Need your help…

Hey, everyone.

Quickly, I have a favor to ask you all.  Please, please, please go read THIS post.  Please consider making a donation – any amount is helpful.  This place is a wonderful place and needs our help.  Badly.  Thank you…

Let's get stamping…

Here is a card set I did for 2peas.  It uses one of my favorite new products – a digital greeting kit from Kristina Werner.  I LOVE IT – click HERE.  It is great – a prayer greeting set with a playful, whimsical, casual feel.  That is hard to find!  I promise they are easy to use.  You just open it with a photo-editing program, change the size and print!  Easy.  And fun.  For supplies and info, click HERE.

29440-1(c) – for more info and supplies, click HERE.

May 18th is the premiere of the new Bachelorette.  Anyone going to watch this gem of a show, or are you banning it after the recent Bachelor?  I am gonna watch.  I have to.  Have you seen the guys in the commercial.  Yummm….



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18 thoughts on “Need your help…”

  1. Those cards – perfection! As for the Bachelorette, I was totally NOT going to watch after the ridiculousness of the last season, but….I REALLY like Jillian and I’m so curious to see what happens!

  2. Love the cards! And I must be ill but yes I am going to watch the bachelorette I did like Jillian LOL.
    Have a great night

  3. Definitely going to have to buy some kitty stamps! 🙂

    By the way, Jen, we’re having a CFH bloghop if you’re interested in joining the fun! Details here – bloghop

  4. Love the Cards Jennifer…So Pretty with the gems and pearls.
    I have to watch the bachelorette….I was so mad last season but love Jillian….

  5. Those cards are great! As much as I was peeved at that last Bachelor putz, I’ll be watching Jillian! Some male eye candy doesn’t hurt either!

  6. I probably am going to watch when I can. I did kind of like Jillian, just not with HIM. Are you still watching Dancing with the Stars?

    Those cards are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your work is beautiful. Thanks!!

    I remember some cute cards you made with Doodlebug stamps (butterflies), do you have a link?
    Have a great day!!

  8. Love Jillian, so will totally watch. Still hoping Jason gets stuck on a deserted island somewhere….They had better come up with somebody good to get viewers back on the bachelor.

  9. Jennifer,

    God Bless you for posting about “A Place to Bark”. Animals are one of God’s gifts to us. A friend of mine and also a fan of yours, Lydia Fiedler, along with 2 other ladies designed cat stamps for sale to benefit that same charity. If you or your blog readers go to her blog, they will find a link to where they can purchase these cat stamps. Here is her blog link:
    She has some cards posted with these stamps on her blog, and I have a couple posted on my blog as well.

    Oh, I have been trying to get to one of your card workshops at SYAO, but I keep seeing them listed on Thursdays when I can’t come. Are you there any other evenings? I’ll keep watching their email newsletters.

    Keep stamping! Lisa A.

  10. Jennifer, Tim Holtz mentioned that charity, and I donated to it from my two dogs. Liked your cards today, too. Don’t know yet about The Bachelorette. I was so turned off with the last season. The show’s track record of bringing people together is awful!I It’s just not a natural setting. Love that Melissa is doing so well with DWTS, and her chances of winning are pretty good. Just surprised that Little Kim was taken off! Ty should go!
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  11. Jillian on the Bachelor’s voice drives me nuts…and she talks non-stop! I don’t know if I can watch it or not. I liked last season, with Melissa/Molly. If her voice drives me crazy again, I’ll have to stop watching. Luckily, the focus is usually on the ones they pick, so with the eye candy, I may have to watch! 😉

  12. Cute project.

    I will watch because I liked Jillian the entire time. Even after the Jason drama I still can’t give up the show. I am a romantic at heart & hope she gets a trista/ryan happy ending.

  13. Thanks so much for posting about A Place to Bark. My mom-in-law has been a tireless volunteer and advocate for animal rescue organizations over the years, and we made a donation in her name as a mother’s day gift today at A Place to Bark. Looks like the donations are really starting to come in for them, I hope they reach their goal! Thanks. 🙂

  14. i’m undecided on the bachelorette. last season really was too harsh (the ending)… i don’t know if i can watch another train wreck like that again.

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