First Prizes for Cards for Kids – good stuff!

Hey there. 

Wanted to share a few of the Cards for Kids prizes.  There will be a prize associated with each child.  So, if you send cards in for that particular child, you will be eligible for that particular prize.  If you want a chance to win lots of things, be sure to send in cards for all the kids.

Here are three of the children and prizes…

First up?  Cute Kate.


In June of 2009, 5-year-old Kate was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.  Dad (Aaron) is a pastor in Arizona and he and his wife, Holly, have two other children, Will and Olivia.  Of course this is devastating for the whole family and many are praying for them.  (Go to  to learn more about this family and their struggle). 

The family includes:

  • Kate, Age 5.
  • Sister – Olivia, age 7.
  • Brother – Will, age 4.
  • Mom – Holly.
  • Dad – Aaron.

Kate has a rough road ahead of her for quite awhile.  We have already collected almost 2000 cards for Kate, but feel that the family could still use more encouragement.  Kate's mom, Holly said:

"Oh my goodness, I can't believe all of the cards. It is crazy. The kids have loved them. And people have been so creative with them! Thank you!  When Liv and Will come to the Ronald McDonald House they sit on the bed and I give them their cards to go through. They love it. They then pick out their favorite. Thanks for including them in it. We still haven't gone through all of the cards! We slowly let Kate go through them… Again thank you for making the effort to do this. It has been great. Keep praying for sweet Kate. Many thanks, Holly"

To learn more about Kate, visit her blog HERE. She was featured on Dr. Phil last week.

And check out the goodies you could win for sending in cards for Kate and her family…

Kate PRize
This includes a ton of products from Making Memories, American Crafts and Basic Grey.  Yum.  And you also get a Butterfly Fly Away necklace made by the sweet and talented Janna Wilson.  I bought this necklace and LOVE it.  Goes with anything, gets compliments and is a deal of a price.  A great gift idea.


Look at this Gavin cutie…

Gavin is a 4-year old boy battling Tay-Sachs Disease, an extremely rare genetic disorder that causes relentless deterioration of mental and physical abilities. There is currently no known cure for this disease, nor preventive treatment to slow down or stop the brain from regressing. The doctors are at a dead-end but the family continues to fight and hope for a miracle. Gavin has a 1-year old sister, Audrey Bella, who has been diagnosed with the Tay-Sachs gene but, fortunately, does not have the disease.

The family includes:

  • Gavin, age 4.
  • Sister – Audrey Bella, age 1.
  • Dad – Ferd.
  • Mom – Jan.

You can keep up to date on Gavin HERE.

And, we have a lovely prize for someone who sends in cards for Gavin and his family…

Gavin Prize 

This prize includes lots of fabulous adhesives donated by Tombow.  (And, yep, my new favorite adhesive is in there!)  Also, Just Rite Stampers donated these 6 rockin' sets of stamps.  Wowsers – lots of great goodies here.

Our third child…

… is beautiful Sami.

Sami, age 18, was diagnosed at 2 months old with cystic fibrosis. Her parents immediately learned how to care for her at home with daily medicines and physical therapy.  Throughout her young life, she required frequent hospitalizations, but was able to attend school and activities.  However, as Sami got older, she had more frequent lung infections, causing permanent damage.  She soon developed diabetes and life-threatening allergies to some of the antibiotic therapies, causing her a need to be home schooled for high school. 

The last course treatment for cystic fibrosis is a double lung transplant, which she was recommended for in January 2009.  In September – with a lung capacity of only 17% – she received her new lungs and spent 4 weeks in the ICU.  She lost her ability to swallow, but not to smile.  Sami's recovery was slowed because she was so ill.  In November of 2009, Sami was released from the hospital to the Ronald McDonald house to continue therapy and rehabilitation.  With God's will and Sami's determination, she hopes to have a normal life.

And, how about the prizes you can win for sending in cards for Sami?  Check this out…

Sami Prize
You could win 300+ sheets of patterned paper from my own stash.  Lots of great name papers here – I just sometimes get too much of it. :)  And also, a $25 gift certificate donated by  Fabulous!

So, if you are interested in helping out these children and their families… and interested in winning these prizes, click HERE for details for sending cards.

Thanks again everyone.  I will share more prizes soon.  🙂

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21 thoughts on “First Prizes for Cards for Kids – good stuff!”

  1. I love, Allie is a sweetheart! Jennifer your causes are wonderful, you truly have a caring heart! Merry Christmas!
    Hugs from the beach!
    Dawn in SC

  2. I can’t help crying when I read your posts about these children. They’re full of hope and faith, not despair. I go to my own children and give them an extra hug or two and hope that these children’s parents will be able to do the same for a long, long time. Thank you, Jennifer!

  3. Jennifer

    Wow! I am so proud of you for
    taking time out during the busy
    Christmas season to help these

    Reading about these children
    makes me want to do more.

    Sandi N.

  4. Thanks for all the details about these families! Bless you for having such a big heart and for allowing us to provide some solace for them.

  5. Thank you for making it easy for us to help out in a way that we enjoy…I know it’s not much, but kids love mail and I’m happy to be a part of it.

  6. Thanks for offering some candy. Knowing that these kids will find some comfort with my cards is more than enough!!

  7. Any chance you could add one more child? Maybe just mention him, does not have to be linked to prizes or anything but this boy is in hospice care and does not have long, loves to get mail. Here is a note from his aunt.

    Hi Everyone,

    Nate Elfrink is my cousin’s son and he was originally diagnosed with a
    malignant brain tumor when he was only 9 months old. He is now 7 and has
    been treated for it several times, most recently, last Christmas @ St.
    Jude’s when he was given a very optimistic prognosis. Nate has fought a
    very long and courageous battle and is now in hospice. He loves to receive
    mail and his wish this Christmas is to get 1 million Christmas cards from
    all over the world. Could you please send him a Christmas card and keep
    Nate and his family in your prayers?

    Nate Elfrink

    2415 Taylor Blair Rd.

    West Jefferson, OH 43162



  8. Wow, this is my first blog hop and I am blown away by all the truly amazing stuff on everyone’s webpages. The vidwo showing how you made the Hero Arts pearlized card was amazing. I think I could actually do that and the card is beautiful. I must say so far my favorite stamps have been the girls, butterflies and the words. Hikes, you said favorite stamp I can’t pick just one. I will be checking back to see what you do with all the butterflies….
    Thanks for the video, I will also be coming back to check out the others.

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