Copic Markers for Card Makers Class… Giveaway!


I am here today to announce the newest class from Online Card ClassesCopic Markers for Card Makers! Check out this video…

This class is jam-packed with incredible information for all levels of Copic coloring. We worked soooooooo passionately to develop a class we feel will make you feel comfortable working with Copics. I am so excited!

We explain the number system… where to start… the many ways you can blend… creative ways to hide mistakes… skintones… and so much more. There are over 35 videos showing all the steps to achieve great coloring. It is a happy, approachable class with free practice downloads, PDFs, discounts, giveaways and more. But most importantly, it is a comfortable place for learning.

Class starts 9/22/14 and you will have lifetime access to class. You can find more info and register HERE. Hoping to see you there. I know a ton of you have signed up already. I hope you liked the pre-class video!


Want to win a spot? For your chance, just leave a comment here telling me if you have tried Copics before. I will pick a winner 11:59pmEST on 9/15/14. (If you win and have already signed up, we will refund your money.)

Good luck!

(PS: I will be back to announce winners of other giveaways soon.)


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1,755 thoughts on “Copic Markers for Card Makers Class… Giveaway!”

  1. I love your OCC and while I have quite a few copic markers I don’t really have the blending techniques down. Hope this class will teach me what I need to know!

  2. I have never tried copics or even held one in my hand!! But I’m so wanting to learn and start my copics collection! I’d LOVE to win a spot!

  3. I have a few colors, but not enough to do all the shading that i see in videos. I think this will be a great class to learn what colors to own and work with.

  4. O I LOVE coloring with copics. Or shall I say how others color with it. I have always bleeding issues, getting everything muddy etc! I sold all of them:( then fell back in love and have some new ones! I could use this class! 😉

  5. I have tried Copics. I have many of them. I do need to know more about how to use them. When I first got them and took a class I thought never mind I am not sure that I like them. I have used them several times since then and I do like them. I would love a spot in the class. As everyone knows the OCC classes are the best around. Hopefully I did not already post on your blog for this.

  6. I love the variety of colors and would love to learn how to use them. I have joined several of the other online classes and have really enjoyed all of them.

  7. I LOVE my Copic markers, but I don’t think they like me too much! I’m sure it’s because I really don’t know how to use them properly. I plan to register for the class and I’m really looking forward to it.

  8. I have about 20 but not very good at shading and blending. This would be awesome to win. Having surgery soon so coloring while recovering would because great idea!!

  9. I am very much a beginner with copics. I have purchased the Level one book and I have also purchased a book I have somewhat studied on shading and shadows. I so very much want to be good at all these things. I don’t expect to win from all the entries and will sign up but at any case, I will be honored to learn from you as I have admired your work for a while now. Thanks for making this opportunity available and for giving someone the chance to get it Free! That is very kind of you.

  10. My friend has been using Copics for years and recently she had gifted me a few markers from her collection so I could practice. I love using them, even though I have a lot of trouble with blending. I’ve picked up a few tips from just watching her use them and from tutorials, but I would really like to know more.

  11. I own many copics and struggle on how to mAke them look so GOOD. I am more in the vein where I want to learn to draw and color my own stuff, but these classes seem to be a perfect starting point in my dreams.

  12. I have only tried Copics a little bit so far but would love to learn more. I love receiving your emails and learning about the fun techniques you try (and are successful at!)

  13. I do have quite a proud collection of copics and quite a healthy fear of using them. Help!!! I’ve heard “just get in there a start”….yeah, that’s usually where I go wrong…the not starting part…looking forward to the classes!

  14. This class looks awesome! I have done some Copic coloring before, but not much, so I would love to learn some more! Thank you so much for the chance! 🙂 xo

  15. I received just over one hundred markers as a gift, and I have not used them yet. Would love a class to get me started.

  16. I have a few copic markers and have borrowed some of my daughter’s, but must admit I am a bit intimidated by them. This class looks like a wonderful way to learn how to use them and also have the resources available for future use. (A definite plus for us newbies who like to color!) Thank you for the chance to win!

  17. Hello Jennifer! First, I am thrilled to be taking this class, along with you and all the other wonderful women (& men)….. I have a collection of sketch markers, they just work better with my hands, and I am SO excited to learn new techniques as well! Also, thank you, SO MUCH, for all the wonderful and inspiring videos you post! I am just about finished organizing my stamps! I already had the double sized bin, but I was using different pockets, I did get the Avery Ellle, and I LOVE them! So, Thank you!! Looking forward to these classes! Take care, Candi~

  18. I’ve been using copics for a few years now. I took both the beginner and intermediate classes and loved how much more I learend from them. Now I get the most use out of my copics. I like making cards and use that to give to people instead of buying them. It’s more personal and shows that time and effort and care was put into them. in this digital age, I believe people appreciate a personal touch. Would love to continue to learn and expand my skills. Thank you for the great turtorials that you offer.

  19. I’ve used copic markers in school for fashion illustration and I want to explore more about making great illustrations using copic markers and its techniques.
    Look forward to join your class *crossfinger*

  20. My daughter bought me a couple of Copic markers because she knew I had been eyeballing them 🙂 I haven’t really tried using them on any projects yet… I’m too scared, haha!! I love seeing all of the things that others have colored and how they make it look so easy and awesome. Maybe some day I will get there!

  21. Oh yeah !!! I have COPICS , I use them , i can’t wait till class begins !!! It’s always fun to do things together !!! 3 of my friends are taking the class as well… We are stoked and ready !!!

  22. I do use Copics. I have spent months collecting colors as I can afford them and still don’t feel like i have what I need. 😉

  23. I have maybe a hundred colics and every time I use them it is always a struggle to put together the right ones. I am always on the look out for something that improves my skill level.

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