Lots to share… and giveaway…


Where did the weekend go?  Wow.

A few things to share today, and a giveaway…

First, here are some cards I made with a fabulous kit a friend sent me.  I met a sweet gal named Jamie through the internet awhile back.  And she recently started a fun kit club and sent me one.  Please check it out – it is very different than anything I have seen, not too expensive and has stuff not in stores.  I had such fun with it.  For more info, click HERE.  


JS 1 

JS 2
All supplies from Jamie Scraps Kit Club

Do you like that kit?  Good!  I have one to give away!  Just leave a comment here by Monday night at 11:59pmEDT telling me what you or your kids were for Halloween and I will pick a random winner of this Jamie Scraps kit


You will love it.  The colors (pink, orange and dark brown) are yummy…

Oh, and my little dude was Spiderman.  (The girls were at their mom's, but Audrey was a graveyard fairy and Kay was a vampire. 🙂


I also wanna link you all to my friend's new etsy shop.  Ginger has some cutie hats in her shop HERE… I already have bought one for Audrey.  This one is so fun – uses a Hero Arts stamp that has been stitched!  So fun…


Here is a fun link for you.  When I saw the third place winner of the Hero Arts blog contest, I fell in love and decided I wanted to contact the person and ask if I could link it on my blog.  I didn't recognize the username and it turns out to be my friend Sandi Neumann!  Don't you LOVE how she decorated her daughter's room with Hero stamps?  Fantastic…


I think that is all.  I have lots to share this week.  And, since I cleared out some of my unused clear stamps, I will have some things to giveaway, too.  So stop back. :)  Off to watch some mindless TV!

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321 thoughts on “Lots to share… and giveaway…”

  1. Colin is oh so cute! I don’t have any kids, but I did make my little sister and her friends costumes. They went as tinkerbell and peter pan. So cute! Love the kit as well. So sweet!

  2. Those are pretty cards! Love the kit too!

    My hubby, son and I dressed up like pirates! This was the first time we did something like this, we had fun!

  3. Your son is adorable. My son is now 26 but I still remember how excited he was to pick out a costume and march around the neighborhood. *fond memories*…the things scrapbooks are made of.

  4. My two girls were witches…oh but they insisted that they were not mean witches rather witches that cast spells for good:)

  5. I went to a ‘dress as what you wanted to be when you were 7’ party…

    I went as a mad scientist (pretty much what I really am), my partner was a ghostbuster (how cool was he as a kid!!!)

  6. our 3 yr old went as a firefighter and our 8 month old went as his dalmation! I gotta coordinate these boys before they get to old to know better ;0)

  7. My oldest daughter was a football player, the middle a singer (Hannah Montana style), and the youngest BatGirl…
    the Mama? Helga the lunch lady, complete with ladel and the thickest eyebrows ever seen.

  8. Love your blog, layouts and cards Jennifer. You are super creative! My almost 3 year old daughter was a Flapper. This is the first year she realized what Halloween was. I think she didn’t know how to express her excitment after getting candy so she would just grab my hand and kiss it. Then she danced the night away at my sister’s Halloween driveway party. It was the best Halloween!

  9. My daughter Ella (who is 2) was a chicken, and walked around telling everyone “cluck cluck”. My son had a very bad day and, well, he didn’t get to trick or treat, so his sister was such a sweetie and shared her candy.

  10. I love that card kit – will have to tell my friends about it too! Hope i win one too
    My youngest was a good witch and my oldest started out as a cowgirl princess – but decied to be Cinderella from the song not the movie- i.e. the Steven Curtis Chapman Cinderella song 😉
    have a great day!

  11. I had to enter ‘cos I love the colours in that kit & your cards are gorgeous. I don’t have any kids and over here in NZ we don’t really celebrate Halloween so I didn’t dress up at all.

  12. My son was a Ninja (15 minute costume!) and my daughter was some character in a Japanese Anime (cartoon) that I have no idea about! But she said she looked just like him/her? Don’t really know! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. My son was a Black Rider (from LOTR), and my daughters were a pink Power Ranger, a pirate princess, and a dinosaur. The dinosaur costume has been worn by each of my 4 children when they were around 2, and was made by my mother.
    Thanks for the give-away!

  14. No kids at home – all grown and moved away. We live in the country so no one comes out to our house. So my husband and I went out for a nice supper! Love you blog! Great job on the cards. Your son is cutie!

  15. Love the cards you made!! Let’s see… my 5-yr.-old was Luke Skywalker, and my 3-yr-old was a ninja (with accessories and all)! I no longer have a say in what my boys wear for Halloween, but they did pretty good this year on their own 🙂

  16. My youngest daughter was Iron Man, next daughter, a vampire/ fairy combo, teenage son was Master Chief from Halo in a homemade costume he did with my husband and my oldest daughter was Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas at her high school marching band homecoming game. Oh yeah, I was a butterfly with some really pretty wings I picked up last year after Halloween on sale- YEAH !

  17. Love this! Your cards are always so cute. My girls, oldest to youngest…US Diva, a pink bunny, and a stunk. (a Skunk, but that is the way my 4 yr old says it.) Too cute to correct.

  18. I love the cards! My daughter was a ballerina and I dressed up as Dr. Do Little. (not doolittle, but do little). My son does not like to dress up, so he wrapped a baby blanket around his head and said he was a pirate who had Lasik, so he did not need an eye patch. My husband was just himself.

  19. We went with a star Wars theme this year. My 5 yo was Commander Cody. The 15 mo was Chewbacca. The 5 week old was C3-PO. So much fun!

  20. My son (14 mo) was a PostMan for Halloween. He had a stomach bug, though…so he only got to wear his costume at Morning Out on Tuesday. Still adorable.

    Love the kit! Hope you have a great day!

  21. I wish I could tell you what my child was for halloween! I am pregnant and not due until March 2009. We still don’t know if it is a boy or a girl 🙂 ha ha ha But look out Halloween 2009!!

  22. For Halloween I was a housewife that sat around waiting for Trick-or-treaters! Lol. I had my candy all ready, but I didn’t get a single kid at my house. Next year, maybe I should just go door to door GIVING it out 🙂

  23. Well, over here in the Netherlands we don’t celebrate Helloween. So my son was ‘just’ as himself: the most lovable boy there is.
    Bye, Diane

  24. I have no kids, but I do dress up a bit to hand out candy. I was a witch this year, and everytime the doorbell rang I would let out a very loud witch cackle before I opened the door. It was a real hoot to see the kids faces when the door opened!

  25. My son was an alien and my daughter was a fairy. The fact that my daughter dressed up made my day because last year she declared herself “too old” to dress up. Wow Thanskgiving is just around the corner. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. We don’t do Halloween here but we do a similar thing for Easter, for which I’ve dressed up as a witch and as Pippi Longstocking (a ‘girl power’ type character in a Swedish children’s book) in the past.

  27. we had 1 Buzz Light Year, one knight and one monk…fantastic weather and times up here in southern BC last Friday…best in a lot of years…:)

  28. Aww Colin looks so cute! What a little sweetie! My son (7) was dressed up as Darth Vader. Oh I love that hat! Have a great day!

  29. Samuel (our oldest of two) was Batman this year. Nothing but a super hero would do! The kit is so adorable, thanks for another great giveaway!

  30. Emma, 6, went as red riding hood. Alex, 4, went as Bumblebee the Transformer, Owen,23 months, went as Buzz lightyear.

  31. My oldest was a storm trooper (Captain Rex, or so I was told), my middle was Darth Vader, and the little one was a dinosaur. I really wanted to dress him up as yoda…but couldn’t find a costume.

  32. I youngest son (5) went as Darth Vador with his blue lightsavor, and my olderst son (7)went as the guy from scary movie. Can you tell my husband went with them to pick out their costumes. Gone are the days of cute-scrap worthy theme costumes…

  33. My son was Dash from the Incredibles and I just had a baby at the end of September so we made him a little baby Jack Jack Incredibles costume. They were so cute!

  34. My two daughters were a vampire and a hunter and my son was “Optimus Prime” (a transformer!). We had a great halloween!

  35. Love this kit!! My daughter was to be Belle and My baby boy was to be a pumpkin, but I came down with a kidney stone and “Belle” was sent home from school with a fever. So, there was no Halloween for us this year:( Dad brought Belle a bag of goodies to eat on the couch today, as she was feeling a little better….

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