Mondays – I am not a fan.  I prefer when my husband is home all day.  Boo on Mondays!

Quick mention: For all you locals, I have a class on Thursday at Stamp Your Art Out.  It is on creative card design with Hero Arts stamps.  I opened a couple more spots, so if you are interested, call 513.793.4558 soon. 🙂

Here are some cards I did inspired (once again) by the fabulous Shari Carroll.  I loved her Hero Arts blog week on pocket cards – so fun!  These two cards were inspired by her cards HERE.  (By the way, Shari has a fun week happening at Hero right now HERE.)

030809 Pocket CardsSupplies: Hero Arts stamps (scallop background, balloon messages, frog, doll), inks (Soft Pool and Soft Apricot Shadow Ink), pearls and gems; EK Success 3-D adhesive; Prismacolor pencils and Gamso; ribbon and brads

Isn't that Soft Apricot Shadow Ink pretty?  Love that color.  Yummmm.  To make the pocket, I held the circle in the desired position on the back of the scallop circle.  I then traced the tag on the back of the scallop circle.  I put 3-D adhesive tape around the pencil lines and stuck it to the background.  Now there is a pocket the perfect size for the tag!

OK… mindless TV talk: Dancing With the Stars.  I am only 30 minutes into watching it.  What do you think?  I like to watch this with the family – hope they keep it a family show.  Tell me – who is your favorite?  (ETA: Just watched Gilles dance.  Wow.  Sure, he's handsome.  But, wow.  When he is dancing – yum…….)

See you tomorrow – will have a giveaway.  Night!

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28 thoughts on “Monday…”

  1. Wow! Beautiful cards! No way your watching dancing with the stars already, no fair! Its only 6pm here I have a couple of hours to wait yet! So excited! I usually hate mondays too but today my sister took me to an Indian buffet for lunch as a late birthday treat, yum! Loved this Monday!

  2. Did you see who’s on Dancing With the Stars??
    Wonder if she can dance?!?
    Beautful cards BTW…love the colours!

  3. Jennifer

    I agree love this card we made last class.

    So far loving the dancing tonigh. I agree yummy on both accounts.

    See you Thursday.

    Sandi N.

  4. I just found your blog last night from watching a video on you tube. I’m loving it. Wonderful style and many hearts, my favorite. Thanks for sharing it all!

  5. Did you see Melissa on DWTS?! She did great and I’m so happy for her….now is it only me, or did you also think that Karina Smirnof’s outfit was a little bit too skimpy for a FAMILY show? I think she needs to cover it up a bit. She has a great body, but for everyone to appreciate it she doesn’t need to show all that skin! What do you think Jennifer?

  6. Just some DWTS talk…how funny was it when Tom Bergeron said (re: The Bachelor) “Jason, I have two words for you: People Skills” HA HA!! Go Melissa!!

  7. I love those pocket cards and you’re right, that apricot color is beautiful. Another thing to add to the ever growing list!

    Okay, Steve Wosniak had me laughing so hard! He was hysterical and so much fun to watch. No favorites for me yet.

  8. Sharon, I’m with you about Karina but Edyta is just as bad. And it was great to see everyone so supportive of Melissa. Granted the comments about Jason were funny and made her laugh. There are a few that votes might keep around but not because they can dance. Gilles was fantastic as was Melissa and Shawn. They def deserve to be in the top.

    Cute cards too. Wish I lived closer to you so I could take a class from you.

  9. I was SO thrilled to see Melissa on DWTS!! And I love that she was paired with Tony. Of course, Gilles is super yummy 😉 Ty (the cowboy) was just cute, even though his dancing wasn’t that great.

  10. Love the cards – very cute! I thought Melissa did a great job on DWTS, Gilles is very easy on the eyes. It should be an interesting season. Did I hear right that Max and Karina are engaged?

  11. Those are the cutest stamps, I’ve got to order them since i’ve been eyeing that doll one for quite some time now.

  12. I just saw those little doll girls somewhere else…they are darling!! And as for Melissa. The jury is still out for me on that one.

    I’m with ya’lls on the skimpy clothes. What the heck??

  13. I love the little doll stamps! I just saw them in the new CK mag and wondered if you have had the chance to play with them yet! They are tooooo cute! I also love those colors, very fun and ‘spring-y’!

  14. love the cards!
    I am a HUGE Dancing With the Stars Fan. My husband thinks that Melissa will win because of public sympathy 😉 I liked Gilles, I think he definitely has some natural talent, and melissa was very good with only just a little practice. I dont know who I am going to pick as my favorite this time around though. I am just happy it is back on!

  15. She needs to put herself in reverse and bring Jake back on, and then decide between he & Ed – oh so glad Ed came back last night! If she picks Wes, it will have a lot to say about her character (I think he is no good!). My money saving tip, or something I’m using that I really, really enjoy: picking up boxes of wedding announcement cards at Target, WalMart & Goodwill, that have about 50 large cards to run through the printer if using for wedding invites, but I either fold or cut them in 1/2, to use as my stamping card front(the best paper ever!), and they usually have 50 response cards already folded, and with envy’s same size (these are great for stamping also), and usually 50 ribbons, charms or some type of embellishments – these retail for $29.95 up to $99.95 but I get them on clearance for $3.99 – $7.99.

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