More Prizes! And site you must see…


I promised more prizes for the Card Drive… and here they are!  For a full list of prizes, see HERE.

By the way, I didn’t put out any requests for prizes or prize donations for this.  So, if you see that a site or person donated to this, it was out of their own idea and generosity.  Please give them a big shout-out and hug… and visit their site! πŸ™‚  (All other prizes are from my own stash.)

Prize 11: A Fabulous Bag from the!  (Please visit their site HERE.  Oh, my. I just ordered the “Got Stamps?” shirt!  SO much good stuff.  And she sells things to support charities… how cool!  This bag is super high-quality and adorable.  Sharon from Yellow Fence just sent this along with some other goodies and cards for the kids… I didn’t know it was coming.  Imagine how fun it was to open!  And she gave Colin the cutest shirt… scroll down to see it. πŸ™‚

Prize 11

Prize 12: Designing With Stamping Book (a fave of mine)

Prize 12 

Prize 13: Random Goodies (American Crafts Rub-Ons – which are the best! – Autumn Leaves and KI ribbons and Chatterbox goodies)

Prize 13 

I think there will be more when I get back from CHA.  Love passing on supplies to others.

Now, back to Yellow Fence. Check out this awesome shirt they sent for Colin.  I couldn’t get him to sit still enough to see the whole front of the shirt.  But it is THIS one.  “I grow up fast.  Scrapbook.”

Grow Up Fast

Couldn’t be more true, huh?  Love it.  Thank you, Sharon!

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19 thoughts on “More Prizes! And site you must see…”

  1. wow, how generous is everyone??? And little Colin is certainly getting bigger everytime I see him…what a doll! have fun at CHA!

  2. Colin is so adorable. Those pictures are to cute. Love the shirt, and of course it being green my favorite color is a huge plus as well.

    Thank you for all the inspiring ideas. You are a huge enabler though!! I am going to miss you at CHA this year. Unfortunately, because of a medical issue I will not be able to make it.

    I would love to see ideas on storing your clear stamps. It is a big issue for me. Also pictures of your studio would be awesome.

  3. omgosh, your little son is looking so much less like a ‘toddler’ these days! How adorable. hope you have a great time at CHA. Wish i could be there to say hello!

  4. Love the T-shirts at Yellow Fence – ordered 3 for me plus a tote!!! Thanks for enabling – not sure my husband will be as happy. hehehehehehehehe. Would love to get my hands on the book as well. Can you share where to order? Thanks again for doing such a wonderful thing!

  5. The shirt is cute! (almost as cute as the little boy wearing it!) Love the way he posed for you… Made me smile.

  6. Wow! Look at all these prizes! And Wow! Look at all the cards arriving daily! Just sent my cards to you yesterday. This was my first project outside of my regular family and friends projects. I looked at it like a “challenge” which I always read about on blogs but never participate in…performance anxiety…but this was really fun. I might just do it again sometime. Thanks Jennifer. P.S. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but, I’m actually wishing I could attend CHA this year. (In the past…did you EVER hear me say I was looking forward to it?) For the first time in 4 years, I wish I was going. There I said it! Have fun!

  7. That is one little bundle of cute if I’ve ever seen one! How can you possibly ever say no to that face?! πŸ˜‰

  8. What a doll! Does he have a girlfriend yet? I have a young Canadian princess here… πŸ˜‰
    The book you have listed as a prize… is it by Autumn Leaves? I’ve fallen in love with stamping because of you but REALLY do need to work on my kids’ scrapbooks. Looks like it could be inspirational. You’re too sweet to offer all these prizes. You do know we’d be making cards regardless though. πŸ™‚

  9. That shirt is adorable (and so is Colin)! So many great prizes! Have fun at CHA…. take pictures and video for us stuck at home!

  10. those photos are so cute and like they say out of the mouths of babes!! hope your taking colins advice!

  11. I have posted my cards off today, they are coming from NZ but I was told they should get there in 11-13 days so hopefully they make it to you in time wihtout any delays. Was fun doing this and for such a good cause, these kids will be so happy with all these cards being made for them

  12. I will be mailing my cards this weekend. Colin is sooooo cute. He looks so adorable. Your nieces and nephew are so lucky to have such a thoughtful aunt!!

  13. Running back through your blog tonight (catching up; as always!) and saw Colin in this shirt. A bit of trivia: YellowFence was having a contest for people to submit a slogan for their kids’ shirts. One other gal and I both submitted this saying – COOL, HUH?? So, of course, each of my kids has their own. πŸ™‚
    ‘Having a great time checking out your blog!! The great thing about getting behind is all of the ‘treasures’ you find when you’re catching up!!
    Thanks so much for all of the time/effort you put into your blog and your projects; here, for HA & 2Ps… πŸ™‚

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