Happy Birthday… and giveaway


… to three of the most important people in my life.

My mom.
Ken's mom.

I love this day.  I love them so much.

Yep, my mom and Ken's mom were both born on Christmas Eve.  Between the three of them, we will be eating a lot of birthday cake. 🙂

And, in honor of their birthday, how about another giveaway?  Just leave a comment here by Saturday at 11:59pmEDT with a birthday message for my mom and ken's mom.  :)  I will pick a winner of this goodness – my favorite October Afternoon stamp set…


(Oh… the winner of the punch is Grace C!  I will email you.)

And, if you are a fellow believer, here is a fun read.  I just love how it ends.  So very true.  I got it from a drive thru nativity near my house.


And, some good news.  Remember me telling you about Keegan?  He was able to come home from the hospital for Christmas.  First time home in 72 days. He isn't out of the woods, but what a blessing it will be for the holiday to be home.  Keep praying, please.  Bless his little heart.  Here he is for Christmas…


Happy 24th!  I will post again soon.

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409 thoughts on “Happy Birthday… and giveaway”

  1. Happy bithday and best wishes to both Moms!
    What a great day to be born. Health, happiness and peace to you and yours.

  2. Happy Birthday to both moms! Nice to share a special day together – hope you are all having a good holiday and best wishes for the new year!

  3. Happy Birthday, my son turns 5 on the 24th too! Hope your day is wonderful!! So glad to hear about Keegan, he will definitely be in our prayers!

  4. Happy Birthday moms! I wish to grow in Christ and to be blessed!
    Happy Christmas, Jennifer! Thank you for your testimony!

  5. Hi,

    I would like to thank you for this blog. I accidently find it during my looong hours at work. (work=sitting in wront of my computer for 12 hours). Since then, I have gone home early hours in the morning, head full of ideas how to hopefully brighten up the days of my relatives by sending them home made cards. So many thanks for that!

    Since my work does not regognice the holidays, I have been working all of them, but still I and my husband have made the best effort to enjoy Christmas, even just a little bit! : ). It is our 3th together and all of them have been so different, but still, everyone on its time, the best one ever!

    Life is full of little miracles and I hope we all remember the good things we have in our life, even though sometimes it is really hard to do so.

    And speaking of miracles…

    I wish your moms had a very happy birthday! I’m sure they were the little miracles for their parents some years ago!

    Greetings from Scotland

  6. Happy Birthday to all and many more. May this year bring you challenges to keep you growing, love to make it worhwhile and joy so you will have memories to savor.

  7. Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    to you, sharing one special day is awesome.

    btw, love those stamps!!!

  8. Jennifer,
    What a blessing, to celebrate the birth of two such important women in your life along with the birth of our Saviour! Warm wishes for a happy birthday, a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all! God Bless!

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom and to Ken’s mom! What a blessing it must be to celebrate your birthday so near to Christ’s birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Jesus!!!
    What a wonderful time of year this is!
    This is my son’s first Christmas and the magic is even more fantastic than before!
    Thanks for the give-away!
    Sarah in Texas… where it is 80!

  11. Happy Birthday to Jennifer and Ken’s Mom 🙂
    We got to celebrate my MILs birthday with her on the 23rd…
    That is great news about Keegan 🙂
    Oh my gosh that stamp set is the cutest…October Afternoon out does themselves…

  12. Jennifer’s Mom and Ken’s Mom – Happy Birthday!

    How amazing to have a shared family birthday! It should be a sign of family unity to share your birthday’s with Christ and share special moments with your children’s family of the future. Your families will share something very unique and special to tell stories for many years! Be sure to take pictures year to year, as they will be treasurered and considered a valued tradition for many years to come.


  13. Happy Birthday to you guys! I’m sure you had a wonderful christmas and birthdays… may God shower you with more blessings! Happy Holidays to everybody!

  14. Well, I would say that is a lovely coincidence. Happy Birthday to everyone.

    Thanks so much for sharing the words from the drive through nativity. How wonderful and true they are.

    Thank God that little Keegan got to come home for Christmas. What a blessing.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

    carolyn s.

    ceashark at aol dot com

  15. Merry Christmas to both Moms!! Our family came close to having birthdays on the 24. My husband’s is the 23rd and son’s birthday the 22nd.

  16. Happy birthday to both of you! What a jam-packed time of year for you, but also what a blessing. Hope you each had a wonderful day!

    PS – Love the message from the drive-thru nativity! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Happy Birthday to the birthday girls! My FIL is Dec. 23, BIL is Dec. 25 – I make sure they get separate birthday and holiday cards because it seems like everyone just writes ‘Happy Birthday’ on their Christmas cards!! Little Keegan is so sweet, good to hear that he’s home for Christmas.

  18. Happy Birthday and Merry CHRISTmas to Ken’s mom, your mom.
    Happy Jesus Birthday to everyone else! HE is the giver of life and meaning. Embrace Him!
    Thanks, Jennifer, for your giving heart!

  19. Happy birthday “moms”… Hope it was as special as you are to Jennifer and her family….Wishing baby Keegan continued blessings and you a great 2009… You share you talents and gifts with us on line and that is a great blessing you give us.

  20. To Jen & Ken’s moms on their birthday – may your day be filled with delight and each passing day be better than the last. Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

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