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Hey, there!  I am in Orlando for CHA.  Lots of fun stuff happening at Hero. Be sure to follow them on Twitter (myheroarts) to get peeks at new stamps.  In the meantime, here is a post from my sweet Kay…

‘Ello! It’s Kay, during the takeover week! Today has been pretty interesting, because I looked on the Hero Arts website (okay, Mum showed me) and saw that there was a contest for the week, where you have to make a monochromatic colored card to win stamps. The first thing I thought was… why do you we need more stamps?

I entered anyways though, just for fun, and I created my very first all pink card in the era of all of my cards, which means this is a historical day. Personally, I’m just glad that this is one history test I’ll ace! But what’s funny about the card, entered for the Hero contest, it used almost entirely the competitions products. The only Hero products I used were the ink on the background, the note card, and the pearl. Thankfully, my Mum tells me that Hero supports other companies, so it’s all good. After all, if all the other companies were like my snapdragons and died, this beautiful art would be extinct. But, unlike my snapdragons, the companies are respectful of competition and thrive. (I have a long history of killing entire beds of snapdragons.  Ha.)

This card was created with a pale pink Hero Arts note card that was turned a darker color with the Soft Blossom ink. The butterflies were stamped on the same color card with the same ink, and the “happiness” stamp is on another piece of pale pink note card. The butterflies are held on by Pop-dots and the ribbon is silk ribbon. The Stickles are also distributed by Hero Arts and they are the color Diamond. So here is the card itself:


Tomorrow I plan on posting a video of another card, using another one of my favorite products ever (chalk!) This is super exciting because it means three things: first, I get to use chalk! Second, I get to use my video camera. And third, I get to edit a movie, which is one of my one true loves along with horseback riding, card making, and Graeters ice cream!

I know this is a little off subject, but the best ice cream in the entire world is Black Raspberry Chip from Graeters. It is soooooo good…

Until then, may you be as happy as my brother with a milk.

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  1. Lovin’ you Kay..this has been so much fun having you fill in for your Mum! I’m so impressed and inspired by you. Keep up the good work. You’re very smart, funny and artistic!

  2. Beautiful card Kay! And you are right! Graeter’s rocks!! Saw a bit on the History Channel about it recently because it is the only French pot ice cream still made the old fashioned way in the US! 🙂 Any of the chip flavors are the best!

  3. I am growing snapdragons, but I’ve killed off plenty of other plants. sigh. I’ll keep trying!

    card is cute!

  4. Kay, I’m just catching up on your last two posts – and your cards are all wonderful! I love the personality to put into your blog entries, and now, every day, before I read your entry, I quickly scroll to the end just to see your new “happy as” send-off…your entries are so much fun to read…keep up the great work!

  5. Kay.. you are 100% right (and boy did you bring back some taste bud memories for me) about Graeters Black Raspberry Chip being the all time . best tasting . #1 ice cream EVER.
    I used to live in Louisville and we would go there religiously. I am now in Alaska and nothing even close here.

  6. Kay….first of all…I just can’t believe you are 14!!! You are so well spoken, funny, clever and such a talented card maker, AND that is just a what we know from this site!!!! You are going to go far in life kiddo! LOVE your pink “girly” card lol! I have never heard of Graeter’s, I don’t think they exsist in Canada?? Keep holding down the fort while your mum is away…you are doing a FABULOUS job!!

  7. great card Kay. i love seeing a younger generation with the appreciation for art and things hand made. keep up the good work. of course you have a wonderful example to follow, your mom.

  8. Great card Kay! Love your posts and can not wait to see your video. I am a video junky. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  9. Love your posts AND your cards. You are so talented!! Thanks for sharing your creations and ideas. For me there are 3 flavors for ice cream- Chocolate, Chocolate or CHOCOLATE 🙂

  10. This is my favourite blog and now I’m soooo happy we have you to step in when your Mum is away. You have as much talent as her and write very well too! Thank you 🙂

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