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Today I have something completely different for you. My friend Laura Sterckx asked if she could nominate me for the Getting To Know Me Blog Hop. And how could I say no to one of my favorite crafters… a 16-year-old superstar?! So here I am answering a few crafty questions. I am not promising that my answers are exciting. In fact, this may just be good bed-time reading… sure to put you to sleep. 🙂

For this hop, we just answer five questions… and “tag” a few other artists to play along next week. You can see Laura’s post HERE.


1) What creative projects are you currently working on?
I am on currently working on a lot of things! First, I own Online Card Classes with my good friend Kristina Werner. We have our newest class starting in a few weeks – Copic Markers for Card Makers. I am excited about this class as there is so much helpful content. I have learned a lot, too. A lot! I am in charge of working with guests artists, which I love because I get to know lots of crafty folks so well. We put our absolute heart and soul into these classes and pray everyone likes them! Here is a peek at the Copic class. For more info, you can head HERE.
I am also on my last trip of the year… to Hero Arts to teach an event for store owners. I do not travel to teach anymore, but I can’t say no to the owner of Hero – Aaron – when he asks me to come to their facility. The Hero people are amazing and I love them dearly. I will get to see lots of incredible store owners… get my teaching-fix… and hug some old friends. Want a peek at one of the cards we are doing?
I also have lots of non-stamping projects going on. (I only work part-time in the crafty world. My real job is being a SAHM.) First, I am hoping to learn how to crochet soon. I need something to keep my anxieties down when my son is the starting pitcher at games. Yikes! I am a bundle of nerves and need to change that. I also am doing a load of work volunteering for the school. I will always support teachers. Oh! And Audrey is a junior so I am starting to look into college visits. Eek!
If you are extremely bored and need something to do – you can check out my Instagram. I share a lot of peeks into what I am working on.
2) What inspires your designs?
Honestly? I am not sure. I am really just inspired by stamp and die designs. I think about a product while driving (I am in the car 2 hours a day taking Lila to her Montessori… which she is at for only 2.5 hours) or trying to fall asleep. I think about the product and what technique might work best with it. The techniques + product really are what inspire me most. I know that is vague but it is how my crazy mind works. I guess it is the former-engineer in me. But the truth is… I am always thinking of cards to make…
3) What method/ process (if applicable) do you apply to each of your creative projects, and how long does each project take to complete?
I almost always lay all my stamps and dies onto a card to plan it out before I start. I then take a photo with my phone so I have a “sketch” to follow when I am creating. Other than that, I don’t have a method. Generally, I am just creating for 5 minutes here and 15 minutes there between kid stuff and running errands. So sometimes it takes me a few days to pull a card and video together. (That is why you may notice that my nail polish and clothing sometimes changes mid-video.) But if I squeezed all the work together with no kids around? I probably take 30 minutes to 2 hours per card. Yes, I am slow. But I love the process.
Heck… sometimes I even get “help”…
4) If you had to describe your ‘signature’ style, what would it be?
I am not sure that I have a “signature” style, but I do think my cards always have some sort of technique involved. I rarely just stamp without some sort of twist to it. That is what keeps it fun for me. And hopefully for you.
5) What three crafting tools/products can you not live without?
Talk about a tough question! First, I couldn’t live without my organized craft room. Having it organized has been critical in me making use of the time I have to craft/work. My room isn’t big (and I prefer it that way), but I keep it organized.
Second… Distress Inks. Without these inks, there would be so very few fun techniques for me to play with!
Third… my crafty friends. They are all so encouraging, understanding, generous and just plain awesome. If you don’t have crafty friends that live near by, I encourage you to check out places online where you can make crafty friends. I met most of my best friends this way! It really is good for the soul.
6) Who am I tagging next?
I have asked two of my favorite crafters to play along.
First is Debby Hughes. Debby is brilliant and a class-act and I adore her tremendously. Her kindness inspires me, her accent calms me and her friendship means the world to me.
I am also tagging the hilarious and uber-talented Julie Ebersole. Julie is one of those people who has the incredible ability of making your heart happy immediately. I adore her.
Be sure to check their blogs next Monday for their answers to these same questions.
Thanks for stopping by! xo

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76 thoughts on “Getting To Know Me Blog Hop”

  1. Cannot wait for the Copic class!!!! Always enjoy a peek into the creative madness and glimpses of juggling all that we do as mothers and crafters!

  2. Oh that was terrific! Such fun answers – yours is the second one of these I’ve read. It is fascinating how different…yet similar…crafty people are – deep down. It’s a passion.

  3. I really enjoyed this post. It’s great to get to know more about you. Your videos are always informative and different too.

  4. I’ve always believed the hardest position in baseball is being the pitcher’s MOM!!! I feel for you! And I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of your answers. Except I can’t ever tell my hubby about you. He’s a proctoid R&Der (SWTC) & I have taught him that creativity and organization are antithetical. Please don’t ruin it for me! 🙂

  5. There are many people that inspire me, but you, Jennifer McGuire are at the top of my list!
    One of the most wonderful treats ever for me was meeting you in person in Ohio this past May!

    If you were to organize rocks, I’d be right out there in the yard looking for rocks to organize. Your ability to draw people in and explain so we all understand is amazing. And your art work is absolutely outstanding.

    Talking of adoring people? I adore you Jennifer. Lady, you rock!

  6. I’m not sure how I exactly stumbled across your youtube videos, but I have never been so inspired! I have followed you for about 6 months now and am NEVER disappointed. I loved your interview, and the honestly and realism you portray! You are a class act and I am grateful for all your videos. SSS is now earning much of my money. My husband just recently finished my craft room in our basement and I have a wall quote which reads “My husband lets me have all the scrapbooking supplies I can hide” HAHA, he actually doesn’t mind my hobby, but nonetheless thanks to your storage videos I can hide A LOT! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  7. Loved the little graphic about the creative mind. It’s so true!
    Can’t wait for class. Went into this class cautiously and almost didn’t, since I am not sure copic coloring will ever really be my thing and it’s a fairly expensive undertaking if you aren’t serious about it. In the end, what swayed me was that knowledge is never a waste, art knowledge is always fun, and of all the copic classes in the world, this one by OCC is the one most likely to meet me where I am. And I already know the instructors are the best. Even just the intro video is instructive. Thanks for all you so generously share with all of us.

  8. OK- I loved reading it. Interesting. I will probably never take this OCC because I have about 20-25 copics and have decided it is not for me…. I’d rather work with distress ink! However- the most EXCITING thing (TO ME) about this post is that Hero Arts BEAUTIFUL Christmas card!!!! HOW DID YOU DO THAT? HOW CAN I DO THAT? I want to at least pin it to my “Cards I LOVE” board on pinterest. oh- please, please tell us it will be a future video. (Pretty please?)

  9. Enjoyed your interview!! As an engineer in a former life myself, I can totally relate to some of your comments and the picture with all the tabs open!! Enjoy volunteering at your kids’ school! As you know with your junior, the time goes so fast!

  10. Jennifer,
    So fun to get to know you better. I am blown away by Laura-just 16 years old! WOW! I can see she has learned a lot from you & Kristina. I think your daughter is adorable.

  11. I enjoyed the interview as well and…will check out the other crafter’s websites as well! Jennifer, I was so glad to read that it can take you up to two hours to create a card because honestly, that’s what it takes me (sometimes longer if I change my mind midstream!). I just thought I was being a slow poke! Cheers!

  12. I love getting to know more about you Jennifer! I have a feeling if we lived near each other we’d be friends! Ever thought of moving to Alaska? ;o)

  13. Very nice Jennifer. It is fun to hear a little more about you. Hard to believe you don’t spend many many hours creating and organizing. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

  14. What strikes me most is your energy! Not sure what age you are, but I’m sure you’re not over 50 like I am!! I had many “PRODUCT PURCHASES” over the years and moved from scrapbooking to cardmaking in the last five years. You have awesome videos and are guiding me to any ‘must have” purchase I need to make! Thanks so much for the inspiration & guidance!!

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