How-To Video: Clear Stamp Storage


I get a lot of questions about how I store my clear stamps.  So I finally did a video!

Actually, I didn’t do a video.  Kay did.  My 13-year old step-daughter (who rocks big time) created it.  Yesterday morning, she attended a free and incredibly awesome Camp at the Apple Store on creating iMovies.  She came home all excited and wanted to create a video for me.  She is the best, I tell you.  The best.

So… she taped it.  And edited it.  And added the text.  And exported it.  She did it all.  And didn’t she do great!?  And here it is…

(TO WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY CLICK HERE.  Or, just watch on YouTube below…)

Video by Kay McGuire

Well, I am at CHA in the hotel room.  So good to start seeing friends here.  Have a good night!

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127 thoughts on “How-To Video: Clear Stamp Storage”

  1. Kay–

    what a great job! i wish we had an apple store within a decent distance to attend the classes. keep up the learning. you never know how it will help you in the future!!


    great minds think a like! i have the same system. nice organization tips!

  2. Way to go, Kay! Awesome movie skills! Most impressive – and after only 1 class? I’m jealous!

    THANKS, Jennifer, for sharing your storage ideas! That’s about the best format I’ve seen yet and there are a lot out there. I’m just starting my clear stamp collection as more follow that venue. I’ve got a truckload of SU! stamps, but the clear stamps out there are intriguing. Thanks for the ideas! Simple AND easy to see and find things!

  3. Great job with the video Kay. Loved the “Ignore the Whiney Boy” text during the video. Thanks for sharing your storage method with us Jennifer.

  4. LOVE IT!!! And definitely envious of your collection …

    Just had a couple of questions, though … When you adhered the plastic sheets to the cardstock, it looks like the top was hinged …. how did you do that? Or is that how the stamps come? (The stamp sets I have come with two plastic but separate sheets — one with guides and the stamps stuck to it, and the second sheet behind to protect the back of the stamps.)

    On the stamp sets that were 4×12, where did you find sheet protectors to fit (even though they hang out the top)?

    And, last question, are the glue dots that you used specifically “repositionable”?

    1. Most Hero Arts stamps come like that, but if yours don’t, just add tape to the top and it’ll be “hinged” when you open them… I did this to all my stamps and it works perfectly. Sorry for the late reply :), I just found this website.

  5. Great job with the video Kay!
    I also threw out the packaging (like a dork)
    but have created “new” packaging by using some black stazon ink on transparencies and putting that on top of my stamps. I once again have a quick look reference to identify my images.

  6. Great video ladies!
    Was wondering if you would mind passing along the product number for the CD/DVD pages….I haven’t had any luck finding them in the store, but maybe I could find them online somewhere?
    Thanks so much!

  7. Jennifer, I have researched the Office Depot website and their catalog (7/08 to 12/08) for the protector pages for clear stamps:

    Wilson-Jones CD/DVD Sheet Protector Pages,
    Item #157-870
    Wilson-Jones Horizontal Photo Pages,
    Item #156-934

    Hope this helps the lady who couldn’t find them in the store. Love your idea for storing the clear stamps.

    Best, Charlotte

  8. Great idea – I like to keep original packaging with things so this system works for me. Question: When you take out the stamp set, how did you get the top piece to flip up? Did you tape the two transparent pieces together? Just curious…Thanks!

  9. I LOVE your clear stamp storage methods! I am definitely going to look for the CD/DVD storage sheets! Jennifer, your scrap room is a dream come true!! love it, love it, love it!!

  10. Wow, this is a good video, so nice you both took the time!!! I enjoyed seeing your ideas on how to store the clear stamps, and yes, I never throw out the packaging anymore either, live and learn!

  11. Wow! Kay did a great job. I wish I could grasp computer knowledge that fast (and retain it). I love your storage system and plan to put it into action. Thank both of you for doing this.

  12. That was a great video. I am using your system to store my stamps, I didn’t organize my name brand yet, but once I get more I will.

  13. thank you, thank you! LOVE your system – i was seriously just standing in the middle of my craft room thinking, “WHAT would be THE most effective, efficient way to store my clear stamps?!” and this is PERFECT!!!!!! I realize I’m commenting a couple of years after you did this, but again, I appreciate it! Please tell Kay that she did a fantastic job with the video and the editing! (love the, “please excuse the whiny boy. :)”) …going to add you to my bloglines!!!!

  14. Had a hard time locating the Wilson-Jones cd/dvd storage pages, however I found a great replacement item made by C-Line – NO 52572 holds (4) 5″ x 7″ with a qty of 50 per BX – Use them also for my larger embossing folders – place round velcro disk inside the pocket to prevent the folder from falling out, holds 4 folders too, hope this helps ordered from a few Office supply websites or Amazon.

  15. Thanks so much for this video. For years just laying them in a drawer and hardly using them, but lately with the cost of greeting cards so expensive, I’ve been making my own and buying more stamps. Will definitely be organizing my stamps with your methods.

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