A bit of enabling…

Just a quick post tonight to share a few of my new favorite things.  (And, yes, I am feeling much better.  Not 100%, but the pain is tons less!  Thanks for the well wishes.)

First up… a bit of enabling for all my Copic friends out there.  I have been struggling with storage of my Copics – trying many different things.  I really wanted something where I could keep color families together and easily pull them all out at once.  And, I wanted something I could easily see from the side.

Then, I found the perfect solution, thanks to sweet Heather.  I can't say enough good things about this new system – Color Cubbies.  Amazing.  Built well, lovely white, slightly tilted, perfectly perfect.  I have 4 of the units and it is just right.  Here is a (bad) photo – I don't have all my markers in there, but it gives you an idea.  (Colin likes to steal them and color away!)  I just love this system.  If you are interested in buying any, please visit HERE – the gal there is very kind.  (You can also see Heather's set up HERE and Jana's HERE.)


I am in the middle of redoing my studio – thanks to a new flat screen tv I got for Christmas – and I will re-photograph my cubbies when they are set in their new home.

Next up – a bit of wall decor.

Ken and I love HUGE canvas wrap photos.  We have had two above our sofa for quite some time, waiting to find the perfect third piece to complete the look.  Then I found Red Letter Words.  For Christmas, I had her make a wrap canvas for Ken, using the names of our favorite beaches/bays from the Caribbean.  It looks fabulous in real life, but this photo gives you the idea, even though it isn't a good shot… (In real life, the walls are dark chocolate – love them.)


She will create a canvas with any words you want.  Check her out HERE.  Makes a great gift.

(And, nope – I wasn't paid to say I like these things.  I just like them.  🙂

Off to watch The Usual Suspects.  Night.

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88 thoughts on “A bit of enabling…”

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. My niece and nephew both have double ear infections and we live in Cali not too far from where you were at CHA. Wonder if it has anything to do with the crazy weather we’ve been having the past couple weeks.


  2. Is it possible to sneak into those photos and chill on the beach??? Beautiful! (I like chocolate walls, too!). 🙂

  3. So glad you are feeling better! 🙂
    Love the copic storage. Haven’t got any (yet). Still finding ways to use my colored pencils and crayola markers 😎

  4. So glad you are feeling better! Love the copic storage. Haven’t got any myself yet. Still trying to find ways to use my colored pencils and crayola markers! 🙂

  5. I’m glad that you are feeling better! I love your canvas photos…they are so beautiful! We have some great vacation pictures ourselves so I should try that! Never occurred to me before!

  6. Love the canvas wraps – and with this cold weather – I wish I was sitting under one of those trees right now.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  7. fabulous idea for the copics, is it better to store them on their sides? Mine are upright in clear cases at the moment?
    Love the canvas Idea too.

  8. I just bought my first set of Copic Markers. They are so fabulous. What a great way to organize them.
    I am rather new at paper crafting and just came across your blog….. I am in crafting heaven. I have never seen a site so organized and helpful. Thank you for sharing with us how you set up your studio and all the helpful tips to organize all the various supplies.
    Also love how you posted pics of some of the many cards you have made. You are one talented lady.
    Best regards!! Kathy

  9. good to hear you are feeling better! those cubbies are super fun alrighty! and Colin is a super cutie nestled on the couch 🙂 Take care!

  10. I really like this color cubbie! Now i just need some Copics! 🙂
    Beautiful canvas wraps! I have one too above our couch.It’s a small one though.
    And what a great idea with the words on canvas!!!!

  11. No copics for me . . . yet. Perhaps I’ll give in at some point. GLad you are feeling better. Cutie pie that Colin!

  12. The storage is great! Good luck with the redoing of your studio! I can’t find a local place to try the markers, I have to “try before I buy”!!!! LOL I also need to save up to get a few markers.

  13. We do Canvas Wraps at work (MotoPhoto in Centerville, Ohio) They are really a popular item. I love to see where people have been. The photos really come to life when you display them in this manner!!! Love the cubes for the Copics!!

  14. Just wanted to say that I am happy to hear that you are feeling a lot better. Praying for your full speedy recovery! I love the links that you always leave and this one about where to buy this amazing copic markers storage box is great.

    The pick of Collin is so cute! Looks like he is watching one interesting show! Love the pics behind him. There isn’t anything better than an amazing photo. One that needs no introduction, no add-ons, just amazing color and of course amazing photo subjects, in this case objects. Thanks for sharing sweetie. Hope your better soon and thanks again for all you do!

  15. I am so envious of your Copics! Markers and such are a weakness of mine…one of these days I’ll have to start a collection. Can’t wait to see picture of your new space – I loved the old one! Again so, jealous – I love seeing all of your items so organized and handy – my dream!

  16. You are an enabler! I ordered 3 of the Color Cubbies last night, and I only own 15 Copics – but lots of other markers and colored pencils. It looks as though they are already on the way!

  17. Cool new storage units! I LOVE anything organizational! I feel like I am constantly reorganizing and rearranging and I love it! Please post your new arrangement when you get a chance…other than organizing I really enjoy seeing how others organize!

  18. Ohhhhhhhh, you have so many copics!!! In my dreams!! Thanks for sharing your art and hints. I would love to own one of the cubbies so I’ll cross my fingers and dream!

  19. I like how you organize your Copic markers. I have mine stored in travel containers so I can bring them to classes with me, which is not always ideal.

    By the way, I love your pictures of St. John. Trunk Bay is my favorite beach.

  20. Do you have any suggestions for other brands of shelving or types of storage for copics? Storage 3 solutions doesn’t exist anymore. Thanks!!

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