New Kindness Products

I am so excited to tell you about these new products!

I recently made a bunch of cards for the teachers of a school that was the victim of a hate crime. I wanted to remind the teachers that their community loves and supports them. When doing so, I struggled to find the right sentiments.

I contacted Aaron of Hero Arts and asked if he would develop a stamp set of kindness messages and he said yes! We worked together to come up with sentiments that would encourage both family and strangers. They can be used to encourage anyone! Perfect for making cards for folks in our communities. Hero Arts designed the set and is donating a portion of the profits to support the Kind Campaign to put an end to bullying. (I was not paid to help – I just realllllly wanted this set!)

Also, Hero Arts is now selling a “share handmade kindness” and “a bit of kindness to brighten your day” die with a portion of the profits going to support the Kind Campaign, also. YAY! All three products are sold separately.

You can find the You Are Loved Stamp Set HERE, the Share Handmade Kindness Die HERE, and the A Bit of Kindness Die HERE.

I hope these help you to create kindness to share with others. I believe a simple handmade card can make a huge difference. A difference our world needs. I promise I will use them in a video soon. Enjoy!


(These products will be available in other craft stores soon. Be sure to ask them to carry them – they can order from Hero Arts. Affiliate links may be used at no additional cost to you. Thanks!)

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58 thoughts on “New Kindness Products”

  1. Definately on my “to buy list”. What a great idea for the set and so generous of HA to give a portion to an amazing program!!!

  2. Now, more than ever before, we need to support one another and actively show our acceptance and love for EVERYONE! This is a wonderful set of stamps and dies and I have some fine ideas for how I will use them.

  3. Gina just shared this on Face Book! WOW! Amazing……I know you adore all of those itty bitty ones! This is AWESOME! Kind through and through! Well done! Sorry about that school, that’s horrible to say the least! 🙁

  4. These products are amazing! Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place. Ca;t wait for my order to arrive 🙂

  5. You are so inspiring and I love Hero Arts! Thanks for going above and beyond to get this accomplished!

  6. Great sentiments.You have such a big heart. What you do for others is so needed in this world. Putting this product out there for us to use spreads that even further. Your such an inspiration, Jennifer. Thank you.
    Viola, a.big jam fan!

  7. Well done Jennifer! This means so much to me… growing up these were messages that I needed to hear and was lucky enough to have a few wonderful people in my life to say them to me, but having them in print would be a nice touch so they can read and re-read the reminder. Thank you for filling a hole that needed to be filled.

  8. Bullying takes on so many forms and this set definitely covers them all! Thank you for requesting Hero Arts to take part in a wonderful cause! Let’s make the world a better place for all!

  9. This is Outstanding Jennifer.Hats off to Hero Arts as well.Its a blessing to have you both in the world corner.Yaaaay!!!!

  10. Thank you Jennifer from the bottom of my heart for requesting these kindness sentiments!!! I volunteer at a diaper bank here in Atlanta and I have been looking for sentiments like these to make cards for the families we serve!!! These are perfect!!!

  11. Thank You Jennifer for putting words into a Stamp set that so many of us wish to express to others through our craft of stamping. So needed these days. Also a shout out to Hero Arts for there generosity and contributions of helping bring this together. -Beverlee-

  12. Of course you would be able to create a Kindness set…it shows in all you do! Thank you so much for these beautiful words, you pretty much covered it!! The only one I would add is a life verse from Scripture…”Be ye kind…” :o)

  13. I love the sentiments. I am looking forward to seeing the cards you create with these wonderful messages.

  14. I love the items! As the head secretary of a large high school in Washington state I see students struggling every day. Sadly over the past six years there have been nine suicides and many students are taken to the hospital for prevention each year. We only have six counselors for the 2,138 students and thankfully now more are coming in from other agencies. This morning I mentioned to the counselor about the cards you took to the school and asked if they could use something like them for students who were struggling. She was thrilled and now so am I to see these new items available. It’s a scary world out there and there are way too many students in all grade levels who just need to know people care.

    You are a wonderful inspiration, thank you!

  15. I agree with all if the above comments, and also struggle to find the perfect sentiment at times! These are wonderful news locethat they support such a great cause also!

  16. These are very nice.

    Wouldn’t it be great if bullying could be stopped? I wish more parents were involved.

    Of course bullying isn’t always towards children. There are many bullies. Very sad.

  17. Such a great cause Jennifer, and a perfect stamp set to spread some kindness. As a Muslim woman in Texas I regularly see grafitti and vandalism at my local Islamic center, which includes children from 12 months (day care) with a school pre k to 6th grade. These acts of hate will only make us stronger together.

  18. Thank you for your gentle message that speaks to standing up for those who are victims of bullying, and so importantly, hate crimes. Ordered.

  19. Oh my, what timing!!! I was just mentioning to a friend that I would like to have a stamping party soon where everyone comes to make cards for the Senior Assisted Living center where both of our grandmothers are staying. I’ve chatted with a few of the residents, and it always breaks my heart to hear so many of them say that nobody comes to visit them. I’d really love to just give them a little pick-me-up. These sentiments will be perfect!!

  20. Thank you Jennifer for all you do!!
    I was a scrapbook retreat in FLorida, and two of us began talking about stamping, and techniques and especially our MISTI’s. They I said, Jennifer Mcguire posted about getting a magnet off Amazon. My “new” friend turns and says, “I subscribe to her too!!” We had the biggest laugh!! You are teaching us so much and alerting us to things we really need to make the process easier!! Thank you for helping our creativity! You are so loved and appreciated!!
    Just one of your avid fans (from Florida)!

  21. Hi Jennifer ~ I am totally not surprised that you spear-headed this all important stamp set. Your love and kindness never cease to amaze me and, like I’ve said before, you continue to “use your powers” to spread that kindness & love around the world. You are a true treasure. ~HUGS~

  22. Thank you Jennifer and Hero Arts. The world needs more kindness. This stamp set is going on my Need List.

  23. So happy to see this set Jennifer and I am not surprised that you made it happen! Kindness DOES matter and we all need to share that message any way we can so we can stop bullying.

  24. I’ve never understood why you don’t have your own line of products! I’d buy it ALL! HAPPY FOR YOU! SIGN ME UP!!

  25. You ARE the kindness guru. So very inspiring for us. I, quite honestly, don’t understand why there seems to be so much UNkindness “out there”. It’s easier to be kind, or friendly. I enjoy conversations with people at the grocery store, for instance. So many interesting people, and not always in agreement. Smiling, being friendly, being kind – I think – makes life more enjoyable. By the way, congratulations to you for being the website of the month in the UK magazine, Cardmaking and Papercraft, to which I subscribe. I was so very pleased, on your behalf, as one of your blog’s admirers. You, deservedly, can bask in the recognition. Congrats.

  26. A beautiful set – it doesn’t take much to be kind or thoughtful to others, but it is seeming to become rare in this society which is so sad. Keep spreading the kindness!

  27. This is a wonderful set. What beautiful work. I ordered the stamps and can’t wait to receive them. Thank you for everything you do to spread kindness. It truly matters!

  28. Good for you Jennifer! You have a huge following and conveying your support for non-tolerance of bullying or any other mistreatment of others and instead conveying kindness and love is so very powerful. I LOVE this set and the dies, and I will definitely be buying them. Thanks to Hero Arts as well for setting a strong standard for crafting manufacturers!

  29. jennifer this one step towards making our one world a unifed and humanized world. Bravo for your inspiration.

  30. jennifer this one step towards making our one world a unifed and humanized world. Bravo for your inspiration.

  31. What a great stamp set. I am always looking for items that help to encourage people, this set is a must have. Even with all the talk of bullying , so many just do not get it.
    Thanks to you Jennifer and Hero Arts for making this happen.

  32. This is a beautiful stamp set Jennifer!! I just ordered mine last night. Thank you being a voice to help strengthen and encourage kindness everyday. Every voice makes a difference!

  33. I love these. I am wondering are they only available at SSS? I order monthly from Hero Arts I would love to put these in my cart- I really want these stamps I could use them so much for the ministry my church does to support local teachers at public schools. We make all kinds of encouragement gifts and notes for teachers. Thank you for making these. I am wondering if I can order them at Hero Arts.

  34. Oh Jennifer,

    I’ve never wanted a stamp or stamp set as much as I do this one. I’ve been looking for something like this for years. Thank you for initiating, collaborating, and having the means and connections to get it done!

    Borrowing a quote from this set, Jennifer, you make this world beautiful!

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