Another card set…

Hey, there.

Quickly sharing – drowning in work right now.  This is another card set I made for a Chrirstmas gift for my mother-in-law.  She loves daisies and the color pool, so these seemed perfect for her.  I colored the flower with Copics and then added some glitter pen to the center of the flowers.  These look soooooo much better in real life.

011010 Daisy Cards
Supplies: Hero Arts Daisy and notecards, Papertrey Ink greetings, Neenah paper, Copic Markers, glitter pen, black Memento ink

Also, I have been asked a lot about which specific Copic colors I use on projects.  I haven't kept track up to date, but will from now on when I create things.  Sorry!

People often also ask about when I find the time to do card sets like this.  Ask my husband – I can't sit still.  If we go to my mom's for dinner, I bring stamped flowers and color while we chat.  If we drive across town to our church, I cut out flowers as we drive.  I am always staying busy, and cards like this can be done in free moments here and there. 

And, of course, some links for you.  There are some good ones…

  • lovely cards:  HERE and HERE and HERE.
  • Such a clever use of a border punch HERE.
  • Fab ribbon tutorial HERE.
  • THIS is so pretty.  Everything she does is, though!
  • Sweet page HERE by Stephanie.

OK… off to work.  Please keep your cards coming for the card drive for these sick kids.  Valentine cards are welcome!


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81 thoughts on “Another card set…”

  1. Oh la la Jennifer I just love how these flowers pop off the cards…with your coloring they are very realistic!!!! I love how you make so many you have to photograph them on your rug!!! I hope you catch up …you are to young to have the stress of a busting email box. Maybe you can ask people to email you on certain days with
    Thanks for always sharing and always inspiring. Hugs,Kathy

  2. I agree that all your links and cards have been particularly inspiring to me these past few weeks. I have been scraplifting your examples with the copic markers and simple card ideas left and right. Thanks for always taking the time out of your busy week to share with us. I seriously don’t know how you still have energy when you’re done to post everything online! I’m pooped. 🙂

    I thought of you tonight with the Bachelor–Ali stood out to me that first night too so I was happy to see their date went so well. Good call! 😀

  3. You have given us some awesome links tonight. Thanks so much! Can’t tell you which ones I like the best, they’re all great.

  4. These might just be my favorite cards! They are so simple, elegant and pretty. I love them!!
    Thanks for always inspiring me!

  5. Thanks for your sharing and loving heart! I smile when I see an e-mail from you in my in-box. I save it for last and enjoy the great ideas and marvelous links!

  6. Jennifer, I LOVE everything you make and I always get excited when I see that you have posted something new!
    I have avoided even looking at Copic markers because I know I will want them all! But everytime I see your beautiful butterflies I am more and more tempted! Maybe someday!

  7. Love the cards…Jennifer – I cannot sit still either….I cart cutting out projects everywhere in the car with me…and if I’m not colouring in I knit. I get some funny looks but I just can’t bear to waste time…..I wish I had the courage to take colouring when visiting but sadly only to some houses will I even take my knitting – how painful it is to have to sit and do nothing all evening….I just keep thinking how further on I’d be if I were at home!

  8. This cards are so bold and beautiful. It is amazing how they pop off the card. I love this daisy stamp. I really must place an order with 2peas and get this one for sure. I love your work and must say that your hubby must be a saint because mine would eventually go nuts if I had to be colouring and cutting stuff out all the time.Lol! From the layouts that I have seen with his pics in them, he looks like a real fun loving guy! It’s funny I was looking through my “Designing With 2006 Calendar” a few weeks back and I was so happy to noticed that you were apart of the team who came up with the idea. Your cards than were great and it has been a blessing to see how you have grown and expanded on your skills and creativity since then. You are amazing sweetie and you so do bless me on a regular basis. It is good folk like you who inspire me to keep working away at it and to realize that someday It will pay off. Thanks again for being such a great lady. I am blessed to know you. I look at magazines with friends and I say “I know her you” Not in person but through email and they never believe me. Lol! Have a great week sweetie.

  9. Jennifer, you are so clever and inspirational!! What a beautiful idea for a gift. I am going to make some of my own tonight for my sister in law who I have been stuck on getting a gift for. Thank you so much for sharing! Solance xx

  10. Love your card sets….I made my own set the other day after seeing one of yours. Thank you soooo much for the Fantastix, they arrived in the mail today and I’m looking forward to having a play with them. Here in Australia someone who moves around all the time as you describe and can’t stay still we would say they have ants in their pants lol. Such a good thing to have when you put it to such good use:0)Cheers!

  11. These notecards are gorgeous…the daisies look so real, I thought they were silk for sure!! I hope you will find some time, yes, in your “spare” time to demo how you do these copic flowers….fabulous!! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Three days without a post from you is just about all I can take!!! No, really, I’m kidding. I just miss hearing from you, but I know how very busy you are. Hope ya had time to at least watch The Bachelor on Monday! Take care.

  13. I opened your blog today and my mouth dropped. I love daisies and your cards are GORGEOUS!!! I have always enjoyed white daisies so I can already envision a white daisy on a barely banana cardstock. What beautiful thank you cards this would make!! I am going to have to buy this stamp.

    I love your links as well. I am at work right now (shhh don’t tell I’m not working) but I will definately pull your blog back up tonight when I’m home so that I can soak up the goodness of each link.

  14. I opened your blog and my mouth dropped. Your cards are gorgeous!!!! I love white dasies so I can already envision a white daisy on a barely banana cardstock. What beautiful thank you cards these would make.

    Thank you for the links as well. I am at work right now (shhh don’t tell that I’m not working) but will definately have to pull your blog back up when I get home so that I can enjoy each of them.

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