Digi Stamping…

I know hearing the word "digital" makes many people run in the opposite direction.  However, I assure you you will think differently after watching this.  Just watch. 🙂

021710 Buttefly Digi Jen McGuire copy 6
021710 Buttefly Digi Jen McGuire 6
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Considering the price (most are a buck or two), you can get a lot of mileage out of a digi stamp.  And being able to use them in any size?  Delightful.

I went through and picked my favorite Hero Arts digital images – ones that could just be used as digital stamps like in the video above – even in Word…

  • THIS one would be great for tone-on-tone backgrounds.  Check out Lucy's card HERE.  Wow.
  • THIS owl just rocks.  He comes in a variety of colors, too.  I like the open one so you can color it however you want.


  • THIS background is a must-have.  (Remember it?  It is actually a slightly modified love letter from my great grandfather to my great grandmother.)  Love the card HERE using it.
  • Think of all the fun you could have with THESE dots.  Yum.
  • HERE are the butterflies I used above.  I also adore THESE.  Fabulous card idea HERE.
319434_1000x1000  313734_1000x1000
  • THIS one is great for creating your own text backgrounds in any colors you want.  HERE is a great card idea of using it small and large scale.
  • THESE would be great for just printing and cutting out.
  • Talk about classy – HERE.  Great card HERE.
  • It is good to have some digi greetings.  Great set HERE.
  • And THIS set is FREE!!!

And, if you want to know how classic these digital stamped cards can be, check out Lucy's blog often.  So gorgeous.  And I believe she does most or all of her creations in Word.

If you are interested in more digi stamping options, THESE from Jane are super cute, too.

I hope you all give digi stamping a try.  You know how I love to enable! 🙂

Oh, and all you Silhouette folks… the heat transfer stuff is in!  I can't wait to play with it.  Check it out HERE – they are doing giveaways.  

And!  One more thing.  A sweet person told me you can actually subscribe to my Formspring question/answer page on your Google Reader.  Pretty cool.

Take care.