Caring Hearts Card Drive Winners!

Hello! Just a quick note…

Thank you so much for the great response to the Caring Hearts Card Drive. We collected almost 3000 cards to distribute to nursing homes around the US and Canada. (Hoping we can get someone overseas to help us next year.) Cards were sent in from as far a Japan and Qatar! Thank you for your kindness and for taking the time to make cards to help someone smile this holiday season.

And a HUGE cheers to Vera Yates for doing most of the hard work on this card drive. Also a big thanks to Anita Recksiedler, Tina Schrof and Leslie Hanna for their help, too!

The many winners from the Card Drive are all posted at Vera’s site HERE. I must get going… I have a TON of cards to ship and prizes to get in the mail!

Take care.

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2 thoughts on “Caring Hearts Card Drive Winners!”

  1. Blessings to all of you who participated in this fantastic event. I love knowing 3.000 nursing home residents will be getting some holiday cheer.

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