Lots more to share…

Hi!  A few holiday things to share…

First: an ornament, card and tag share.  Here is my project for 2peas' 36 Days of Christmas.  Click HERE for more details.  Since making this ornament, Colin has been making many of his own. (He just punches lots of circles, then punches a hole in them, then strings them on a ribbon with buttons between.)




(c) twopeasinabucket.com

Next: Here is my weekly challenge over at 2peas.  The challenge is to stamp on patterned papers.  Click HERE for details…

(c) twopeasinabucket.com

Here is one I did to go along with that challenge.  I stamped with chalk ink and a Hero Arts stamp on vintage text paper.  I then added shading with colored pencils.

Class 5

Next is something I am so excited to tell you about.  Through this blog I met a sweet girl named Doreen.  Her sweet boy, Connor, got cancer when he was 5.  After many ups and downs, he is now 18 and an amazing guy.  Along the way, he helped out the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.  Each year, he has created art that is used on holiday cards to raise money for the foundation.  And he is SO very talented! 

If you are needing holiday cards this year, I highly recommend checking out his cards HERE and HERE or any of the other designs HERE.  Doreen was so wonderful to send all of his card designs from each year.  Audrey and I plan to put to line them up on our wall tomorrow to enjoy.  If you make your own cards, you can do what I did.  I ordered several ornaments with his art on it.  Isn't THIS great?  What a wonderful gift… and inexpensive… and it supports a good cause.




If you want to learn more about Connor, click HERE.  What an amazing kid.  And, Doreen, you are a good momma – he is blessed to have you.  You both are in my prayers!

Well… have a good night.  We got our tree today and decorated it.  Did anyone else?  Love this time of year…

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24 thoughts on “Lots more to share…”

  1. I live about 30 minutes from the Med Center in Houston, and LOVE the MD Anderson Christmas cards. They are really big around here, and I usually save them because they are so very inspiring.

  2. Jennifer

    Those paper circle trees are just wonderful. I think I will have the girls use the bug and make a few.

    Love, Love the Christmas layout. This reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moments.

    What a sweet boy and talented too.

    Glad you have your tree up. I bet the family is so happy to be enjoying it so early. We will be doing it later this month. We have the family over and do “white Christmas punch” and each of us help.

    Enjoy the lights:)
    Sandi N.

  3. You are the best. Thankyou for sharing your time and talent and showing us your ideas. I luv the tree! I must make some and give them as gifts. They are so adorable. I will get my tree up sometime before the end of this week. did some shopping though. That was fun. So many great deals.

  4. Oooow loving the blue on those Chrissy cards and tags. Yep we did the tree today too…such fun, singing along to carols, bopping around the house adding all the festive pieces….loved it:0))

  5. Wow girl!!! I absolutely LOVE your tree cards! Now I’m wishing I still had to make mine. I would SO be casing these! I’ve kind of cheated this year… sending some homemade and some store bought. I have a couple boxes of store cards sitting around and want to use them up but the creative part of me wants to, well, create.
    Love the tree ornament and layout too. Might just have to make some trees with my boys. We put up most of the decorations yesterday, still have to get a tree and do lights but I’m feelin’ it this year! Yippie!
    Thanks for sharing a great cause too. You are too good! Hugs!

  6. HELP!!! I was trying to make my cards this year for Christmas. But I am soooo frustrated. The plan was to use a snowflake stamp all over the front. Well, I cannot find an ink that is quick drying – I have tried the little square versa mark – they take for ever to dry. And I have tried the cat eyes that you use – no good. I need a silver or white. Any suggestions??? Thanks for all you share – I love hearing about your family and traditions. Yes, we have our tree up. It always goes up Thanksgiving weekend.

  7. I just LOVE that tree and those cards, my friend! SO cute! I am going to have to make some of those! Love the layout and other card, too! Thank you for sharing them! Sweet photos on that layout! 😉

    Thank you also for sharing Connor’s work with us! SO happy he is healthy and boy is he talented! Love his work, too! You are just the sweetest, my friend!

    So happy you and your family have the tree up! Ours is going up tonight! I’m so excited! I just love looking at all of the lights glowing on the tree. This is my favorite time of the year, too! Hugs!! 🙂

  8. I love your blog!!! This post is so darn wonderful.. beautiful ‘I can do it’ projects, a great layout, and a sweet loving ‘real’ story about beautiful people… and how they make a difference… Awesome day…

    Tree? Not yet! Usually the first weekend of December…the ‘big city’ of 10k peeps has a huge celebration and we take in all the activities, then get our tree, and then out for Chinese Food..
    But, my super cute 10 year old dd talked me into starting to decorate yesterday…so the stockings are up and the kids have their little trees in their rooms!!!
    OK.. now about that weekly challenge.. For crying out loud! I am so ‘out of the loop’ when it comes to these things! And, I am a busy little 2peas member too!

    Guess it’s like my stinkin’ cell phone..so many things I still need to learn!!!

    sorry about the ‘novel’!

  9. I had no idea that there was even a Children’s Cancer Research fund. It’s so hard when you’re caught up in the process. I feel like I knew so little. I can’t think of a sweeter bunch of cards than from heroes who fight cancer. Thanks for the links!!

  10. Your projects are adorable, as always! Connors art is great, too. He’s very talented.

    No tree for us, yet. We usually procrastinate and get one really late, but this year, I think we’ll need the extra cheer so hopefully we’ll get it early!

  11. Absolutely love that tree ornament – way cute! Thanks for the link about Connor – you are right – he is an amazing kid.

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