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Just popping in to share a few fun things.


Here are some cards worth checking out:


My friend Ali Edwards just launched her new website. It is incredible! I know Ali from long ago when I worked in the scrapbook industry and admire her in many ways. (I shared the story of how I first met her over on Facebook.) I am most excited for her monthly, limited edition stamps! Yes… stamps. Woot! I am so there.


You know that I like to share things that I love here on my blog. Most of the time these are crafty things. But today I wanted to share something I found helpful to me… that may be helpful to some of you.

I often have allergy problems and headaches. Whenever I mentioned this on Instagram, people would suggest trying oils. I had my doubts big time, but decided to try them out. And am thankful I did. My allergies are so much better (and they were HORRIBLE and I didn’t want to take medicine) and my sinus headaches are much less. Colin also uses them when he gets headaches and finds relief. I also like using oils with my diffuser for anti-stress, energy, etc. (I don’t take the oils like vitamins… I use a diffuser mostly, and a roll-on.)

Anyway, if you have struggles with allergies or sinus headaches, you may want to give oils a shot. I get them from my friend Kristina who is helpful, a fellow momma and not at all pushy. She can help you figure out what is best for you, etc. Just head to her blog HERE and click “contact” up at the top right. (By the way, I do not get anything for linking to her… nor did she ask/pay me to post this. Just hoping to help out someone else who may be suffering.)

Oh – and I love the all natural bug spray! Bugs love me, so this is helpful.

(Also, I have since found out that my really bad non-allergy headaches are being caused by something wrong with my neck and I just started physical therapy. However, the oils offered much relief from allergy headaches.)


I am bummed the kids are heading back to school tomorrow. If you are like me and in need of a good laugh, check out THIS video. So cute.

That’s it! See you soon with a video. Take care.

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  1. Don’t be too sad about the kiddos. Now it’s our turn for the next ten months to nurture them and hopefully fill them with wonder!
    So sorry to learn about your neck issues. I have found the MELT method to be a great boon to my neck problems and general well being. I don’t know if it’s offered in your neck of the woods, but I’ve included a link so you might learn more about it. For me, MELT has turned a chronic neck problem into a mild issue. (and I’m not a paid advertiser!)


  2. Sorry to hear about your suffering from allergies and headaches. I am so thankful that I don’t have these problems but have two sisters that do. It’s awful to see the dark bags under their eyes besides how crippling it is when they get a headache. Thank you for this website. I am going to check it out to see if this will help them.

  3. Thanks for sharing all of these links! I had so much fun clicking through them!

    As for the oils, my dad has used oils ever since I was a kid. I remember using oils when I had a headache, sore throat, or tummy ache. Dad would just say, use this oil or that oil! My work days are often 12 hours + and I still carry peppermint oil around with me for headaches. I love that oils really help, without taking a toll on your body!

  4. I have just started using Young Living Oils. We too suffer from allergies and headaches. I have been very happy with them and have found many other uses. Just started using them for my autistic son. Seem to help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Essential oils are amazing for all kinds of ailments. I recently had surgery on my deviated septum and a balloon sinuplasty (because of constant sinus infections from allergies), I didn’t use any prescription pain pills after, just essential oils – lavender, eucalyptus, deep relief and thieves. For allergies, you can put a couple of drops of lavender on a q-tip and swab just inside your nostrils.

  6. I have not tried oils but it was suggested that I try using a Netti Pot on a regular basis. I do and it makes a huge difference in my allergies and headaches.

  7. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful info Jennifer! I loved the comical parody video on YouTube. Will have to share that with friends on Facebook.

  8. I have sworn by tea tree oil for years now. I use it in lightbulb ring diffusers, in sachets on my pillowcase and mixed with witch hazel for itchy skin. I often mix with eucalyptus, cinnamon or lavender oil. Also, I have discovered that locally produced honey is excellent for preventing severe nasal allergy. The bees make honey from local pollen varieties, which helps strengthen your immune system against those particular pollens. Thank about it!! It really makes sense.

  9. Jennifer, I’m sorry you’ve been under the weather with allergies. I am with doTerra, and doTerra is CPTG, Certified Professional Therapeutic Grade. Many hospitals are now using our doTerra oils. Vanderbilt uses them in their burn unit and the ER. Sloan Ketterin in NY uses doTerra for many instances…one being for anxious children or adults going for MRI’s, etc. doTerra has many other products that have helped me so much. Now, I’m going to check out the cards you mentioned above and can’t wait to see them~ You’re the best and can’t wait to see what you post. Sally near Atlanta~ ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I am so glad you have found relief from oils. My husband is a chiropractor and he often recommends oils to help people. A good chiropractor could probably help relieve some of the sinus pain and neck pain. Give it a try.

  11. So glad you are finding relief with oils. I’ve been using Eucalyptus since 2008 to decongest my sinuses and have not had a single sinus infection since! That is saying a lot since I was typically on antibiotics around 6 times a year sometimes up to a month at a time because of my sinus infections. I just signed up with YL this month because I was looking for relief of a slight bladder dissension that my dr wanted to do surgery on. I’ve had two surgeries in less than a year that I’m still trying to recoup from so I wasn’t going that route yet. I found a combination to try for raising it and although I was skeptical I was willing to try it out. I was so amazed that it worked and I’ve been feeling great for weeks even though it’s been over 2 weeks since my last application. That totally sold me on oils for life.
    Going to check out all of the card suggestions!

  12. Thanks for helpful links! Love your tips too!!! You are very thoughtful to think of your Fans!!! Hang in there Jennifer! PT should help and I’m a big fan of the oils, love lavendar&peppermint for my intolerable headaches (roll-on I found at Whole Foods). Good thing a Dr identified the problem. I too have neck issues, herniated discs, gone thru PT 3 times now, also had a cortisone injection ๐Ÿ™ PT & shot help, but like you hate to take meds. Ice works wonders, especially after working sitting with neck bent forward like your video card work. Try icing after for 10-20 min! Good luck and as always – THANKS for all your wonderful cards/videos!!!

    Gail – Huntley IL

  13. PS… Sorry was long but I forgot to mention that I was looking for a good source for oils! Thanks Jennifer, reading about it now! Yeah! Another natural way of taking care of our health!!!

    Gail – Huntley IL

  14. Oh Jennifer, I LOVE Penn’s family videos! Have you seen the snowday one? He lives near here. We had a terrible ice storm last winter and lost power for days.

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