Some scraproom answers, a video and a giveaway. :)

Gonna try to make this post quick – I think my allergies are turning into a cold.  Crud.

I have some scraproom answers, a video and a giveaway. 🙂

Thanks for all the nice comments about my scraproom.  I do love it down there.  And I am so thankful the kids like to be down there as much as me.  A few answers to questions:

  • I got the buttons on the wall from Pottery Barn when they went on super clearance.  I bet you can find them on ebay.  The scissors are from Hobby Lobby.
  • My room isn’t always that clean. 🙂  I get a lot of shipments of products (this is my job) so it is hard to keep up with putting things away.  But I really try.  The kids are very helpful.
  • The little white drawers from Ikea – yes, they don’t have labels.  I move things around so much that I decided not to put any labels on them.  But I remember where everything is – it is that engineer mind of mine.  🙂
  • Those little white drawers were first sanded, then primed, then painted with semi-gloss white trim paint.
  • I haven’t measured the room, but Ken guesses it is 15′ x 25′.
  • The punches hang on the pegboard with little metal shelves and hooks.  You can get all kinds of different ones at Home Depot for super cheap. 
  • I do have a lot of stamps, but keep in mind that I work for Hero Arts, so I have all of their stamps. I could never have paid for them all! 🙂  (And this is another reason I give a lot away – I like to pay it forward.)

Now it’s time for a video!  I am leading the fourth week of Stamp Camp over on 2peas.  Click HERE for information and close-ups and HERE for a thread about the camp.  And if you play along, you could win a great prize!  Here is the video and projects…


Now… a giveaway!  Fiskars is so generous… and they sent me two of a stamp set.  So… one could be yours.  Just leave a comment on this post by 11:59pmEDT on Thursday telling me what your first stamp you got was (if you remember!).  I will then pick a winner of this great Heidi Grace set…


BTW… my first stamp was a Hero Arts flower.  Funny, huh?  I remember when I first started scrapbooking, I told my brother and Ken that I would NEVER buy stamps… “why would anyone want to buy a stamp when you could print clip art for free?”  Boy, did I eat my words, huh?  Now I can’t imagine creating without a stamp.  Hee…

OK… have a great night!

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469 thoughts on “Some scraproom answers, a video and a giveaway. :)”

  1. The first stamp I bought was an inital stamp with a beautiful gold metal handle. I’ve always loved that simple stamp!

  2. Awww, my first stamp was a hugh foam santa for my twins when they were small to use at Christmas…still have it…then I also went on to collect computer graphics but now in the past few months have discovered a love for stamping of scrapbooking and cards!!!….love looking at your blog..,and the first stamps for myself I bought off of ebay were hero stamps and they remain my favorite!

  3. If I remember correctly, the first stamp I bought was “Snow Tag Art” set from Stampendous! (bought it at Michael’s).

  4. My first stamp was a small butterfly. I don’t remember where I got it, but now I have many, many more stamps. Some of them are not even used! I’ll bet most stampers can say that.

  5. I don’t know for sure, but I think it was a large text stamp that I thought would be good for backgrounds on scrapbook pages because I was NEVER going to be a stamper or even make cards. LOL!!! So much for that idea! 😉

  6. Karen D My first stamp was a violet only had the one and learned how to use it 100 different ways still have it but certainly have added many more since then take care and thanks for the chance to win

  7. My first stamp was when I was fourteen, some 10 over years back when stamps first became really popular. Did not have the money to buy anything expensive, so I bought a little round stamp with two flowers on it…It doesn’t even have a brand on it…

  8. I think my first stamp set was a Christmas set from Personal Stamp Exchange. I used to make Christmas cards only.

  9. The first stamp that I bought was a tiny Hero Arts flower one. It was amazing how many ways I could use that one stamp!… But one quickly grew and became one hundred plus, plus, plus!

  10. Back in 1991 I found a quaint little stamp store (so very little stamping supplies available back then!) in Tennessee. It was a floral/basket designed stamp. No company name on the stamp. It was used with black ink a few times before I laid it aside only to resurrect it in 2004 when I began to papercraft in earnest!
    Thank you for offering the opportunity to win more stamps!!
    Best wishes….~Sandie

  11. I went to a Stampin’ Up party years ago, don’t remember the name of the set, but it had an apple, crayon, ruler, and scissors. Still have it.

  12. I believe my first stamp was of a wedding dress. It’s a very beautiful dress on a hanger and I used it to embellish a wedding album that I made. I loved it and still do!

  13. My first stamps were from a store in Santa Barbara called….. Stampa Barbara. I think I got grass and some bugs and animals. That was back in ’91 when I was in college. CRAZY!

  14. My first stamp was a bear stamp from hero arts. That was ages ago when I was still a teenager and into embossed cards. 🙂

  15. My first stamp was from DOTS (Dozen of Terrific Stamps). It was 3 dancing snowmen. I used it on my first attempt at doing Christmas cards. 14 years later, I still have that stamp, and hundreds more.

  16. My first stamps (I bought 2 at the same time) came from Hampton Art Stamps I believe. A solid heart, and a “hand stamped by” stamp. I worked at a local craft store at the time and they decided to get into rubber stamping. I was hooked. They gave a co-worker and I the responsibility of ordering new stamps in….that was such a tough job! We would look at the catalog for hours and pick out what we liked of course! Needless to say my stamp collection grew quickly!

  17. My first stamps were a gift from my aunt in 1979 or maybe 1980?? There were 2 stamps — a “From the library of” stamp and a unicorn stamp with an office dye ink pad in purple. And yes, I still have them both!

  18. My first stamp was a stamp that said Please write and I got it at our local small town stantionary store when I was a teenager and my friend and I used it to make personal stationary kits to give for Christmas presents…wow..I was resourceful and creative even in my teens! your scraproom!!
    Cheers, Paula from Vacnouver

  19. My first stamp (in 2001, I believe) was a snowflake by Hero Arts, closely followed by a topiary Hero Arts stamp. They are still one of my very favorite companies! It’s fun to try to remember such things…

  20. My first real stamp was a little bear with a big christmasball in its hands. I don’t now which brand is was. It has something from forever friends over it. Very cute.

  21. It was an office stamp “Paid”. I loved to pay bills so I could use it!!! My love for stamps have expanded dramatically:) I’m Karen and I’m a stamp whore

  22. I am new to scrapbooking (less than 2 years) and I love 2 peas in a bucket, it is my favorite site. I found pics of your scrapbook room and WOW I fell in love with it. I had to know more. I found your blog and wanted to post my first comment. I bought 3 stamp sets from Close to My Heart and have been hooked on stamps ever since. I too thought I would never buy a stamp. What wonderful people scrapbookers are.

  23. My first stamp was a wood mounted smiley face that I used when training. Everyone loved it. hmmmmmm – wonder where it went!! THanks for the give a ways. I would love to get my hands on such a wonderful set!!!

  24. My first stamp was a teddy bear from Stampin’ Up. I remember WAY back–when all of my stamps fit into one little box! Love these snowflakes!

  25. I bought my 1st (2nd, 3rd…..) stamp two weeks ago. It is a mouse with a rather large tummy lying in a half empty bun (cupcake) case with a candle and crumbs on the ground beside it. It’s by Dimension Fourth Ltd. I’m new to card making and recently discovered your website. It’s brilliant and packed so full of great ideas to try out. Thanks for everything.

  26. Hope you’re feeling better!

    I used to have a bunch of rainbown and unicorn stamps when I was a kid but I think my first scrapbooking stamp was some baby footprints.

  27. My first stamp was a wood mounted rubber stamp that said imagine. I still use it to this day!
    Thanks for sharing your room. I’m going to use some of your ideas as I get ready to finish my basement and use half as a scrap room.

  28. Thanks for the scraproom posts – love seeing your space! My first stamp was from my aunt. We were shopping together once and there were all these personalized stamps, so she bought me one with my name on it. I used to love that stamp as a kid, now I never use it (but I still have it).

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