Just some random things to share today. 🙂

  • My blog was on the fritz for awhile there.  So, you may have missed THIS post.  Be sure to check it out – it has a video.
  • I was featured over on Moxie Fab World yesterday.  You can see my interview and talk of "open style" HERE.  I love Cath – she is awesome.  And you can win some stamps on that post, too!
  • Yes, you can still get Kokuyo adhesives HERE and HERE.  I have just made the switch to THIS adhesive and am thrilled with it.  I like them both equally. 🙂
  • Want a good deal on all the Tim Holtz new Distress Inks?  Click HERE.
  • I can't remember if I shared THIS recipe before.  Ken made it and it is fabulous.  Scroll down and check out the sauce to go on the chicken.  It is so yummy.  Ken doubles the sauce and uses fresh ingredients… making it part of the meal as opposed to just a sauce.  We all love it.  Works great with a baked potato.
  • Yes, my husband is into trying out new recipes.  While I was gone, he made homemade pasta with calamari and squid ink.  Yes, squid ink is black.
  • How about some pretty cards?  Check HERE.
  • Been answering lots of questions HERE.

And – just for fun – I thought I would post this layout I stumbled upon when digging through my old files.  The face made me giddy.  They grow so fast.  Oh my.

Tag Layout
(c) Creating Keepsakes – a long time ago. 🙂

Have a good night.  Will be back soon with a big post.

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32 thoughts on “Random…”

  1. I love it when you show us your scrapbooking pages! I am a passionate scrapbooker. I do cards, too, but “scrapbooking, Oh scrapbooking!!” This page is so cute! Of course, your little one is a doll. Mine is 15–scrapbooking takes on a whole new meaning when they are teenagers!

  2. The interview on Moxy Fab was so wonderful!!! I loved seeing the people that inspire you – (both awesome, talented giving, and fun people!) and how you just have such a great approach to everything you do.

    Living with grace and beauty I would have to say is your signature style…

    And, the layout of your little guy from long ago? Cuteness!!! Especially that photo of discovering a leaf. Awe captured…

  3. Enjoyed your ‘Random’ and checked out the links. The layout has me itching to do one for my granddaughter, her parents also love fall.

  4. Jennifer

    Colin is absolutely adorable in this layout, he is so cute, you could just wrap him up and take him home. Although I don’t have any children I am still amazed at my nephew and niece how much they grow. Amazing layout from you as ever.


  5. how sweet and precious that little Colin is….
    I did enjoy reading your interview…thanks for always inspiring..

  6. Those photos are just gorgeous. He’s the sweetest little chap ever.
    And he’s not changed at all has he. Still the same wide eyes and smile.
    Thanks as always for the awesome links – you are the BEST!!!

  7. Lovely layout and what adorable photos! This is a perfect example of a page that enhances, rather than overwhelming the photos. Bravo!

  8. Oh Myyyyy! This LO of Colin is so precious~and yes, they do grow fast! Thanks for the ‘random’ post, I bopping over to check out each of the posts that I may have missed :o) Already seen the great interview over at Moxie Fab World.

  9. I can’t decide if I love that LO because of the adorable pictures, or because I love the LO. I guess that’s what a really nice LO is. But I do love that face, makes me smile.

  10. Great interview on moxy fab. And no, your blog is in the least boring. You always know how to inspire me and teach me something. I thank you for that.

    I love your lay-out. I thought remember seeing it over at Hero Arts. Sigh, they do grow up way to fast, don’t they.


  11. They do grow up so fast…I can’t believe mine are now 8 and 5! But boys sure are fun, huh? 🙂 Love the layout!

  12. What a little doll! Just makes me want to kiss his sweet chubby checks. My I can’t believe this is your little guy. He is growing so fast. He sure is a cutie. He cetainly is his Daddy’s Boy, looks so much like him. Thanks for this reminder and for sending me some post that I had trouble opening. Your a real sweetie. Take Care & God Bless

  13. Did you know you can buy those adhesive refills for a great price from Penwa.com ???
    Your little guy is adorable, and I just love that face he is making.

  14. Saw the interview on Moxie Fab World (I check her frequently). Great job. I hope you check out the comments there because I’m sure lots will sing your praises like me. I bragged on your generous and loving spirit(Cards for Kids and OWH) and your boundless creativity.The layout of Colin sure made me smile–what a cutie.

  15. OMG I just saw your videos on youtube and loved them! I didn’t even know you had a blog! I would LOVE to win! I hope I do! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Love, Madison

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