How-To Video: Covering Notecard with Cuttlebug Embossing


I have another video for you.  (I told you that I had some videos up my sleeve.  I love the new iMovie…)  🙂

This one shows how to cover an entire notecard with the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing.  It also shows how to add color to the dots. 

And!  Please go to the Cuttlebug Challenges blog HERE.  They have tons of fun Cuttlebug ideas… and inspiring projects in general.  I am honored to be featured there today.  (Thanks, girls!)

042609 Cuttlebug Color
Supplies: Hero Arts notecard, Making Memories glitter chipbard, Stampin’ Up felt flowers, Hero Arts black gems and I can’t remember where the greeting rub-on is from – sorry!

Oh… and Happy National Scrapbooking Day!  Be sure to visit Hero Arts for a giveaway and 2peas for LOTS of fun stuff.

Another thing… I am now twittering.  I really resisted this since I don’t have anything interesting to say.  And I don’t think you all really care when I am doing laundry or making dinner. (I know I don’t – ha.)  But I had to start doing it for something, so I thought I would make the best of it.  I think I am going to start using it to share fun links I find here and there.  If you don’t twitter, no worries, you can just see my posts on the left sidebar here.

Thanks for stopping by again.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend.  Anyone have any fun plans?

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31 thoughts on “How-To Video: Covering Notecard with Cuttlebug Embossing”

  1. Jennifer- I have been a layout scrapper for years, and just got a Cuttlebug. My DD and I spent a couple nights (during AI) running lots of chipboard shapes through it -we’re having a blast! I really just discovered that you do all these Cuttlebug projects (I don’t have time to surf the net much) – I have always loved your work. Abby (6) watched your video with me – and she is on board to color in all those dots! Now I need white CS too – I bought lots of Core’dinations just for the Cuttlebug. I am excited about being able to do paper crafting with my daughter with beautiful results. If you have time this weekend stop by my blog to learn about the Magistical Memories blog hop!

  2. Wow Jennifer, that’s FANTASTIC. I’d never have thought to do this. Thanks for inspiring me yet again, I am going to go try it NOW. So excited. Happy NSD to you too, Love Lucy.

  3. Thanks, Jennifer!!! Love your card, as always. I’ve been resisting getting anymore gadgets, simply because my bank account might hate me later… 🙂 But man, that Cuttlebug looks AWESOME! And I LOVE the idea of coloring in the little dots!

  4. This is my VERY FAVORITE folder. I did the challenge. I posted it in my blog. I didnt know if it was being timed or not so its very simple.
    Thanks for the challenge.
    Dayami 🙂

  5. Even though my daughter is 12 and doesn’t have that soft toddler voice & she’s not even home at the moment, I heard that quiet little “Mommy” at the end of your video & turned around thinking she had walked into my office. Whew! That gave me a laugh. Great video, thanks for sharing.

  6. Dang – you have the most WONDERFUL ideas ! ! I’m headed to my Cuttlebug to try this one out now. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Why is it that I get so many “duh” moments after watching your videos! LOL! Love the card – especially the color you added to it!

  8. Jennifer

    Really cool idea!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. After attending one of your classes using pre-cuttled bug cards. I just
    fell in love with it. The next Monday I went out a purchased the machine. My girls love it too.

    Again, great card! Love hearing Colin at the end.

    Our plans this weekend. Friday two ballet and jazz recitals for our oldest daughter.
    Tonight party on our neighbors deck. Tomorrow Fly Pig Marathon. Bill in running in it. We will be cherring him on.

    Sandi N.

    Sandi N.

  9. This is a gorgeous card! LOVE the colors you added to the swiss dots. Don’t own a CB (yet)… but will definitely try this if I get one!

  10. Oh, my word! Love the colored dots….genius! Will definitely have to try such a fun technique! Thank you, and happy NSD!

  11. Hi Jennifer!! Thanks so much for joining us at Cuttlebug Challenge today, I’m a DT member and we’ve been so excited about your visit during our Spa Weekend! Great tutorial, love sanding the Swiss Dots…I’m so addicted to this folder!

  12. Thanks so much Jennifer for all you do. I appreciate how you share everything especially your great finds on the Internet. I love the Cuttlebug site. Such cool stuff to learn about. You are definitely one of my favs.

  13. Ok…awesome card and video, will defnitely try this once I am the proud owner of a sanding block but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Mommy” at the end. Sometimes I feel like there is no way to papercraft and have children about…and do both well. 😉 Obviously not the case here. Love this! TFS!

  14. Great tips as always! I thought I was hearing things when I heard “mommy” nearly fell off my chair hehe..too cute..I knew it wasn’t mine cause she yells “MUMMMM” lol

  15. Awesome video and idea. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I will definitely have to try this.

    My plans this weekend have been just to have fun and create!! >:0)

    Have a beautiful day.

  16. SUPER WOW!! I love this card – raffle it off and pick me as the winner!!! Please!! As for this weekend – working hard to get the Springboro Levy passed. Making phone calls to remind people to get out and vote Tuesday!!! Have a great day – it is another beautiful one!

  17. This is so simple and so beautiful! I think it’s wonderful how you are always so helpful and so generous of your tutorials and instructions on how to do things. Thank you for sharing!


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