Lots to share… and giveaway…


Where did the weekend go?  Wow.

A few things to share today, and a giveaway…

First, here are some cards I made with a fabulous kit a friend sent me.  I met a sweet gal named Jamie through the internet awhile back.  And she recently started a fun kit club and sent me one.  Please check it out – it is very different than anything I have seen, not too expensive and has stuff not in stores.  I had such fun with it.  For more info, click HERE.  


JS 1 

JS 2
All supplies from Jamie Scraps Kit Club

Do you like that kit?  Good!  I have one to give away!  Just leave a comment here by Monday night at 11:59pmEDT telling me what you or your kids were for Halloween and I will pick a random winner of this Jamie Scraps kit


You will love it.  The colors (pink, orange and dark brown) are yummy…

Oh, and my little dude was Spiderman.  (The girls were at their mom's, but Audrey was a graveyard fairy and Kay was a vampire. 🙂


I also wanna link you all to my friend's new etsy shop.  Ginger has some cutie hats in her shop HERE… I already have bought one for Audrey.  This one is so fun – uses a Hero Arts stamp that has been stitched!  So fun…


Here is a fun link for you.  When I saw the third place winner of the Hero Arts blog contest, I fell in love and decided I wanted to contact the person and ask if I could link it on my blog.  I didn't recognize the username and it turns out to be my friend Sandi Neumann!  Don't you LOVE how she decorated her daughter's room with Hero stamps?  Fantastic…


I think that is all.  I have lots to share this week.  And, since I cleared out some of my unused clear stamps, I will have some things to giveaway, too.  So stop back. :)  Off to watch some mindless TV!

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321 thoughts on “Lots to share… and giveaway…”

  1. I don’t have any kids but I did hang out with my niece and nephews and they dressed as pirates this year…even their 30 year old cousin who was in town visiting dressed as a pirate and went out with them…I stayed back with my sister and my oldest nephew (who is too old to go out now) and handed out candy and hung out with him and enjoyed his company. My favorite way to spend a Friday night watching old Get Smart movies and hanging out with my wonderful “kids” munching on candy!

  2. I don’t have kids, but my dog has a yellow rain coat, so I pretended he was Gene Kelly from Singin’ in the Rain :).

  3. What a lovely cute boy you have. Overhere in the Netherlands we do not celebrate Halloween the way you celebrate it in the USA. But slowly it is coming to be a dressing up night for the little ones overhere as well. In my own town there wasn’t any. But I love to see all the great thing on the site through the many LO’s. Thanks for a change of winning and love your site

  4. This kit is awesome!! I love it! My 3 year old daughter was a princess (even without her costume she is one!), my oldest daughter was the Bride of Darkness, my youngest son was a blue power ranger and my oldest son just went trick or treating in his regular clothes! And I wore a costume this year! It is a period queen costume. Pictures are on my blog http://www.mom2my4monkies.blogspot.com

  5. I thought my kids were way too old for Halloween costumes, but then my son found out he could get extra credit for his university theater class. He went as a heavy mental rocker of course. Thanks for the cute give away!

  6. My children dressed up as the Operation Man, fairy, girl vampire, Dora the Explorer and a Fire Cheif. This year I did not dress up because I have been SICK!!!!!

    Please pick me!!
    De Anne B.

  7. Awww.. he’s such a cutie dressed as Spider Man. I sooo wish we had Halloween overhere in The Netherlands as well.. Love that time of year! And love your cards.. the colorcombo is sooo yummie! XOXO Nancy

  8. I’m in New Zealand, but I made myself a knitted leafy crown to wear to work. Most people thought I was crazy, but then they remember that I am the crazy American, so that’s okay. It was fun!

  9. Hi Jennifer, your sweetie is a cutie! Don’t blink, he’ll be 18 in a flash!! Our 2 are in their 30’s, so Halloween isn’t what it used to be for us, BUT can I tell you our great news? I’m gonna be a Gramma!!!

    Would love to win this kit, the colors are great!

  10. Hi Jennifer, I just love those cards! Those of my favorite colors!

    I don’t have small ones to go trick or treatin’ anymore, but my youngest son (almost 21 now) went to a party from one of the guys at our church and they all dressed up. He dressed at McCain, and his girlfriend dressed up at Palin. They were toooo cute. And my granddaughter, 2yr. old dressed as a princess!

  11. My granddaughter was dressed as a Princess, that is her favorite character—–she also thinks she IS a princess!!

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