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Hey there!

Just a quick post with some info.  Will be back with more tomorrow.

  • Some fabulous companies that I love have sent me some great giveaways.  Will be passing them on to lucky winners soon……….
  • Kay's summer begins soon!  I am hoping she will take over my blog like she did last summer.  I know several of you have been asking.  (If you don't know, Kay is my almost-15-year-old step-daughter who is unbelievably talented.)
  • Speaking of Kay, she will be having a class here in Cincinnati this month!  If you have a child between the ages of 7-15, check it out.  It was a HUGE success last year.  HERE is the info.
  • I have a class in Dayton on June 12.  Click HERE for info.  I am REALLY looking forward to it.  So excited about the projects!
  • Cards for Kids – yep, it is still going on!  We will be announcing the winners from the last round soon.  Stay tuned.  And, another round will be start up after that!
  • So happy to be getting THESE.
  • I have mentioned before how much we love Jamie Oliver's cookbook. But I thought I should mention it again.  We have done many recipes from it and they are all incredible.  Last night?  Crunchy Garlic Chicken with Lemon.  Oh my.  Yum.  Get the book HERE.
  • So excited that my little town is starting a farmers market this year!  They are popping up everywhere – you may want to see if your town has one.
  • I am buying THIS and can't wait to make a book.  So classy.  Perfect for the part-time scrapbooker in me. 🙂

OK… off to finish watching Food, Inc again.  Night!

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  1. Thanks for all the updates. I didn’t know about your blog last summer so I am excited to see what Kay has in store for us.

  2. I should not have clicked on the ‘So happy to be getting THESE.’ Now I have to get some of the Wild Cards and a Flashcard Book. Wishing Kay well on teaching. Looking forward to her blogging.

  3. It was so fun when Kay took over your blog! What a treat that would be if she does it again! Or what if you did it together, sort of a dialogue? Just thinking out loud!

  4. That recipe sounds scrumptious, gonna have to try it out and can’t wait for Kay to come back! Hope she makes some more videos!

  5. Can’t wait to here from Kate. She is one clever girl and I enjoyed her last summer. Congrats to her for having her own class.

  6. Hi Jennifer, we totally love Jamie Oliver in our house too.
    My daughter was given a Jamie Oliver DS game so she can follow his recipes via her DS – she is 13 years old and has been making some great meals for us all.
    She made the Crunchy Garlic Chicken with Lemon too – we loved it.

    Great news about the Farmers Market – we have them here in Australia too. They too are popping up everywhere.

    Take care.

    Luv Sandie

  7. Hi..cannot wait for Kay to post …she is so cute! I too want that cookbook…and the other things you refered too lol..but mostly I wish for you to come teach in MI…but hopefully you will show us what you made in Dayton..really wish I could get is grad party time here …so many…so expensive…but..I just keep following..and I posted a comment on your beautiful pics…so very nice!

  8. Way to go Kay that is awesome, get the young ones in there they are so talented and dont have the limitations that us older people seem to have. I love watching children come up with craft ideas.
    I wish I lived closer to take some classes sounds like fun.
    Hope your summer is great.

  9. mmm, the chicken sounds delish~ speaking of enabling.. i finally got the corner chomper.. i LOVE it!

  10. Going to miss your posts, VIDEOS!! enabling, and general lift to my day! Great news for Kay, though – can’t wait to see what she has in store for us!

  11. Can’t wait for the next round of cards for kids! I can finally participate this time!

    Oh, and I totally hope Kay hijacks your blog again 🙂 It’s so fun!

  12. I’m sorry sometimes that I don’t live in your area.I would like to take some of your classes. However, you always share so generously on your blog and I learn so much from it! I try to include those you mention who are in need of prayer on my prayer list as well!

  13. i am looking forward to reading kays posts when she takes over your blog. i was not following blogs last summer but i have learned a lot from yours.

  14. LOVE it that your daughter might very well “usurp” your blog this summer! i keep trying to get one of my teenagers to take over my monthly bill-paying, but so far no luck! i guess it’s not as fun as blogging!

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