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I am hoping you all had a fabulous weekend.  Ken was away for the weekend, so I spent lots of time with my parents and brother.  So very thankful they are close by.  (Mom and Dad live in the next neighborhood over.  Mike lives just a couple blocks away.)

An update on Cards for Kate and Eric.  Due to my traveling and Jana’s work, we are behind on adding names to the list.  But trust me – there are a lot and we will get them up soon.  Big thanks to Jana for doing this. 🙂  I look forward to making some boy cards for Eric soon!

I haven’t been blogging a ton lately… but with good reason.  It is “catalog season” at Hero Arts.  This means that all the artists are working like mad to create fun projects with all the stamps that will be in the 2010 catalog.  I love this time of year.  The excitement of tearing open that little box on my porch each morning.  The fun of seeing the new designs.  And the giddiness of playing with the new goodies.  Such fun.  If there are any theme or style of stamps you are dying to see from Hero, feel free to leave them as a comment here and I will pass it on…

Another little note:  I got an email today from someone who was supposed to receive a prize/giveaway from me for something, but never got it.  Eek!  I feel so bad and am resending it.  If any of you out there were supposed to get something from me (or Hero Arts) and didn’t, please just email me.  I would hate to think someone else is out there waiting.  Thanks!

Speaking of which – I need to do a giveaway soon.  Stay tuned.

Yesterday’s post shared a cookie bag.  A few people asked how I created that.  HERE is a video showing how.  It’s old, but still a fun project to do…

(A couple people asked how to do the purple tag card. I don’t have a video on that, but will try to do one in the future.)

How about another day of sharing a ton of projects I recently found on my computer?  Again, I am not doing the supply lists.  Just leave a comment if you are curious on what something is.  All stamps are Hero Arts.

Here is a card I did back in the spring.  The butterflies are alcohol inked.  Love doing that.  And the tiny splotches on them?  After inking, I spritzed them with Hero Arts UltraClean stamp cleaner.  Gives a cool finish.  So much prettier in real life.

100909 Alcohol Ink Butterfly

Another oldie… but this one has a terrible photo, too. 🙂  Not sure what I did there!  Anyway, you can still get the idea..

100909 Little Trees

I am pretty sure I shared this one.  Anyhow… I just punched butterflies from a piece of scrap paper and held it on the card.  Inked it with Distress Ink, then painted with a Perfect Pearl and water mix.  The card is actually a pink card turned inside out.

100909 Masked Butterflies 

A card from a class from March.  Simple… but with a different opening.

100909 Star Flap

OK… off to enjoy Rob Lowe on Brothers and Sisters. 🙂  Night!

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14 thoughts on “More sharing-like-crazy…”

  1. Love love love that fabric card from the previous post! I need to get that design block with the dotted flowers. I think that’s what it’s called. It makes such a great background with the versamark. Great stuff Jennifer.

  2. I am waiting for hero arts to make a line of penguin stamps like the owls and other birds! Not just for holiday cards! How about a line of those cute frogs?

  3. Great cards.
    Jennifer i’m Heidi from the Netherlands.What kind of ink do you used on the green butterfly card? And is the card already green,or did you make him green.Thanks.

  4. Great Video Jennifer. I love that these can be massed produced thanks for the ideas. Love all the card ideas too. The one with just the butterflies is just so pretty.

  5. The cards are always great!! I wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement by opening a box from Hero Art either!! Too funny! Rob Lowe was good on Brothers and Sisters last night!!

  6. All of them great cards, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing! I already posted stamp suggestions on a thread on the HA flickr group so I won’t repeat myself here… Can’t wait to see what’s new!!

  7. You always amaze me with your ability to keep this level of creativity going constantly! I have a question about the butterfly card. You said you punched the butterflies and laid them on the card. Do you mean you laid the negative on the card and used it as a mask? Or did you color the actually butterflies and glue them down?

  8. Loved the stamped candy bag idea! I looked for the treat bags all over Target and never found them. What department are they in? Thanks!!

  9. I make birthday cards for all of the employees at the grocery store where I work and I am having a hard time finding good images for a man’s card that are easy to cut out and use dimensionally.

  10. I love those large alcohol inked butterflies… I assume it is a punch, but who makes it? I MUST GET IT!! Thanks.

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