How-To Video: Clear Stamp Storage


I get a lot of questions about how I store my clear stamps.  So I finally did a video!

Actually, I didn’t do a video.  Kay did.  My 13-year old step-daughter (who rocks big time) created it.  Yesterday morning, she attended a free and incredibly awesome Camp at the Apple Store on creating iMovies.  She came home all excited and wanted to create a video for me.  She is the best, I tell you.  The best.

So… she taped it.  And edited it.  And added the text.  And exported it.  She did it all.  And didn’t she do great!?  And here it is…

(TO WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY CLICK HERE.  Or, just watch on YouTube below…)

Video by Kay McGuire

Well, I am at CHA in the hotel room.  So good to start seeing friends here.  Have a good night!

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127 thoughts on “How-To Video: Clear Stamp Storage”

  1. Great video!! Thanks for sharing your system, Jennifer. If ever there would be “having enough stamps”, you may be close!!!

    I have accumulated many clear stamps this summer, and have been struggling to find a way to store them so I can actually seem them and get the most use of them.
    THis idea is perfect and so easy to do!
    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Fabulous job on the video Kay!!! Great information on clear stamp storage. Although at this point in my stamping life, I have a total of 3 sheets of clear stamps, maybe someday I’ll have enough to fill a binder. But, really an excellent way to store them. Extremely organized and organization is the best tool needed when you’re going to create.
    Jennifer, have a wonderful time at CHA…hope it’s not too hot and humid in beautiful Chicago!

  4. Awesome job Kay. I loved the whiney boy comment! As my clear stamp collection grows I’ve been looking for a new way to store them. I’m going to have to check out the office supply store. Thanks for showing your storage ideas Jennifer. Can we see more of your studio?

  5. Kay you did an awsome job on the video!!!
    Jennifer you actually have inspired me to change the way I store my clear stamps! I have been looking for a very long time on a method that would work and everything I have seen did not impress me much until today so Thanks!

  6. Great Job Kay!! Keep up the good work keep learning all you can about video you will be able to use it in the future!!!

  7. Kay – excellent job, what an informative video! Jennifer – wow, what a lot of stamps! Keep up the good work, Sandy in California.

  8. Karen D Hi great job on the video Kay i like the idea of the binders but so far i use the CD containers and have them on a CD shelf i just take out the black disc inside and the clear stamps stick great plus i can see them without keeping the black cover easy to flip through shelves are labeled with kind of stamps i tried binders but found it frustrating to keep flipping through them took up too much room

  9. Way to go, Kay! Very impressive work, young lady. I went to Office Depot today – wish I had watched this first!

  10. Just watched the video and I must say that I’m so impressed with the editing. I love the cute captions that were used to break up the images (especially the editorial comment about the boy 🙂 Thanks to both of you for sharing your talents!

  11. Way to go Kay! Great job panning, adding text and hold the camera steady. You are a pro. Love that bit about the “whiny boy”, I have one of those at home too, I sympathize.

    Great storage ideas Jennifer. I appreciate you sharing. One question though. I used to demo for Stampin Up and now have boxes and boxes of mounted rubber stamps. How do you store your wood mounted rubber stamps?

    Have a great time at CHA! And thanks again for sharing.

  12. Great organization ideas! I don’t have as many clear stamps as you and started to use CD cases to hold them. I think I’ll start looking for those binders and page protectors soon…Great job on the video, Kay! It was a pleasure to watch and I look forward to more “Kay McGuire Productions”…

  13. Wow! wow about the video and the fantastic stamp storage idea. The video was so informative and helpful. Kay did such a great job!!!

  14. Excellent job Kay! And thanks for the ideas Jennifer. I think I’ll be making a trip to Office Depot! I only wish I had as many stamps as you do! 🙂

  15. Kay, what a great job! Jennifer, thanks so much for sharing! I started a binder method awhile back, but you helped me think it through to a better system. I’m off to Office Depot!

  16. Kay you did an AWESOME job! You have such a steady hand, unlike myself when I videotape! Wish the apple store would give a class for adults too. Thanks to you both for the helpful, useful ideas on storing stamps!

  17. Great system Jennifer!! Love it! You’ve got me salivating over all that Hero Arts goodness too!! 🙂
    Kay did an awesome job with the video! Maybe you (Jennifer) can lend her to me and she can video tape my 4 kids from time to time. 🙂
    I did however have trouble hearing the wining boy you referred to… maybe because I have one who’ve letting me know that bedtime wasn’t part of his plans at the moment. 😉

  18. jennifer – thanks for sharing your storage solution as well as letting us know where to buy the folders.

    Kay – you did a fantastic job. Can’t believe you just learned.


  19. Wow Kay could you give my soon to be 13 year old daughter lessons, not only on how to make cool videos but how to be so helpful, of course it is a bit far to come to NZ for that but as I have told Jennifer before you’d all still be welcome anytime!!!
    Yes love your tips for storing clear stamps, I tried something a little similar in a smaller version, great idea about the cardstock for backing and easy to pull out.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your room! bring on the next video Kay.

  20. Hi Kay & Jenn,

    I loved the video! I have just been shopping for some storage to put my clear stamps in among other items. Thanks for the tip on the glue dots so you can just flip the stamps over to use.

    It must be hard for both of you to keep your concentration with Colin (I assume) in the background. Kay what a great job!

  21. Great video (thanks Kay) – and although I only have a few clear stamps (so far:)), this is a great storage idea that I am going to copy (thanks Jen).:)

  22. Hi, I do something very similar to your system too. I love it. It makes it so much easier to get my stamps.

    I collect a lot of the Studio G from ACM and M’s I use the page protectors that my boys store their Pokemon cards in. The fit perfectly. I also keep the back paper they come on so that I can easily see what is in the folder and I don’t have to cut down cardstock. They fit perfectly!

    Thanks so much for sharing and Kay….YOU ROCKED THE VIDEO GIRL! 🙂

  23. Fabulous video!! I love how it was edited! I see tv or movie directing in your future! Keep at it I think we would love to see more videos from you Kay! 🙂

  24. Thanks for sharing this idea jen. Colin is so cute in the background. He can be in your videos anytime!

  25. Hi Jennifer and Kay, that was fantastic!!! I’m very impressed! I love iMovie, don’t you??? Kay, now that you’re an expert, I hope you’ll create lots more videos for Jennifer to share 🙂 Thanks for showing us some great techniques for storing clear stamps!

  26. Kay, great job on the video. My son will be doing that same camp next Tuesday. It will be great to get some help with the camcorder.

  27. WOW KAY! Fab job!
    Wonderful storage idea! Definitely going to consider this method for storing my clear stamps. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Kay, you are so talented! I am just now able to see your video! (been on vacation) Would you pleeeeeeze come be my daughter ????? !!!!!

  29. Kay, I expect Hollywood will be calling you soon. Great video!! Jan in Tucson
    PS I LOVE your Mom’s stamp art too. 😉

  30. Thanks for the great ideas. I have a pack of white cardstock from Walmart so I’m gonna get busy. That is an excellent idea. Mine are in binders but they flop all around like fish out of water.

  31. Wow Kay, you did a great job and I hope to so more of your videos.
    I love the stamp storage idea, thanks for sharing…

  32. Kay did an amazing job, I now have an idea of how to store my stamps so I can see at a glance all of those investments I’ve made!

  33. Kay, I am so impressed! I am getting ready to tackle video-making myself, and if I can do even half as well as you did, I will be a very happy camper!

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