Lots to share… and giveaway…


Where did the weekend go?  Wow.

A few things to share today, and a giveaway…

First, here are some cards I made with a fabulous kit a friend sent me.  I met a sweet gal named Jamie through the internet awhile back.  And she recently started a fun kit club and sent me one.  Please check it out – it is very different than anything I have seen, not too expensive and has stuff not in stores.  I had such fun with it.  For more info, click HERE.  


JS 1 

JS 2
All supplies from Jamie Scraps Kit Club

Do you like that kit?  Good!  I have one to give away!  Just leave a comment here by Monday night at 11:59pmEDT telling me what you or your kids were for Halloween and I will pick a random winner of this Jamie Scraps kit


You will love it.  The colors (pink, orange and dark brown) are yummy…

Oh, and my little dude was Spiderman.  (The girls were at their mom's, but Audrey was a graveyard fairy and Kay was a vampire. 🙂


I also wanna link you all to my friend's new etsy shop.  Ginger has some cutie hats in her shop HERE… I already have bought one for Audrey.  This one is so fun – uses a Hero Arts stamp that has been stitched!  So fun…


Here is a fun link for you.  When I saw the third place winner of the Hero Arts blog contest, I fell in love and decided I wanted to contact the person and ask if I could link it on my blog.  I didn't recognize the username and it turns out to be my friend Sandi Neumann!  Don't you LOVE how she decorated her daughter's room with Hero stamps?  Fantastic…


I think that is all.  I have lots to share this week.  And, since I cleared out some of my unused clear stamps, I will have some things to giveaway, too.  So stop back. :)  Off to watch some mindless TV!

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321 thoughts on “Lots to share… and giveaway…”

  1. I love the colors in this kit . . . I need this! My baby is 20 so we didn’t do the trick or treat thing but enjoyed seeing all the little ones (and BIG ones) at my door!

  2. What I was for Halloweeen is….bored! Boo Hoo Hoo!!! I live in an apartment building and we didn’t get any little goblins or ghosts this year!

    But the Jamie Scrap Kit would make me feel much better!

    Have a good one!

  3. Well, I put my little one in a sweatsuit with bones on it and I wore a white coat – I was supposed to be a radiologist with my little x-ray – sadly, nobody got it…They all thought he was just a cute little skeleton!

  4. My granddaughter was a fairy bunny princess- she chose that herself aand it was really cute. the bunny ears lit up!

  5. Your little dude made a cute Spiderman. My little dude was a Atlanta Hawks baksetball player. The card kit is awesome, the colors beautiful and the cards you made were wonderful!

  6. Great cards, Jennifer! That kit looks super cute!

    For Halloween, I was an owl 🙂 We had a great time! Your little dude looks very adorable in his costume!

  7. Hello my son was a teenage mutant ninja turtle and my daughter was a pirate. And I love your cards and srapbook pages!

  8. My son was Norman Bates (from Pyscho) and I was a black cat- I was Spiderman when I was 4 though- much to my mother’s horror! She wanted me to be a puppy dog or a princess. I still remember the costume vividly- it was my favorite ever!

  9. No kiddos at home anymore 🙁 But, I was ‘the kitchen junk drawer’ and hubby was ‘the utility closet’ for our adult Halloween party on Saturday. It was a blast!

    I’m new to your blog and LOVIN’ it!

  10. Really like that card with the scalloped circle and the inner circle with the message along the edge of the inner circle. My son dressed as one of 4 sergent pepper band members for Halloween.
    ava, cottagerca

  11. My honorary grandchildren went as Fire and Snow White. the fire wore reds and oranges in her clothes, and her face painted in GREAT flame patterns. Using Jello her mom got her hair to stand up in red and orange spikes a good foot long.
    Snow White is a tiny fair skinned blond. Her Mom did a temporary black rinse on her hair, and some make-up. With her pale coloring, she did look like Snow White!

  12. Hi Jennifer! We had a fun halloween, my son was dressed up as Indiana Jones and my daughter was a devil/angel which is quite appropriate for her! (ha!ha!) She even wore one black chunky shoe and one white dressy sandal. My son had his cute little indiana hat and his rope and little bag, with which he used to stuff some of his halloween stash!! I would love to win that kit, thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Kathy F

  13. Sorry, we didn’t participate in halloween. Our children are all grown , plus we didn’t have anyone come to our door. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. my son was supposed to be a pilot in a cardboard box airplane. i used lots of scrapbook supplies to make it, but then he refused to wear it. He wanted to be a volcano, then a cave, then a princess the week of Halloween. Arg! i guess i could use those colors of the kit, then!

  15. I don’t have any kids yet, but my co-teachers and I were kitties during our preschool’s jack-o-lantern night. Each family brings a jack-o-lantern during the week and then we have one night when we light them all and all the families drive by to see the whole lawn full of glowing pumpkins. We also hand out bags of goodies to all the kids. All the families love it. It’s worth going back out in the cold for an hour to see all the kids get excited!

  16. My daughter was to be Belle and my baby boy was to be a pumpkin. I came down with a kidney stone and “Belle” was sent home from school with a 103 fever. SO, we had no Halloween. Dad brought Belle a goody bag of chocolates to eat today, as she felt a little better!!

  17. Love those pretty colors in the kit! 🙂 Thanks for the chance! 🙂
    Your little Colin was so cute as Spiderman, aww! I’m expecting my son in March and we’re naming him Colin too…it’s a good name! 😉
    My daughter Katie was a pirate, she is almost two and said her dress was “pretty” 🙂

  18. My daughter was a gypsy and she had to go to work dressed up. She made the costume herself….with a little of my help.

  19. My eldest was Spiderman..ooohhhh shocker and my little man was a turtle. The funny thing is that my oldest who is 4 decided he didn’t want to wear his Spiderman costume to his preschool Halloween party and his little brother who just turned 3 followed in his footsteps. They were the only kids in their classes who decided that their Halloween t-shirts where enough. OK…skip to trick-or-treat time, they had to seriously be convinced to wear their costumes if they wanted to go out and get candy. Skip to the weekend…Spiderman was seen at Costco, the Grocery Store, the park, he even slept in it all weekend. My son even wanted to wear it to school this morning…sheesh!

  20. My oldest was Michael Jackson with the red “Beat It” jacket, sequined glove and sunglasses. My youngest was The Cat in the Hat…SO cute! I wore cat ears..that was MY costume! LOL 🙂

  21. We bought my daughter the Barbie Cheerleading outfit. In daycare they painted her face as a clown. She liked it so much she didn’t want to wash it off so she told me she was “Clown Barbie Cheerleader”

  22. Believe it or not, my NINETEEN year old stepson went to a part as a teenage mutant ninja turtle! I don’t remember which one, but he looked great – and the best part – he made his own costume! 🙂

  23. My son was Darth Vader and my daughter was Disney princess Belle for Halloween. What a great kit and some great ideas!

  24. I’m with you – would love the kit and can’t wait for the election to be over…from one girl in Ohio to another!

  25. Hi Jen. My little guy was Superman. He had so much fun!

    Thanks for offering this wonderful prize!

    Jennifer L.

  26. What a great kit! My 4 year old was a fancy witch (as opposed to a scary, mean, or unfashionable witch) and my 1 year old was a fairy. It was a great halloween!

  27. My boys are too old for Trick or Treat – but I dressed up as a lady handing out candy with cute pumpkin earrings and an adorable Halloween t-shirt!

  28. Colin was so cute. My son was a cowboy and my daughter was his Indian princess. I loved their costumes this year. Everyone thought I made them myself, but it’s amazine what one can find online these days.

  29. take a deep breath – I have seven kids!
    15yod: medieval babe
    12yod: cute ghost
    11yod: gypsy
    8yod: ladybug
    5yos: knight
    3yos: knight (gotta be like his big bro)
    1yos: pumpkin

  30. Hi Jennifer,
    Well my darling 16 year old who adores her 4 year old cousin, dressed up as a hippie and took her trick-or-treating. Her cousin was the little mermaid, (which she has been for 2 years now because she loves painting her hair red. So we had a mermaid and a hippie.

  31. My favorite cold weather recipe would have to be Carmel Apple Cider- (just like the ones at Starbucks).

  32. My daughter was Minnie Mouse! She didn’t understand why she had to go to a stranger’s house w/scary decorations to collect something she doesn’t even care about (candy). She’s young yet… 2 years and 3 months old. =)

  33. My 6yo daughter was a doctor, and my 9yo son, a skeleton. Some people thought he was her patient – nah, we were lucky to find something he’d actually wear so that he wouldn’t go door-to-door begging for candy in just a T-shirt!

  34. No kiddos yet, but we did dress our kitty up as a pumpkin! What can I say – they were on clearance at Target at 7:00 pm Halloween night! My husband and I couldn’t resist 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

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