Time for a share and links…

Hello there, stampers.

First, I am gonna share a page I did, then some links. I love sharing links. 🙂

Here is a page I did for 2Peas. It isn't a cheery page, but an honest one.  I did it a few weeks ago when I was struggling to find balance.  I sometimes wonder if I am the only one who feels this way at times.  For more info, go HERE.

(c) twopeasinabucket.com – more info HERE.

Some links for ya, including inspiration and some fun shopping…

  • I was with Nichol when she was creating THIS page.  It is so amazing… and even better in real life.  A true masterpiece.
  • I always love Jennifer's pages.  THIS one is great.  Great photos.
  • And Robyn never disappoints.  THIS one is fabulous and so is THIS.
  • THIS one by Rhonda is so wonderfully colorful.
  • Moon's page HERE is so eye-catching.
  • And Heather created THESE beautiful cards – so warm and pretty.
  • Lisa Carroll is one of the most talented cardmakers I know.  So classy.  THIS is fabulous.
  • Man, I would so love to buy THIS necklace.
  • The tree card HERE is so pretty.
  • Julie is so good.  THIS card makes me smile.
  • Went to visit my friend's new baby.  Boy, it makes me want one.  I think I need to order THIS cute shirt for him.
  • If you have a dog you love as much as we love Roxie, check out THESE collars.  Affordable, very well made and so stinkin' cute. 

OK… off to check email.  Night!

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43 thoughts on “Time for a share and links…”

  1. Love all the links! And someone bought up the gorgeous necklace already! But wow, I added some of the other’s to my fav’s 🙂

  2. Jennifer, you are definitely not alone!! We
    just keep on trying to do our best and getting
    that balance is a constant struggle.

  3. love this layout…so pretty!
    and you are not alone in these thoughts.
    thanks for all the cool links too!
    smile! 🙂

  4. Jennifer – your layout is beautiful! You will find the balance! I think alot of us struggle with the same issues. I know I do!

  5. you are NOT the only one that feels this way. i have many of the same feelings and struggle with similar issues. it is a relief that i am not the only one! thanks for sharing.

  6. Jennifer

    You just looked into my mirror and your layout is the image looking back. I think so many of us stuggle on the inside. Just three days ago these same words were running though my mind. I am so proud of you for sharing your feelings. Thanks for helping me not to feel alone in this internal stuggle.

    Love the balance and the beautiful butterflies. The colors work so well togerther too.

    Again, thanks you are a blessing to all of us.

    Sandi N.

  7. Great layout. Isn’t it nice that this is the perfect type of outlet to use to get you thinking?

    The layout is gorgeous and I know you will find that balance you’re looking for. It’s hard sometimes.

    Prayers and wished to Suprise. Have a great day hon!

  8. When I read your sentiments, tears immediately welled up in my eyes–your thoughts are mine exactly (except for the “mom” part-no pitty pat of little feet at my house). I’m looking for that balance myself. We’ll both keep trying…

    God bless you.

  9. i’ve noticed as women and moms that a lot of us tend to feel this way more often then we’d care to. sometimes its motivating, and other times its a struggle. its a good idea for a page. love all the fun links.
    enjoy your day jennifer! 🙂

  10. I am so there with you on the finding balance thing… I NEED to spend less time on ‘me’ things and more time focused on my family. Thanks for sharing your heart and letting us (me) know that I’m not the only one. Your page is just beautiful!

  11. Your page is beautiful. I think you hit the nail on the head about what we all go through. If we have kids it’s hard to feel balance and we’re always worrying if were doing the right thing for them. If we don’t have kids we’re often wondering if we should have, although I respect anyone who decides not to have kids and is happy with that decision.
    I think we all just need to be happy with who we are and at the end of the day know we did our best. We need to not worry about what other people think(my big issue) and go on with what we know is right.
    I don’t know you personally but love reading your blog. It’s one of my favorites. I admire and appreciate your honesty.
    You’re a beautiful person inside and out.

  12. Jennifer, this is just beautiful! I love the butterflies and the colors and the journaling is amazing. So true and you are not the only one who feels that way. I am the women’s ministry coordinator at my church and one thing I have learned from talking to lots of women is that we ALL feel that way about something or another…But, the amazing thing is that God still loves and treasures us, and he sees our value even when we can’t sometimes.

  13. Jennifer, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this page. I had always been afraid to put my faith, and my love for Him into my scrapbooks, because my husband and most other family members are unbelievers. Your light has always shown, and you have inspired me to start” faithbooking” as my friends at church call it. YOU have touched so many people with your work, and I thought if you can put your faith in Him in a national magazine, then I should not be afraid to share my faith in my own scrapbooks. I feel the Holy Spirit smile when I see your work mention Him. My words are no more important than anyone else’s words here, but I just want to give you encouragement. “Two are better than one, for if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

  14. i noticed your butterflies don’t have the punched circles like the link on 2peas … is that the same butterfly die cut you used? i love it but wanted to make sure. thanks! 🙂

  15. that list rocked – i clicked on every one of your links:)
    and you need to chill on the motherhood thing because I know you rock – you have a calmness about you that is so natural – finding balance just sucks and it is never ending

  16. I’m sending you a big hug over the blog-waves. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling all those things.

    I have a personal motto: “Don’t should on yourself.” (When you say it out loud, it sounds kind of like something else… shocking!)

    Have you heard of the book “The 4:8 Principle” by Tommy Newberry? It’s based on Philippians 4:8 and I found it very encouraging and helpful.

    Another big hug!

  17. I saw this layout on TwoPeas and no, you are not the only one with those feelings. It is a lovely, touching layout. And lol at your mulch tweet – been there, done that and so sore the next day!

  18. Thanks Jennifer, what a great and honest layout. It reminds me that it’s okay to scrap about REAL life. That I don’t need to edit and tweak the stories that happen. That all the parts of our life are real and beautiful and worthy of remembering!!

  19. Love your lists! On your beautiful butterfly layout – you are not alone, but sometimes I think that we Moms are the hardest on ourselves. You are human and are trying to do your best and that is what really matters.

  20. Hi Jennifer…I loved your layout words..no you are not alone..I am 71 years old and still want to be a better Mom and wife and better Me…I guess we never stop wanting or trying…These words are keepers and i thank you for them…

  21. This is still just a lovely page. Thanks for being transparent — you are definitely not alone! I have these thoughts all the time. I’m a people pleaser myself, and I have to constantly remind myself that my only aim is to glorify Him and seek HIS praise rather than the praise of man. Love your layout. The flourish is gorgeous, love the distressed butterflies. I pray that you are being encouraged and uplifted in spirit! 🙂

  22. Jennifer, If we all had perfect balance we would all work in a Circus as a tightrope walker! I know of myself I’m not perfect but I have my health, my husband and my children and I do not look at others to see if I do it right. My heart tells me.
    And maybe all the doubts and and non balance makes us better people.

  23. I share so many of those feelings with you, Jennifer. You are not alone. And for what it’s worth, you have inspired me to scrap about some of those feelings, too. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  24. I love that layout, Jennifer.
    You are not alone in feeling that way at all.
    Love all of the links, too. 🙂
    Big hugs, sweet friend! Hope your day is wonderful!

  25. such an adorable page…what is the butterfly, a punch? where did you get it? thanks, lisa k in tx

  26. Karen Hi never feel you are alone. My sister is in stage 4 colon cancer my sister in law is having both breasts removed my brother in law diag with colon cancer in surgery as we speak all happened this month after all is said and done you have to believe in something take care

  27. Gorgeous layout, Jennifer!! Thank you for all the links!

    You are not alone! Finding balance is a constant issue for me too! Sending hugs your way; you will find balance again!

  28. Hi, Jennifer! I think we all feel that way from time to time. We can only do the best we can do, and it sounds like you are giving it your all. Don’t beat yourself up for simply being human! It’s okay! 🙂

  29. OMG Jennifer, I know just how you feel…exactly how you feel. I go through the same things, always trying to do too much, trying so hard to please everyone that I forget what’s around me, right in front of me.. LIFE. 😀 Do what makes you happy, that is what counts the most.

  30. Jennifer, Love the honesty and realness of this layout. It brought tears to my eyes. That is so where I am at and I think so many of us can relate. Someone told me just the other day… “you try so hard”. and I do. But so often fall short… right on my face. Such is life. Hugs to you and keep on doing exactly what you’re doing because it works. -Alisa

  31. You are definately not alone as so many of these comments attest to. The LO is beautiful and real. I’ve used scrapping as therapy after one of my children died. I’d not had time to do much scrapbooking (I had 5 kids aged 7 and under initially) but a couple of years later when Nattie died, I compiled a scrapbook just about her. Many, many tears were shed- but important tears; healing tears and the scrapbook is a tribute to her and a ‘memorycapture’ for us. Don’t hide your pages- showing my family I’m not invincible is crucial for them understanding and supporting me. Even my little ones understand that sometimes Mummy cries!- its real! let them appreciate you for the wonderful person you are! xxx

  32. I loved this layout Jennifer. It’s the truth for so many of us..especially Moms. Thanks for creating it. It reached so many as I’ve been reading on your comments.
    Just love you so much.


  34. Jennifer if I didn’t know better I would think you did this page for me. I think what you have expressed is in the hearts of every woman. It truly is a mom thing, a wife thing, a woman thing. We are just too hard on ourselves.

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