Kay… and her video!

Hello!  Kay has another day to share with you, along with a video.  I had such little free time at CHA that I am late in putting it up – sorry.  I am home now and thank you all for your great comments for Kay.  This blog takeover was her idea – bless her heart.  Here she is…

Hola! If I had a scoop of Black Raspberry Chip ice cream for every sweet thing that you have all said to me, I would have my one true love for the rest of my life. It’s Kay again, bringing tidings of the promised video on day five of the Cyber Takeover, now extended to seven days of pure awesomeness. Since chalk is one of my top five favorite products to use in a card, I am devoting an entire blog post to it. And a video!!!!!!! I’m so excited! While I’m thinking about it, here are my top five favorite products to use and why:

  1. Stickles – because they’re sparkly and the Diamond color takes on the color behind it, thus eliminating the need for other colors.
  2. Chalk – because it’s just really really fun to use with VersaMark. (The VersaMark Dazzle is soooo pretty… and is so versatile because you can change the colors.
  3. Hero Gems – again, sparkly and an amazing accessory for any card.  Sparkles make the world go round, right?
  4. Pop-Dots – because they make every mounted stamp pop up and add a layer of dimension to the card.
  5. Hero Owl Stamps – they are the cutest stamps in the world and you can put them anywhere. I once put an owl stamp as a lovebird, for a valentine.

So, in honor of chalk and movie making, I hereby devote this video to the craft:

Supplies: Chalk, Diamond Stickles, Hero Heart Stamps, Hero “Miss You” Stamp, Hero Note Card, Brown Velvet Ribbon, Trimmer, Adhesive, etc…

I just love that! Chalk AND Stickles, all in one wonderful card. It’s practically my personal heaven in card form!

*Crafty Tip* Sometimes, instead of ink, use chalk and VersaMark. It’s more versatile and can be used to shade colors. Also, find a way to mix it up. For example: I used two supporting ribbons while most people would probably only use one.

This time, I got chalk all over my fingers, which, in my opinion, have suffered enough for a manicure. (This is battle I’m losing.)  Since chalk will smear all over your card, it’s a good idea to keep Super Baby Wipes nearby, because they will get anything off of your fingers in a snap, whether it’s chalk or ink. They are a life saver, honestly.

When I was in fourth grade, my art teacher had us do a special assignment. (I promise there is a reason I’m telling you this). We had to draw a self portrait, with no eraser. That assignment taught me that in art, there is never a mistake. It’s just something that you didn’t plan on doing and it will always make it better.

Until next time, may you be as happy as Mum when watching The Bachelorette.  (Just Kidding! 😉 )

PS: It is Jennifer again.  I haven’t been able to watch the Bachelorette finale, but saw who “won.”  Interesting.  I hear they are still together?  Shocker!  Ha. 🙂