Video: Ink Storage + Discount Code + Giveaway!

Hello! One of the questions I get most often is about ink storage. I finally have storage I am happy with… so it is time to share. And the good news? I have a discount code and giveaway for my favorite storage units!

Check out my video to see a closer look…

First, I am really over-the-moon happy with my storage units from OrganizeMore. They are high quality and responsibly priced compared to other ink storage units I have seen. (Keep reading… I have a discount code for OrganizeMore and a giveaway below. Please know they didn’t contact me – I found them after searching long and hard for the best storage option for me.)

The first unit I have is the 48 Ink Pad Organizer for my favorite colors of Hero Arts Shadow, My Favorite Things and (new) Mama Elephant Inks. This guy sits in a cabinet, but could also hang on the wall or sit on a shelf…

The second unit I have is the Mini Ink Pad Organizer. This holds 24 inks and I have it hanging on the inside of my cabinet door. (I used Command Picture Hanging Strips to hold it on the door – works like a charm – so strong!) My favorite Memento Luxe Inks live here, along with other frequently used inks such as Versamark, Memento Black, Archival Black, Unicorn White, etc.

Next is the one I am in love with the most – the 36 Distress Ink/Reinker Organizer. Eek! It makes me so happy! It is intended to stand upright or hang, but I have mine laying in a drawer. It is also intended to hold Distress Inks and reinkers, but I used those reinker spots to hold my Ink Blending Tools. (Yes, I am nuts to have a tool for each color – even Tim makes fun of me for it. But I use them A LOT and this helps me work better. But in the video, I make other suggestions on how to do this.)

The rest of my inks are in my Ikea Alex drawers. These units are incredible for crafters, are very inexpensive and hold a ton. I have a few built into my office and couldn’t live without them! They work for ink storage, too…

In the video, I also show a few plastic containers that are good for folks with less room and are more cost effective. I use these for my other-colors-I-like-but-don’t-use-as-often inks. These are from the same manufacturer of the stamp storage containers I love…

And finally, I use the Brother P-Touch Label Maker with the 1/4″ tape to label the sides of the inks. This is a durable label that won’t get icky and fall off. So fast and easy. (I will soon share a video showing how to set this label maker up so that it conserves label tape.) And let’s just say this – kids are really good at using this machine. šŸ˜‰

A few things to note:

  • Yes – I do store some of my inks on their side. I have never had problems with doing this, and many companies say it doesn’t matter. Also, I rotate mine once in awhile just to be safe. Works for me and I have had them this way for some time now. If you want to be safe, go with one of the OrganizeMore storage units that store inks horizontally.
  • Note that these units do not hold ALL of the colors, but rather my most frequently used colors. This was key for me. Once I decided to use “prime real estate” in my craft room for just my favorite products and tuck the rest into a container elsewhere, I really became happy and more functional.
  • And yes – I do have a lot of inks. However, this is my job. Just like my hubby engineer needs lots of tools in his office to do his job, I need these inks. šŸ™‚


So I looked long and hard to find the perfect storage units and have been so very happy with the ones from OrganizeMore. So I got the courage to contact them and ask them if they wanted to give my readers and discount code… and they said yes! Use the code is “MCGUIREINK” for a 13% discount on your entire order (before shipping charges). Offer ends 10/17/13.


And when I contacted OrganizeMore about the discount code, they offered a giveaway… a REALLY good giveaway! One lucky crafter will get the 48 Ink Pad Organizer like the one I use! Just leave a comment here by 11:59pmEST on 10/17/13 for your chance. Good luck!

Please visit OrganizeMore to see the other ink storage options they have. They have even bigger ones than I own!Ā  They also have organizers for other products, such as punches and ribbons.

Hope one of these storage options works for you. Enjoy!


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1,093 thoughts on “Video: Ink Storage + Discount Code + Giveaway!”

  1. Jennifer,

    You have been inspiring me for years, with your scrapbooking, cards, stamping and organization. I have been in a creative slump for a few years, but starting to craft again recently. This led to reorganizing my scrap/craft room. The first thing I did was search for your organization ideas. Thanks for the help.

  2. You are simply a paper crafter!!!! Love your videos…keep ’em coming. Also…thanks for sharing the information on ink organization!!!!!

  3. WOW, over a thousand comments… glad to see I am not the ONLY one desperately seeking a way to stay organized so my crafting is FUN rather than labor intensive (from moving things all over trying to find stuff due to my lack of space). Going to go check out the website and see about getting some awesome organizing items.

  4. What a great storage unit. My ink pads are all stacked on top of each other and every time I go to get one I create an avalanche.

  5. Thank you for all your organizing ideas. I have used a lot of them in my own craft room. I will be using the ink storage idea too.

  6. Thanks to you Jennifer, I now know about this website! There stuff looks fantastic. I’ve stopped stamping because my teeny room was such a mess. I’m deciding which unit to start with so I can start stamping again! Thanks for the chance to win! PS Your cards are amazing!

  7. This is amazing and I can’t believe I am the very very luck winner! What a wonderful way to start my week!!

    Special thanks to Jennifer for sharing the link and discount to this great store and thanks also to OrganizeMore for their extremely generous gift! WOW!! I am so happy and thrilled to have won this amazing prize and it’s exactly what I need! šŸ™‚

  8. Love this video – I am so inspired to fix up my craft room now!!

    Just have a couple of questions. I am really interested in purchasing a box to hold my ink pads but I have an Misc assortment Distress and “Hero Arts” sized inkpads. If I was to only purchase one box, which style (Hero arts or Distress inks style) would best fit both kinds of pads.

    Also, the labels you stamp on, do you purchase them or do you cut your own.


  9. I have been searching forever for something like this!! So glad I found it and can’t wait to get my own.

  10. Your posts and videos and classes are always top notch and I know when you recommend something, it is good. Would love the storage unit and if I do not win hope there is a distributor in Canada!

  11. I really love your strategy about going after this. My scrapbook studio was reconstructed after a roof leak (courtesy of the fabulous MI winter this year) and I felt devastated bc I had to go through every last everything, but also presented me with new organization challenges. Long story short..I would be very grateful for this great prize! Thanks to Organize More and you for offering!

  12. Jennifer I love all of your storage ideas, now if I can just get started. I think if I win this ink storage it might give me the get up and go…now lets see how my luck is….

  13. Yay! I am so happy to see a storage unit that fits various ink pad sizes….and at a reasonable price! I’m an organization freak with my craft things and cannot even function without stuff being organized and handy. Thanks for sharing this product.

  14. Hi Jennifer. I actually ordered these a few weeks ago and mine were just shipped. I can’t wait until they get here now that I have seen yours filled with ink pads.

  15. I love these and how you can see each one. I need one of these. Thanks for getting us the info to order with the discount and a chance to win one! You are the best.

  16. I so love reading about your organizational tips. In fact, I’ve implemented quite a few! I would LOVE to win this fabulous prize give-away as I’ve run out of ink pad storage. So I’ll definitely be checking out the website/products. Thanks again for all your wonderful tips!

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  18. I’m new 2 ur site, so I won’t get this discount, but I really appreciate all the info & I will b ordering some ink storage. I can’t wait 2 receive all ur emails with demos & info. Thx a bunch!

  19. Hi MinaFab card…. I was rellay rellay trying not to buy that image, cos I have enough already… but now am going to have to I think! I was given by my darling OH an OTT light for Christmas… and it is perfect for photographing cards. Don’t know if you’ve seen them before, but google them and you’ll find out all about them.Sorry that Phil can’t get home this weekend…… what does he do?HugsChristine x

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  21. I just purchased the Ikea Alex drawers for stamping supplies. Did you make the dividers for holding ink, or purchase them somewhere?

    Thanks from Dayton

  22. Wow, Jennifer, that really looks like an awesome solution to putting all of your inks right at your side and they seem to be a really awesome size! I love them and they look like really great quality!
    Thank you, so much for always giving us such great tips, tricks and solutions to some of our biggest problems!
    Love your channel and the fact that you do so much for our community!
    Hugs and happiness,
    Briana C.

  23. This is the solution for my ink storage perfect! Thank you for showing your ideas šŸ’” and creative projects. You never disappoint. Merry Christmas and Happy šŸ˜Š New Year

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