Sick, prize, share and links…

Well, my ears and throat were bothering me a bit at the end of CHA.  After a night of pain last night, I went to the doc only to find out of a double ear infection.  Thank goodness for drugs that will knock it out soon. 🙂

A prize!  I need to do a prize.  I have a few to do, in fact.  Will be doing over the next few days – will pick random winners from comments on previous posts.  The winner today gets this great stamp set…


Somehow I ended up with two of these Close to My Heart stamps, so one will be going to Lynette C, who left me a comment a few days ago.  I will email you!

Thought I would share one of the projects I did for Tim's Idea-ology booth at CHA.  This card shows two of my fave Idea-ology goodies – the ornate frames and metal flowers.  There are SO many things you can do with these products.  It also uses one of my favorite Hero Arts Silhouette shapes, the Three Ferns, which matches the stamp HERE.  I just cut it from white cardstock and inked it like crazy with Distress Inks.  To give it shine, I sprayed it with Perfect Pearls mixed in water.  Oh, and I love how THESE greetings fit in the metal frames.

012710 Fern Tim Card
012710 Fern Tim Card 1
Supplies: Tim Holtz frame and flowers; Hero Arts pearls colored dark red with Copic Markers, vintage music from my neighbor; Distress Inks and Blending Tool; Hero Arts greeting.

Some links..

  • I did an interview over at Magnolia Grace, click HERE to see it.  She is adorable, as is her etsy shop.
  • My dear Lucy is amazing.  Check out her video on sewing HERE.  Many have asked about how to sew on paper.  She shows you how!
  • Got lots of requests on Tami's card that I showed a few days ago.  You can find out more HERE.  Thanks, Tami!


  • Great blog candy (a signed Hero Arts catalog) and photos of the newest Hero stamps HERE.  Nancy is a doll!
  • All you Bachelor fans – you are going to love this.  Remember crazy Michelle?  HERE she is.  Well, she was a waitress at a hotel near CHA, and one of my friends saw her!  She was nice until they asked her if she was on the Bachelor, then she wasn't so friendly.  So funny.  I so wish I was there…
  • Speaking of the Bachelor… I don't like any of the girls.  They are all too mean.  Blech.  I thought I liked Ali, but she reminds me of a snotty girl I knew in collage.  I guess I like Tenley most.  I know they all don't like Vienna – I missed whatever that was about.  I also hear many people think Jake is a geek.  But I like him.  I like geeks. They make good husbands.  I know firsthand. 🙂
  • Remember the great big owl stamp from Hero Arts?  It is now digital!  It comes in clear and in many colors.  I love the green

Well, I am off to get some rest.  Night.

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202 thoughts on “Sick, prize, share and links…”

  1. I love how you used the vintage music paper! I wish more companies would include music paper in their paper lines! Thanks for sharing!
    -Kristin B.

  2. I’m so sorry that you’re sick. Yuck!!! Not much fun after such a great time at Cha, I’m sure!

    I love the card, especially the metal flowers. really cool.

    So funny about the Bachelor girl, Michelle. LOL!

    Hope you feel better soon. Cheers, Mary

  3. Feel better soon Jennifer! Thanks for posting the link to Lucy’s sewing video…I’ve been looking for one for months now 🙂

    God bless you!

  4. That is so funny about Michelle! She was crazy for sure.
    I like watching Bachlor but my DH refuses to watch with me so I don’t have any one to talk to about it! I liked Ali the first week or two but now I think she is very “in your face” and I am not sure that is good for Jake. I am cheering on Tenley too!
    Hope you feel better

  5. Laughing because I wondered if I was the only person to notice the word “dead” on the get well card. hahahahaha Don’t give it to anyone you like! Hope you get well soon yourself (for real).

  6. Wow! So many fun tidbits in one post (and all while you’re feeling cruddy). Thanks for the link on the Poppy card–what a cool technique! Love that fern silhouette diecut too–in fact lovin’ all the Hero art stuff over at Silhouette (keep ’em coming). And I never have tried digital stamps before so it’s funny that I just happened to buy that owl design two days ago. He’s too cute (and I spent HOURS trying to color him in on the computer last night–Thought it would save me time with multiples–HA!)

    I’m with ya on the Bachelor. Really love him, but not in love with too many of the girls anymore. I’m thinking Tenley is looking like the sweetest choice, but sadly I think I’ll be disappointed with who he ultimately picks (rumor has it that he’s currently single). Unfortunately ABC picked these girls before they knew who was going to be the bachelor–Personally I would have LOVED it if they had 25 Beautiful Christian Women all lined up for him. I’m sure for most it wouldn’t be as fun to watch without all the friction and drama (and his choice would be 10x tougher), but I so wanted to see him with the right woman in the end. Man, I’m addicted to this show!

    P.S. That’s too funny about Michelle at the restaurant. 🙂

  7. Jennifer, I hope you feel better soon! I love the way you used Tim’s metals. This fern is one of my favorites from Hero Arts.

  8. Have check out Lucy blog on sticking…..thank you there were some things I was doing wrong….I hope you get to feeling better…..I am trying to get over my ear infection too, plus sinus……….

  9. Take it easy….gets lots of rest. We need you well so we can continue to be inspired by your creativity. Hope you are back to yourself real soon. As parents we always give so much to others, we put ourselves last and it can catch up…
    God Bless

  10. Ouch…..double ear infection…………if you took a plane…here is a secret for future….always take an antihistamene (spelling???) before flying! It really helps to clear out all those nasty passages in the nose etc……I am prone so always do so before a flight. Works wonder.
    Laurie VF

  11. I don’t watch the Bachelor, but my friends at work do. I had to share your thoughts with them and this is what one of them responded:

    That’s too funny! I agree with everything she says. Ali was my favorite too
    but she’s right, she’s been kind of snotty. I think Jake is geeky also but
    at the same time he is really cute.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  12. Thanks for all the links, love the card…and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for showing me how to “play” with my stamps…you have opened up a whole new world for me in the last couple of months with the twopeas vids that you have done…and showed me how to get more from my stamps. Funny, but it has also helped me become a better stamp buyer too…(more Hero Arts in my collection LOL!!!)

  13. So sorry to hear about your ear infection – hope the antibiotics kick soon for you.

    The card is just beautiful. I always get so many fabulous ideas here – sometimes I just sit at my desk and look at my supplies and feel overwhelmed with ideas that I can’t just pick one to work on!

  14. Hi Jennifer… love your card. In fact I love all your techniques and I have learned a lot thru your videos. You are very creative and inspiring…

  15. The card is absolutely stunning! I love Tim’s products, always so many fun ways to use them.

    Hope you feel better!


  16. Hope you’re feeling better soon — I love your ideas and I’ve incorporated so many of them into so many projects. Keep the wonderful ideas coming.

  17. Love the get well card, the three fern stamp is one of my favourites.
    Ear infections are the worst,hope you feel better soon.

  18. I hope your feeling a lot better. Love your card with perfect pearls. Perfect pearls are sooooo addicting! I just want to spray everything. Do you know if i can spray on lace/fabric with the distress re-inkers to change their color? And yes, Michelle is definitely “crazy” was happy to see Jake ask her to leave.


  19. Again…loved(did I say that already before?)…:)… your cards shown here.Hope you get well soon. Be sure to cover your ears if there is wind outside.

    Warm hugs,

  20. I have a question about that great big owl stamp from Hero Arts. I saw some holiday greeting cards with what I think is that exact same image, and I didn’t see any credits for HA. I have a pic somewhere if you’d like to see it. I was just curious, though.

  21. Gorgeous card, Jennifer! Love the gradient color on the leaves and the sparkle. Love the Hero Arts designs for the Silhouette. I definitely must get this one.

    Sorry I didn’t get to meet you at CHA. I was only there for the Super Show.

  22. Beautiful card…. Love the fern.
    I love that owl, and it’s a great color combination! So far I have not braved my way into the digital world, but I do have the big owl stamp!

  23. hope you are feeling better. later today i am going to look at all the links you provided. i have liked every one of your cards i have seen. i will look at all the links later today. i have a lot of hero arts stamps. they are the ones i started stamping with first.
    feel better soon.

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