I haven't done a giveaway lately – I think it is time…

Here is a card I made a long time ago at a stamp retreat.  (I so hope I haven't shared it already!)  It literally used scraps and such I had laying on my workspace.  I just love how several of my favorite products landed on one card. 🙂

022309 CTMH

022309 CTMH Close Supplies: BasicGrey patterned paper; Close To My Heart rub-ons; Prima flowers; Hero Arts notecard and pearls; vintage text paper; Tim Holtz Distress Ink and inking tool

So, I thought I would share some of Close To My Hearts' fabulous rub-ons, along with an ink.  These rub-ons have several sheets in a pack – love it.  They have some of my favorite rub-ons!  For a chance to win, just leave a comment on this post telling me your best money-saving tips.  (We could all use a few of those these days, huh?)  On Friday at 11:59pmEDT, I will pick a winner of these goodies…


Have a good night and good luck!

(Oh, and I am with many of you on DWTS.  Not sure it is still a "family show" for us.  Too much talk of Playboy, jail, jacka** and skimpy outfits.  Not sure yet…)

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  1. Love your blog! I, too, subscribe to the idea of never pay full price! If you wait it almost always goes on sale.

  2. I do like that font on the flower… gives me lots of ideas.
    Cost cutting tip… We no longer use credit cards. Yes that’s right no plastic allowed. It cuts down on impulse buying and makes us think before we shop. It’s changed our lifestyle immensely and I no longer get to buy a new stamp or paper every week but I do appreciate my tools so much more now because I have to really justify the cost.

  3. I reuse and recycle lots of scrappy packaging. Prima and Making Memories always has patterened cardstock on their embellishments and letters that can be used for cards or for matting photos. I also use the extra foam that holds the round pop dots I use. I just cut what i need to fit my project 🙂

  4. My best papercrafting money-saver is keeping up with posting each product I purchase, stamped or written, in a spiral bound notebook. It’s a BIG help in knowing what I have already. No duplicates happen!! SO NICE!!
    THANK YOU for such creative inspiration!!
    Blessings! ~Sandie

  5. One of my many $-saving ideas has to do with storage. I’ve yet to purchase a specific item just to store embellishments, stickers, rubons, etc. I use whatever I have around. For example, an empty baby wipes container holds small packages of stickers, a peach basket holds stamps, an old tupperware container (lost the lid) holds stickles, paint, wet glues. One major bonus is that it saves money, but I also like the idea that I’m recycling, and finding uses for things that would normally just go into the garbage! Thanks for the chance at another great giveaway!

  6. Beatiful card!!
    To save money I buy in bulk almost everything!!! I am a big fan of Costco so everything last for a while, also we don’t eat out too often and I cut fast food forever!!! Of course DD and DH don’t like the idea, LOL.
    Oh!! I also use coupons!!

    BTW, I agree with your comment about DWTS, I think sometimes you get distracted with all those dresses and not pay attention to the dance (quote from my husband)

    I hope I win!!
    God bless

  7. your card is beautiful, love the use of various papers. one way i am trying to save money is to stay out of the stores, no shopping! the temptation is too awful, so i am better off just staying at home and scrapping with my zillion-dollar stash!! lol!

  8. Jennifer, I love your ideas and especially your teaching videos. My money saver decisions are to buy only on sale or with coupons.I also use a Cricut to make my own embellishments and words.But let’s face it, we LOVE new products & new designs and it fills a very deep passion in us plus the huge benefit of blessing others with our cards and gifts. Be blessed today!

  9. Those rub-ons are so adorable. I just love them. My money saving tip is probably already mentioned. Not just because of the hard times going on but because less is more…we really try to not waste our money. I find sometimes you spend money at dollar stores and you don’t really need it, you just buy it cause it’s cute and cheap. We really just try to get what we need.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  10. You’re card is amazing! Great idea for scraps! Please enter me for your drawing.

    Money saving ideas- My kids are older teens who love coffee, I bought cool travel mugs that they love to use for coffee brewed at home instead of going to Dunkin Doughnuts, which can really break the budget.

    For saving money with Crafts would have to be the dollar items at Jo-Anns. They now sell transparent stamps- with a variety of themes. My dd made her graduation thank you notes with one of their stampers.Lots less than Hallmark!

  11. I save alot of money with just coupons. A great blog is Alot of great tips on how to combine coupons at places like Walgreens,CVS etc. Just a little helps alot!

  12. I love your card. Money Saving
    My husband takes his lunch to work and we try to not go out to eat and when we do we drink water. I pull my own weeds and we don’t watch tv so we don’t pay for cable. Share kids cloths. we don’t decorate with new we go to thirty stores and yardsales

  13. This is my first post to your site even tho I’ve been lurking for a while.

    I have several money saving tips. I take my travel mug to Starbucks for a $0.53 cup of coffee. I only shop Hobby Lobby, Michael’s & Joanns with a 40% off coupon. We use cloth diapers (not for savings, but for the environment and my baby’s skin). I cook and freeze meals. We take our lunch to work. I could go on and on!!

  14. Sorry Jennifer but I forgot to leave you my tip. I always save my scrapbooking scraps to make cards from. I just hate to have to cut into a new sheet of paper to make a card.

  15. My best money saving tip? clip coupons, for the stuff you actually use, and then wait for it to go on sale and pick it up, I have saved $25 this way on $36 worth of stuff. I did this and I DO NOT drive all over town to different stores trying to strike the best deal, but occasionally it works. Also, don’t over make a huge pot of soup when you only need a small one. As comforting as it is to have a huge pot of soup on the stove, you don’t need to waste the food.

  16. I love to shop online, but I NEVER checkout without first Googling (store name) and code or coupon. You can find great discounts that way, including free shipping, 10% off, etc!

  17. Beautiful card. Love all the little details. 😀

    My money saving tip: Stay out of the stores! I’m trying really hard to only go to the grocery store and shop from the ad there. It isn’t perfect with two teenagers in the house, but it has made a huge difference.

  18. My money saver tips are turn off lights when you leave a room (one thing that definitely saves on the monthly electric bill), and another tip is to use coupons as much as possible. They do make a difference. Thanks for the chance to win something, and that little Anna is so adorable…

  19. I really like your blog…i just found it for the first time! very inspirational!!

    I like to shop ebay for my addictive habit of scrapbooking and card making. I am also a coupon shopper…i get HL and M’s coupons..if i don’t find something at one store…the other will take the competitor coupon…so sometimes i can use both!!!

  20. I love the book page on the card…never thought of doing that myself! And did that Prima come like that, with the words on it? Have I been living under a rock and didn’t know these existed? 🙂

    My way to save money cleaning is using vinegar and water instead of buying all the cleansers.


  21. Hey there,

    So my money saving tips are:

    GROCERIES – Plan your wkly meals around what’s on sale (groceries flyers) and use coupons. I’m from Canada I don’t know of any ‘good’ coupon websites but I heard the US has great flyers for coupon clipping. Shope WKLY to prevent food waste/spoilage. I also make at least 1 to 2 homemade soups(broc or cauliflower), they’re very filling and serve with 1 hard boiled egg(protein) and a pce of bread(whole grain). YUMMY!

    Make a list of what is currently in your freezer(s)–update wkly.

    Make homemade snacks-granola, granola bars, loaves, muffins cookies, breads, etc.

    Potty train earlier than later 🙂

    EATING OUT-Research places that offer KIDS EAT FREE(up to what age) on what nights and make a list. Share meals when possible especially with little ones.

    CLOTHING-buy quality (ie gap, children’s place) ON SALE if not 2 mark downs…..quality lasts longer and washes up better and lasts for ‘hand me downs’ too.

    GAS- map out your errands to make sure you aren’t ‘double backing”. Be’s key. Car pool whenever possible. Walk or bike to school, etc.

    ENTERTAINING- swap babysitting services with friends. Do potluck meals. Instead of having guests at night for dinner, invite them over for breakfast(cheaper) and hang out for the morning.

    CRAFTS-Share stamps sets among friends (‘sign them out’), split the cost of paper and accessories…divide 2/4/6 ways this way everyone gets a bit of everything to try.

    That’s all for now
    God Bless,

  22. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the card. You have so many great ideas. My money saving tip is: when I go to the store and forget to take my reusable bags with me, I ask for one of their large plastic sacks (if they don’t have paper) and then I re-use them in my kitchen trash bucket. This way I feel better that it is at least being recycled and not just thrown away after one item. Can’t remember when I last bought kitchen trash bags.

  23. My best money-saving tip is to stay out of the scrapbook stores! LOL! If I go in, I will buy something!

    Your cards are so inspiring! Just looked at all you had posted and it makes me want to go home and make a bunch!

  24. We try to save a little by cutting (or tearing) our paper towels in half – it sure makes a roll go farther. I’ve also started adding just a bit of water in my dish detergent bottle when it is about 1/4 used and it seems to stretch things a bit farther….now if it would only work with the dollar bill..hmm.

  25. My best money saving tip-don’t throw anything away. I use scraps and recycle containers all the time!

  26. I love the look of the shaped paper, circle scallops and bracket paper but don’t want to spend the extra money so I traced one onto chipboard and use it as a template for all my other PP.

  27. Coupons, coupons, coupons. I just went to grocery store and saved almost 60% with sales and coupons. My LSS has coupons and takes other stores.

  28. Hi – great card. I make sure I clip coupons before I go to the store, that is for sure. I also check to find tips on things sometimes. Have a great day!

  29. I save my scraps in a file box, organized by color. I utilize my punches by making cute shapes even out of the tiniest scraps. I shop for food, socks, toothpaste, party supplies, frames and scrapbook adhesive at my local Dollartree. I buy lots of scrapbook supplies at Big Lots (cheap). I use my Cuttlebug (bought with a 50% coupon at Michaels) to make those cute little felt embellishments for just pennies! I buy Sizzix & Cuttlebug cartridges on Ebay for no more than $5. Also, be sure to check the PIF (pay it forward)listings on – lots of stuff for .20!

    My latest find was at Hobby Lobby. On the bottom row of the wedding aisle, they have rolls of satin ribbon used for tying wedding favors. It’s 20 YARDS for .99! The day I was there, all the ribbon rolls were 1/2 price. That’s right, .50 for 20 YARDS of ribbon. It’s not very wide, but it’s perfect for cards!

    Thanks for the giveaway! CTMH has the best quality !

  30. Your card looks great! I always try to use scraps but when you’re a cardmaker there doesn’t every seem to be a “dent” in the stash! I am trying to remember to use my coupons before the expiry date!

  31. Thank you for the wonderfully gorgeous creations you share with us:) My favorite money saving tip lately is to use the packaging from scrap supplies. i cut up the thin chipboard that comes in Heidi Swapp, making memories, etc. run it through the cuttlebug, then sand it, and use distress inks on it. great for cards, because people don’t put them in a scrapbook-you don’t have to worry ’bout archival safety. For scrapbook use just paint it, or use Archival Mist.

  32. #1 money saving tip is to eat at home. I try not to spend money on unnecessary things…if I can make coffee at home, I do. If I can make a meal at home, I do. If I can make cards/LOs with my existing product, I do. It is really all about using what we have. That is my tip! 🙂 Great give-away Jennifer! 🙂

  33. Love your style!! You are amazing! My current way to save money is utilizing the local library instead of buying all those books! Thanks!

  34. LOVE the card.I too clip coupons to save money, but as far as crafting, I use all the scraps I can and also, when I use my cricut cutter,and the sheet that you put your paper on to cut, looses the sticky coat. I just use a very light coat of adhesive spray. It works great and you don’t have to spend $10 on a new sheet each time you loose the stickum.

  35. Lovely card. To save money on my kids clothes, I take the best stuff to the local consignment store twice a year, get back cash and a credit, then spend the credit at the store, and roll the cash back into buying new clothes for the kids. Saves me a lot of money! Nicola

  36. What a beautiful card, love the way the book page wraps around the edge and the colours are just so vibrant and gorgeous together!

    I’m on a bit of an economy drive at the moment. I use a lot of the tips given here already (power off elec items, energy saving light bulbs, packed lunches for everyone, no eating out or calling for coffee whilst out shopping).

    I am into using containers for the kids lunch boxes rather than plastic bags. I have sourced a number of dinky little boxes so all the different items can go in separately (salad in one, sandwiches in another) and so on. Also their drinks are made up at home each day and put into reusable bottles. These all fit into their larger plastic lunch boxes to keep everything together. Saves on buying lots of food bags and juice cartons. Plus it is reducing our waste!

  37. Beautiful card!

    Money saving tips…our biggest money saver, and maybe it has already been posted, it to cook at home. It takes time and planning, but we save TONS by staying in. Even enough to make it special and set a pretty table…pick up some flowers!



  38. That’s a super cute card! I need to catch up on your recent posts since I’ve been sick and in bed for the past couple of days 🙁

    My best money saving strategy is to NOT visit my local craft stores! Seriously! I haven’t been inside a JoAnns or Michaels in several months, and that has helped me to save quite a bit of money on impulse buys. Now if I can only be so good about the internet…

  39. Love your cards!! I love it that you used “scraps” and it turned out so gorgeous!
    Thanks for your sharing.

  40. I have a scrapbooking money saving tip, When I want a new tool I always try to find it cheeper by looking in the art section at the craft stores they may not be as cute but they get the job done

  41. My money saving tip? I use white vinegar for all kinds of things – particularly fabric softener in the wash. it has disinfectant properties, leaves clothes smelling clean not overly fragranced and cuts residue in hard water!

  42. Cute card! Love the second one. We make sure we stick to our elec. plan. Wash clothes and run the dishwasher between 9pm and 9am and on weekends. Also, have the lights off in the rooms we’re not in along with the energy light bulbs!

  43. Another outstanding card.

    I jokingly told husband a few years back “if gas ever gets to $3.00 i will give up my drivers license” . . . i save big bucks by riding the bus to work. I have a bus pass through my employer so no cost to me at all!!! I have a 20+ mile commute and on the bus i can read, relax, chat with co-riders and on occasions snooze!!!

  44. Staying off-line and out of craft stores saves me thousands…LOL like that would happen. I do love to go the dollar store and buy the stems of flowers. I then tear them apart and stamp them. You get tons on a stem for a buck and they look fab after they are stamped on. works for me..Linda aka Oz

  45. I pack my own lunch to save, I walk instead of riding that one-bus-stop away bus. 🙂
    lovely stamp giveaway, I hope this is my lucky Friday the 13th;)

  46. It sounds so simple, but packing my lunch every day and not eating out for lunch saves so much cash! So nice!

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