlight of my manic Monday.
    These are some cute inspirational art pieces that would look good in my daughter’s room or bathroom

  12. My favourite moment of EVERY day is when my 4 YO daughter comes running to me and says “I love you so much Momma!” She is the joy of my life – my world is a wonderful place with her in it!
    Can’t wait to see your CHA creations – have a great time!!

  13. Love these prints! My niece and her husband just purchased a new home. One of these would look great in her children’s bath. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  14. Watching my two boys at the spray park today, and realizing how very lucky and blessed I am to be able to stay at home, and do all the fun “summer” things with them. They are only little once, and am a very lucky mommy to get to enjoy this time.

  15. Can’t wait to see your big surprise! As for my happy moment…I went to my 5yr old nephew’s b-day party today and outof the blue he just ran up to me gave me a big hug and said, “I love you Aunt Amy!” Just warms your heart! Smile has yet to leave my face!

  16. I can’t wait to seeyour big surprise! AS for my happy moment…I went to my 5yr old nephew’s b-day party today and out of the blue he ran up, gave me huge hug and said, “I love you Aunt Amy!” Just warms the heart! Still grinning ear to ear!

  17. yesterday i took my mother to lunch reunion with her cousins. the age range was from 70-87. they had such a good time visiting with each other. my mother is the eldest and doesn’t get around very wel,l so it felt so good to have her enjoy herself so much.

  18. A happy moment from today? Well there were several, but one of my favorite customers came in the store today. She had been on vacation for two weeks, and I hadn’t seen her. Maggie is an awesome 5 year old who comes in everyday with her Grandpa. She was Miss Chatty today. I heard all about her vacation. I’m going to miss her when she starts Kindergarten in the fall. She makes me smile so much.
    Exciting news about Kay and Audrey being on here. If Audrey is anything like Kay – it’s going to be fun fun fun.

  19. Oh have a beautiful and safe trip at the CHA – how lucky to be there! My happy moment today was watching my 4 kids at the park, chasing butterflies and swinging in the swings, their laughter echoing on the wind. There is no greater sound that to hear the laughter of children at play! Definitely a Cloud 9 moment! Blessings 🙂

  20. My favorite moment this week? When my 5 year old granddaughter, who lives 2000 miles away, told me her best memory of a recent visit was “creating” in my craft room together 🙂

  21. Janet F. said…I love the one about being the rainbow in somebody’s thundercloud. So many times people have popped into my life at that exact point and been the rainbow that gave me hope and determination. Can’t wait to buy some of those stamps.

  22. How fun are those prints!?!

    Life’s been hard at our house since my husband got laid off in December, but my happy moment was getting a job offer from a great new company! My three little boys also make me happy with their spontaneous songs and kisses. I am truly blessed!

  23. A happy moment today was seeing those sneak peeks at the start of this blog post. Please, please share the full examples as and when you can – I love your work sooo very much, your’s and HA are the only blogs I check daily. Enjoy CHA 🙂

  24. A happy moment in my day: Every morning my husband and I get a cup of coffee and sit in the living room and watch the quail come in and feed. This morning there was a daddy quail and all his babies coming in for breakfast. After eating some of the grain, they decided to go for a walk through the yard. I just love to watch the little line of babies following their daddy. It’s like little soldiers one after another they get into their order and just start walking behind Dad. You can just barely see their little heads popping up above the grass. It is so much fun to watch them everyday, and it always seems to make your day just a little bit more wonderful.

  25. my happy was just looking at my daughter who at 9 is taking on the responsibility of watching our new puppy while I recover from severe vertigo..she is so grown up and while it makes me sad, it also makes me very happy ..have fun at CHA !!

  26. The best part of my (work) day is always walking in my front door after work & seeing the smiling faces of my son Christian (5), daughter Alivia (2), and my hubby.

  27. Love these signs! A favorite memory from Saturday…a mini hike through the woods near the beach with my 2 girls and a couple friends. Watching the girls run down the path, holding hands, laughing…pefect indeed!

  28. LOVE that rainbow print. I just spent a wonderful 24hrs with a friend of mine who is visiting from New Zealand that I hadn’t seen in eight years. We now both have two kids each, who all got along so well, sweet! It was great catching upand meeting each others children. I’m in a happy place 🙂

  29. What neat prints…thanks for a chance to win! My best moment of the day was coming home from a very long day at work to the bright sunshiny sweet face of my 2-1/2 year old grandson!!! A cherish moment for sure and a great way to end the day!!

  30. My happy time today was spent visiting with my Mom and sister via Skype and then going out to dinner with my sweet hubby. Have fun a CHA. I can’t wait to hear about your big project you’ve been working on.

  31. Those prints are so fun!! My happy moment of the day was when I went to PretAManger to get salad dressing for the salad I brought from home. Each one was 50 cents. but when I got to the register the man behind told me that today it is free just for me. I swear it made my whole day! It is such little things that really matter =)

  32. those are great prints. I would love to win one. My happy moment today was when I gave my 3 kids each a can of shaving cream, got in bathing suits and went outside. They went crazy covering themselves, filling to play dishes from the playhouse and squirting it into the kiddie pool. Kept them busy for hours and best of all, everything hoses right off. I had as much fun watching and taking pictures as they did.

  33. My happy moment today was having my daughter come up to me and ask me to play cars with her. I love being her play buddy!

  34. My whole day today was a happy moment! My BFF from back home came down with her 3 kiddos and joined me and my 3 kiddos and our fresh air friend for a fun filled day at Hershey!! Who doesn’t love the 5# chocolate bar (of course we brought one home!!) Smores for monthsssssss! Looking forward to the CHA releases and my 2 days at CKC VF!

  35. My happy moment came tonight when we had an unexpected little rainstorm. It has been downright HOT lately and that little rainstorm cooled things off and made the air smell so fresh!

  36. A happy time in my day was watching the American judicial process in action as I sat on a jury selection panel. We really do like in a great country. Hope you enjoy CHA.

  37. I gave my wonderful boyfriend a set of Prisma pencils to kick-start some inspiration for our art journal. I know you enjoy using them (still, even after you’ve fallen for Copics like me ;o) and your work looks PHENOMENAL with all that color! Anyway, his grin made my heart flutter and I haven’t stopped smiling since =oD Thanks for a chance to win xoxox

  38. So cute thanks for sharing that link. Cant wait to see all the goodies from CHA!

    My happy moment is when I come home from work and my daughter runs up and says ‘Hi Mommy’ and gives me a big hug and kiss! The best! 🙂 🙂

  39. My happy moment was when we went to pick up our son. He stayed overnight at my in-laws last night and I really missed him. I love my son so much!

  40. love them. I have the perfect spot that can use some color and make you smile. my wonderful day was spent watching the boys play at the pool and then went to the local ice cream shack that also has a playground. There big smiles brought me many.

    have fun

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