Stopping in to give a goodie away…

Hey there.

Me?  I am a happy girl right now.  After even more potholes and bumps this morning, I hopped in a car with my dear Jana to head up to my favorite stamping retreat.  Just what I needed.  And soon some more wonderful friends will be here, including Nichol, Ginger, Greta and Vicki.  Good times lie ahead…

But!  I wanted to pop in to give away a fabulous book.  This is by the amazingly adorable and talented Elizabeth Kartchner from Creating Keepsakes.  What I loved about it when I took a peek was how fun, playful and inspiring the pages are.  Isn't that what scrapbooking is all about?


Want a copy?  Just leave a comment here by Saturday 11:59pmEDT telling me your favorite Christmas/Holiday song/cd.  Mine?  Harry Connick Jr… his first holiday album.  There is a song called "I Pray on Christmas" – just love it.  Oh, and Josh Groban.  Wow.

And!  If you want more chances to win this rockin' book, click HERE.  There is a list of other artists giving away copies, too.  You can also see how to buy it there.

Ok… off to make my mom's Christmas cards!

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481 thoughts on “Stopping in to give a goodie away…”

  1. My favorite is Little Drummer Boy by Jars of Clay. Next is Let it be Christmas by Alan Jackson and last but not least Get a Torch jeanette Isabella by The Mormon Tab Choir.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. I don’t celebrate Christmas so I don’t have any favorites but could I still have a chance to win? – would love this book!

  3. I love the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas music. Those rumbling drums they play in Silver Bells is awesome!

    Merry Christmas Jennifer! You’re such a sweet person and it’s a joy to read your blog every day. Bless you for the work you do.

  4. There are so many great Christmas songs to choose from, but I would have to say that my favorite is “The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. It gives me the chills, truly a beautiful song.

    Have a great one!

  5. Boo to potholes and bumps!! Hope your road gets smoother soon! My favorite holiday song is also by Harry Connick, Jr! It’s Sleigh Bells!

  6. On of my favorite Christmas songs has become The Christmas Shoes, which has only been out for a few years. The time between Thanksgiving and the first week of December has been the most difficult for me as my mom passed away on December 4. Though it has been 13 years, it seems like yesterday. We would spend the weekend following Thanksgiving up to Christmas baking for friends and family. Since she passed, I all but stopped as that was our time together. One day driving home, I heard that song and it tore me up. I decided to stop being selfish and realized that because she is no longer here there is no reason why I can’t spread her love and joy, especially during the holidays. So I go into overdrive starting the first week of December and bake all of her favorites to pass out to friends and family.

  7. My favorite christmas song is “My grown up christmas list.” I have three kids: a little one (6 years old) as well as two in or near college. I love this song because in a season when commericalism & materialism can invade our every reflective thought, the words help me focus upon what true NEED is in our world. The words are:
    “As children we believe the grandest sight to see was something lovely wrapped beneath a tree. But Heaven only knows that packages and bows can never heal a heart ached human soul. No more worlds torn apart, that wars would never start, and time would heal all hearts, and everyone would have a friend and right would always win and love would never end– THis is my grown up Christmas list.” (Lyrics by Amy Grant, I believe!) I LOVE THAT SONG!!

  8. I love Christmas songs but have to say that I love ‘Auld Lang Syne’ the most because it’s at the end of ‘It’s a wonderful life’ which is my all time favourite Christmas movie.

    Karen x

  9. My favorite holiday song is “Baby it’s Cold Outside”. I don’t remember who the original artist was but I remember it from a movie that my grandfather always loved to watch. I guess hearing that song gives me good memories!

  10. My favorite song is “Mary did you know”. Not sure who it is by, but I sing my heart out when it plays. Such a meaningful song – children can change everything and it started with the birth of Jesus!

  11. Hope you have a fabulous time! Wish I was going with you guys! Thanks for the chance to win. You are a very generous girl, and we think you’re awesome!! Have a great day.

  12. My favorite cd is Moody Blues December…very hard to get out of your head once you hear it!
    My favorite non-traditional song is Sarah MacLachlan’s Song for a Winters Night.
    I loved your “silly Thanksgiving”, thanks for sharting that 🙂

  13. Sorry Jen, I forgot to leave my favorite Holiday music. It’s George Strait Country Christmas. He’s beautiful. Thanks for asking.

  14. My favorite Christmas cd is Hillary Weeks’ Christmastime. She has an amazing voice. She sings some traditional songs, but my favorite is the title song that she wrote herself. Her second Christmas cd, Christmas Once Again, is also really good.

  15. Selecting a favorite Xmas song is a bit hard for me. I’m more into Hanukkah ones 🙂
    Would love to win a copy of Elizabeth’s book. I’ve had my eye on it for a couple of weeks now.
    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Enjoy your stay at the retreat.


  16. My favorite Cd is Ella Fitzgerald Wishes You a Swinging Christmas…impossible not to smile, and great scrapbook tunes!

  17. My favorite song is O HOly NIght by Point of Grace. If i had to pick a favorite CD, though, it would be JOY by Avalon. Love it!

  18. My new favorite song is His Favorite Christmas Story by Capital Lights. My favorite Christmas songs growing up were Away and a Manger and Silent Night sung on Christmas Eve at church with only candle light. When I hear those two songs they take me back to my childhood.

  19. Wow she is such an awesome crafter, thank you for this opportunity. My favourite Christmas song is sung by Alan Jackson feat. the Chipmunks called Santa’s gonna come in a pick up truck. Its such a fun and cheery song especailly if you have kids, my two kids love it, and hearing them sing along and laugh is so so heartwarming.

  20. My favorite Christmas album Barenaked for the Holidays by Barenaked Ladies. Tons of holiday classics sung with an updated rock twist. 🙂 Great album to jam to around the house at Christmas time. 🙂

  21. i dont have a fave song as much as a fave CD 🙂 i LOVE the muppets & John Denver CD! that CD is so great!!! brings back lots of memories from my childhood — LOVE it!!

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