Another prize!

Today is the big day!  I will be announcing the prize winners of the Card Drive tonight.  I will first be adding the last minute cards to the participant list, and then will draw the prizes.

But!  I have another prize to add.  There is a very kind and thoughtful gal that I have gotten to know through email who has offered another prize.  She asked that she stay anonymous…

Prize 20: DMD's Funky Flowers Clear Stamps from an anonymous donor.  Thank you!

STP10396 copy

So, that makes 20 prizes total!  Can't wait.  See you tonight.

(Oh, and remember, you still have until Thursday for your chance to win a few stamps.  Check the post HERE.)

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5 thoughts on “Another prize!”

  1. Isnt it amazing how you wanted a few cards and im betting it turned into more like 1000. Jen YOU ROCK because if it wasnt for you, we wouldnt have been able to do this!

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