Hurry! Online Card Classes FLASH SALE!


Just a heads up that we are having an awesome flash sale over at Online Card Classes. For three days only, you can get any of our independent classes for $5 off! (Tim’s Creative Chemistry 101 and 102 are included.) This is a great deal as some of the classes will be as low as $7.

Keep in mind that you can buy classes now and go watch them at a later date. You will have lifetime access to the content… which always includes loads of videos, many cards and pdfs for every project.

I know many of you have taken OCC classes. Which is your favorite? Not sure which mine are… maybe Stenciled? Clean and Simple? Ack! I can’t decide!

Enjoy. πŸ™‚


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31 thoughts on “Hurry! Online Card Classes FLASH SALE!”

  1. Thanks for the $5 savings heads up. Sadly, it reads that your new class is excluded.
    I’m so Disappointed:(

  2. I know without a doubt — it was the last class — Watercolors for Card-Makers! It was absolutely awesome and is my ALL time favorite!!

    I also loved many others — “A Cut Above”, Clean & Simple I and II, Inspiration Showcase and Summer Camp I and II!!

  3. Even though I love them all and all of the instructors, I believe the Creative Chemistry 101 was my favorite. I enjoyed learning how to change paper textures and learning the chemistry of the products I use. Tim Holtz was awesome!

  4. I have only taken Stenciled so far but I loved it. I plan to take more in the future and might just have to purchase the Creative Chemistry’s during this sale.

  5. No one will regret buying any (or all) of the classes. I’ve taken all of them and there is no way I can pick a favorite.

  6. Seriously???!!! I have to choose which class was my favorite? There is absolutely no way I can do that. Each has offered a myriad of techniques and inspiration. I have taken every one of them and learned so much in each class that I can’t wait for the next one. Your classes area amazing and I recommend them to every card maker I meet.

  7. These classes are the best. If I had to choose, the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry would be my favorite with the Watercolor class a very close second.

  8. Just signed up for A Cut Above! Thanks for the discount! Also I think you need to show me how you girls made the background on this graphic because it is awesome watercolor!!!! πŸ™‚

  9. This will be my seventh class and they have all been spectacular. I’ve learned so much (you can teach an old dog new tricks) and my favorite has been the Watercolor class. I can’t believe how great watercolor looks on cards. I know this class will be as terrific.

  10. I just signed up for 4 classes. Thank you for offering the discount. I did not know the classes even existed. What an opportunity to still get them. Now after reading the above comments, I’m glad I’m taking some of the favorites. I’m so excited to start creating. Again thank you Jennifer and you too Kristina.

  11. Great sale! It won’t benefit me as I have already taken them ALL! I am an Online class junkie. Ha! I got in early on most of them so I have already gotten my discount. I truly loved them all. A Cut Above, the electronic die cutting portion, was the most challenging and a much needed class for me. I am still learning my machine and could probably use even more instruction on its use. I am currently in love with water coloring so that class is my “new” favorite. You and Kristina have developed great courses…keep them coming!

  12. Stenciled and watercolor were hands down my favorites. Love the sale picked up a couple I had missed. Stretch your stamps was my first class, looking forward to 2.

  13. Watercolor and summer camps were my absolute favorites!!! I loved the variety of card making levels in these classes. And I also loved the class samples. I don’t think I took stenciled. Might have to do that!!

  14. I’ve only taken one class a few years ago, can’t recall name but it was awesome. It is is inspiring to play along and post the results, getting feedback and encouragement by others contributions and comments.

  15. Sadly, I can’t remember which classes I have taken…lol…I made a list from memory but I may be missing a few and don’t want to pay for classes I have already taken.

    I already signed up for the next class and can’t wait!

  16. I have enjoyed all the classes I’ve taken. But I think I really enjoyed the summer card camp. I felt like I was at camp. Loved them all though.

  17. I just took advantage of this great deal. With my daughter’s wedding and school shopping for my son its nice to be able to refer back to the classes anytime. Thanks so much!

  18. I just signed up for the only class that I haven’t taken – Holiday Gift Projects Bundle. Nice to have the discount! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Online Card Classes. It is difficult to say which class was my favourite, but my top 3 would be Watercolor for Card Makers, Inspiration Showcase, and Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101. I can hardly wait for the next one to start!

  19. WOW! I took the insider and the stretch your stamps and they’re both awesome!!! I also took Tim’s classes 101-102 and they were awesome as well. I guess what I’m trying to say is…I CAN’T CHOOSE!! I love every single thing about the online classes. I learned so many NEW techniques, tips and tricks.
    Thank you for the discount, I bought 2 today (insider+stretch)
    Loved every second!!
    Thanks again πŸ™‚
    Michelle P.

  20. For me it’s hard to choose between my first class which was “Inspiration Showcase” – that one BLEW me away. SO incredible. The other one that just tickled my creative fancy was “Pattern Play.” They are ALL fantastic – but I learned so many techniques in Inspiration Showcase, and I learned how to use my Patterned Paper stash in Pattern Play. Also love the Tim Holtz classes, and the Clean and Simple, and Stencilled … and and and! You people are so amazing – I have learned SO very much, and I am grateful!

  21. Oh yeah – I LOVED His & Hers too. I refer back to that one a lot when I want to make masculine cards, or make a bunch of cards that are similar but different. There are no “losers” in this bunch of classes. All are awesome.

  22. Jennifer,
    How do you make the background seen in the flash sale advertisement ? Which class is it? It’s is so beautiful !!!!
    Watercoloring and stenciled classes …..and Chemistry 101 &102 …… and Insiders are my favorites. πŸ™‚


  23. Thanks so much for the Flash Sale, that is so awesome! By chance, is the design above (the beautiful diamond shaped plaid) used as your back drop on the Flash Sale promo featured as a tutorial in one of the classes, perhaps the Watercolor Class? It is absolutely stunning, I just love the design and colors, and was hoping it was from one of the classes, that actual design. Thanks in advance if you have the time to reply, and thanks again for offering such outstanding online classes!

  24. I didn’t realize I could purchase classes even after the class has ended. I thought once it started, that was that. I can’t seem to decide which I want to start off with (besides Stretch Your Stamps 2, of course). I love the look of watercolor, so I’m leaning in that direction.

    Thanks, Jennifer, for offering these types of classes! I’m thrilled I can sign up and receive such excellent instruction anytime!

  25. I took advantage of the sale this weekend and purchased Pattern Play and Showcase Inspiration. My crafting mojo was starting to wane and this was the perfect pick-me-up. I’ve taken several classes, but the one that has had the most lasting impact is Clean & Simple 2. It helped my define “my style”– or at least the one I use most often.

    Thanks for putting together these classes and keeping them available all the time. I’m not sure how much work goes on behind the scenes–though I’m sure it’s much more than we can imaging–but you are filling a need as evidenced by the growing number of your fans.

    Here are the cards I made after spending the weekend glued to my computer screen:

  26. Ha! Just bought 6 of them… never took any before, but couldn’t choose now, so I didn’t, I just went ahead and got 6… that’s showing restraint I think! oh, and now I might go back and see about the his and hers! Thanks for the sale!

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