Card Drive Winners!

First, I want to thank you (again) for all the cards for the Card DriveWe ended up with 850!  And I know more are coming – several people said they were sending them late. (I am going to ship these over the course of several months.  So, you can send some anytime.)

Colin helped me put all the cards together.  The pile is high, so it is hard to really get a feel for how many there are…

Thank you

Now… time for the winners…

Prize 1: (796) Stephanie Wheeler
    Goodies from Scrapbook Bakery donated by Heather Ruwe.
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e5538db93b8833-350wi Picture 5

Prize 2: (411) Charlene Kochensparger (OH) 
    A ton of Autumn Leaves Buttons (from me)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e5538dba428833-350wiPicture 6
Prize 3: (281) Marianne Gonzales
    Stampin' Up Stamp Set and Ribbon (from me)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e553a924b18834-350wiPicture 7  

Prize 4: (186) Celeste Edwards (OH)
    Lots of Chipboard Goodness (from me)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e5538db93b8833-350wiPicture 8

Prize 5: (633) Brooke Peterson (TX)
    A Mix of Goodies (from me)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e5538dbc608833-350wiPicture 9

Prize 6: (80) Marti Cirillo (MD)
    A Bunch of Rub-Ons (from me)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e5538dbd938833-350wiPicture 10

Prize 7: (266) Sandy Frio (CA)
    Basic Grey Clear Stamps (from me)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e5538dbe2c8833-350wi Picture 11

Prize 8: (647) Wendy Price (NJ)
    Complete Alphabet Chipboard Letters (from me)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e5538dbe738833-350wiPicture 12 

Prize 9: (241) Janetter Flener ( – MO)
    Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps (from me)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e5538dbee58833-350wiPicture 13

Prize 10: (605) Sandi Neumann (OH)
    Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e5538dbf588833-350wiPicture 14

Prize 11: (56) Kelly Booth (CA)  

    A Fabulous Bag from
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e553bc21c18834-350wiPicture 15

Prize 12: (58) Alma Brand (TX)
    Designing With Stamping (from me)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e553a10b748833-350wiPicture 16

Prize 13: (492) Jayne Love (CA)
    Random Goodies (from me)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e553bc3c538834-piPicture 17

Prize 14: (745) Dorthy Thompson (OH)
    Handmade Bag made by and from Nichol Magouirk.
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e553d5a04b8834-350wi Picture 18

Prize 15: (184) Janice Daquila Parob (TX)
    May Kit of the Month from donated by Nichol Magouirk.
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e553b9658d8833-350wiPicture 19

Prize 16: (220) Feliza's Sunday School Class (Shuyu) (SINGAPORE)
      KI Memories Clear Stamp Set donated by Tami Hartley.
  6a00e550ccd8ce883400e553e1c3f78833-350wi Picture 20

Prize 17: (413) Crystal Krueger (CANADA)

    $25 Gift Certificate to and donated by
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e553e2fa738833-350wi Picture 21

Prize 18: (757) Corey Wagner ( – OK)
    Holiday Kit from and donated by
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e55401eafe8834-350wiPicture 22

Prize 19: (716) L .Steffen (OH)

    Hero Arts Birds and Branches 4"x12" Stamp Set donated by Stampers Corner.
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e55407333e8834-350wi Picture 23

Prize 20: (465) Kathy Light (IN)
    DMD Stamp Set donated by an anonymous angel.
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e553f698a38833-800wi Picture 28
Prize 21: (787) Kimmie Van Wormes ( – NY)
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e553f6c6ef8833-800wi Picture 1

Prize 22: (444) Shirley Lee (CA)
    American Crafts Glitter Thickers (6) donated by Kelly Purkey.
    6a00e550ccd8ce883400e5541286268834-800wi Picture 24

One thing that made me very happy is that the same person didn't win twice, so we spread the love around.  :)  However, I was sad to see no one from Australia or New Zealand won, and those folks have always been so generous.  So, I decided to do an extra drawing of just those names for an extra prize. (Hope that is ok with everyone!) 

Extra Prize: (234) Sue Fitzgerald (AUSTRALIA)
    DMD Clear Border Stamps Set
STP10505Picture 26

If you are a winner, please email me (see the top left sidebar) and give me your address.  I will ship them this weekend. 

Thank you all once again for all your cards.  I wish I could thank you each personally.

Stay tuned for another fundraiser of some sorts.  This one was just too fun.  If you have ideas for what we could do next, please email me privately.

By the way, if you weren't a winner, no worries.  You still have a chance to win a few stamps by going HERE.

Have a great night…

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30 thoughts on “Card Drive Winners!”

  1. Wow – what fun this has been!:) Congratulations to all the prize winners, but I think everyone really feels like a winner in this.:) Thanks Jennifer for all that you have done – what a pile of awesome cards you have gathered together. Perhaps there will be photos taken when the cards are delivered.:)
    ….and Colin is too cute!

  2. WOW that is one big pile of cards you have there….love the little video clip and the ‘I dont want to smile’,LOL so cute

  3. Jennifer

    Colin is too cute next to that big pile of cards! He has a very sweet smile:)

    I feel so bless to be apart of this journey and seeing all the twist and turns. Count me in for another event.

    Thanks so much for my prize. I just love hearts these will be so pretty on St Valentine cards and layouts too! Again, many thanks:)

    Sandi N.

  4. amazing, amazing, amazing.
    so fun to be able to contribute to this. πŸ™‚
    Hugs, my friend!
    btw, Colin made ME smile with his “no smile” comment. πŸ™‚

  5. Jennifer . . . this was tooooo much fun! Yes, yes, yes, let’s do it again!!!!! In the meantime, would LOVE to see pictures in the future of the kids with the cards! Would also love for you to keep us updated on them. It REALLY feels good to be a part of this! THANK YOU!!!

    PS. Tell Colin . . . He ROCKS!:)

  6. Congrats to all the winners!! Great job and OMG on how many cards you got!! That’s one thing I love about stampers and scrappers, always so generous. Colling is a doll!!

    Way to keep the post office in business Jennifer!

  7. Oh wow, thank you so much, I love the stamp set, and a big congratulations to all the other winners. I have to agree with everyone else that this was an enjoyable experience and would love to do it again (no need for prizes next time though, just the pleasure of participating)
    Colin really is the cutest little boy, you must be so filled with joy to have him in your life.

  8. Wow…what a huge amount of cards! This was such an awesome project…to throw in a chance at prizes was just over the top! Congrats to all the winners! Looking forward to your next “project”!

  9. oh my gracious! thank you so very much!!!!

    and congrats to everyone else – and to those who sent cards – ya’ll are wonderful people!

  10. Woo hoo! The day has finally come! Colin looks so cute, “Can I open them? I don’t wanna smile….=) ” He is soooo funny! Just watching him was a gift in itself. Congratulations to all winners of those great prizes! We are all winners for participating in a great card drive for great people!

  11. Great photo and video. What an amazing pile of work/love. Fun to be able to see a couple of my cards in the photo.

    Congrats to all the winners!

  12. Woo hoo! What excitement! Congrats to the winners but most of all congrats to you Jennifer for getting such a great response to the card drive. πŸ™‚

    Love the pic – the video is too cute. Like everyone else I love the ‘I don’t want to smile’ comment, but even more the fact that he does it anyways. He was so good about not being able to open what he wanted to open too. You and Ken are obviously doing a great job in raising him. πŸ™‚

  13. Wow Colin’s smile is just adorable, kind of like you! What a sweet heart doing an extra draw for us Kiwis and Australians. Congratulations to all the winners and those who sent in cards. What a terrific effort.

  14. Wow- great job everyone. And a big thank you to the generous prize donors.
    I also want to say thanks on behalf of the Aus/NZ crowd for being so nice and thinking of us specially πŸ™‚

  15. That is SO wonderful, Jennifer! Wow! What big hearts folks have! So good and amazing and sweet! I was so happy to contribute to it! I’d love to participate in anything else you have up your sleeve! πŸ˜‰ Congratulations to the winners!

  16. Colin is so cute!! Especially at the end when he said he didn’t want to smile and then quickly gives a big one!

  17. Colin is too cute! I love how he says he
    doesn’t want to smile and then when you
    laugh, he bursts out laughing.

  18. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks so much for letting us take part in this Jennifer. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating–you are amazing!

    Oh, that sweet little voice in the video melts my heart! I love how you have a picture of the *exact* moment he smiled in the video. Too cute!

  19. How wonderful that you received so many cards ! My little 2 year old daughter loved the video of Colin. She kept asking to watch it over and over after i showed her for the first time. He’s such a cutie!!!

  20. OMG…he’s so cute. love the “I don’t want to smile!” Hilarious. Congrats to all the super generous winners. Such a special thing you’ve all done.

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