In the Classroom DVD Giveaways!


I am so very excited… the first two In The Classroom DVDs from Hero Arts are in stock now HERE and HERE!

CR001  CR002

There are two: Technique Garden (all floral images) and Hero Hues (all color driven). Both are packed with 18 card ideas, MANY tips and techniques and lots of stamping.

Want a few peeks?

Here is a video I did about the In The Classroom series. The product comes with a DVD with the videos and a CD with the handouts. You can easily buy all the same products or use products you have.

I did all the videos on these DVDs and really hope you like them. Even if you have seen all of the Hero Arts videos and all of my videos, I do believe you will still learn a lot!

If you are interested in buying them, click HERE and HERE.

And how about a giveaway!? Or two? Just leave a comment here by Sunday night sharing a crafty tip and I will pick a lucky winner for Technique Garden and a winner for Hero Hues.

Happy stamping…


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403 thoughts on “In the Classroom DVD Giveaways!”

  1. My crafty tip is keeping paper scraps in large ziploc bags according to color. It’s makes finding the color you need quick and easy. I have already learned so much from your website. I would love to win a new class DVD!

  2. My crafty tip is that I put all my clear stamps in vinyl binders. Also put my spellbinders in my. My best tip is that I keep a 3×5″ black 6-ring notebook in my purse all the time with the colors of my distress inks, cricut cartidges, spellbinders, punches, cuttlebug, etc. that I have so that when I go shopping I don’t buy a duplicate of something I already have.

  3. I took a swatch guide of the distress inks and put it in a page protector and put velcro on it so that I can stick the foam for the ink tool for each of the colors.

  4. Oh my! I would love to win one of your new videos! THANKS so much for thinking of creating them and sharing with all of us, your adoring fans! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have created some templates into which I stamp my new stamps, inks (and note when I purchase re-inkers), punches, and paints. I carry my “Stamper’s Bible” with me when I head out for serious stamp purchasing! THAT WAY I can always check to see if I have that stamp already (cause you know I LOVE IT!) or if I need to grab a re-inker (cause that is one of my FAVORITE colors!) I can not tell you how many times this has saved me from purchasing the same stamp more than once! Happy to share my templates if anyone wants them!

  5. Love all the Hero Arts lines and these will be great learning tool. Here is my tip: When I first look through a crafting magazine, I stick a pad of the tiny Post It note tags on the front of the mag and as I find ideas I love, I put one of the tags on that page sticking out a little. If I don’t, I never remember where I saw an idea. This way, they are easy to refer back to. Since magazines are almost a thing of the past, and the internet is taking over, when surfing the blogs, and I find an idea I want to save, I bookmark that page and keep it in a separate “ideas” folder. I look at so many blogs and they are packed with wonderful ideas, I would never know where I saw what without doing this.

  6. Love your teaching style so I’m sure these are going to be wonderful resources for learning and inspiration! Oh so many cool things to learn!

  7. Thank you for the opportunity to win a video. I live in Arizona, where there isn’t the opportunity to attend your classes in person. My crafty tip is I use page protectors and seal half of the page using a sealer made for re-seal potato chip bags, cut the bottom portion open and put my cling and clear stamps and store them in a binder.

  8. WOW, I know those videos must be full of great ideas and inspiration.

    My tip is very simple: If you are a card maker shopping for supplies at your local craft shop (in my case, shops such as Michaels, JoAnn, or Hobby Lobbie), make sure you visit all the aisles. You never know what you might find in cooking, knitting, woodwork sections, to name a few. They might not look like they are meant for us, but you would be surprised at how many materials from those other departments you can use in your projects.

  9. These DVDs look great. My tip: With a small piece of each color of my solid card stock, I’ve die cut and labeled a small tag. These tags go on a small ring so when I’m trying to find a the right colors to go with my patterned paper I can just pull out the tags.

  10. Awesome inspiration on dvds..This is
    going to make the lucky winners very
    happy….my tip: keep a journal so
    that when you are able to scrap a
    certain day/event, you can revisit
    your thoughts/feelings you had at
    that time.

  11. Hi Jennifer!!! So excited to see your videos. Gotta have them. Thank you for your hard work and inspiration.

  12. Thanks Karen. That is truly a wonderful idea. I lose for focus and ideas – this will be a great way to “Refocus”

  13. I’m a new scrapper/cardmaker and really don’t have the experience of most of you, HOWEVER, my craft tip is this, cheapest is not always better, good quality and USA made is the best choice when buying craft supplies. I have learned this the hard way and expensive way. Hero Arts and Ranger by far, my most favorite products. Sadly, I have to order most of mine online because there are not many Hero Arts supply dealers in my area. Jennifer keep up the good work!!!!!

  14. Jennifer, What a great giveaway!

    My crafty tip is to not sweat it when your mojo seems to be on vacation! I’ve noticed that my creativity comes in cycles and now I don’t panic when I don’t feel like crafting–I just wait until the mojo comes back (usually not that long!)

  15. I don’t know if you would consider this a craft tip or not….. but over the last 10 years or so you accumulate alot of supplies….. like you, i have to purge but i do it annually plus I keep all my eveyday needy supplies right in front otherwise I forget i even have them!

    Thanks so much!

  16. why i’d love to have you come to my house….even if it is just in a video. Hey, that way i don’t even have to clean up!! LOL!!! thanks for always sharing your creativity with us.

  17. Congrats on the new release — the dvds look great!
    The tip I’m relying on right now is to shop your stash — I’m trying not to buy much until I’ve given what I already own a shot!

  18. Hi Jennifer
    Finally got to Stamp Your Art Out! What a great store and people, my tip is when I can’t find my embossing buddy I use a fabric softener sheet-unscented it works just as well. Thank you for giving away 2 of the dvds,

    a Michigan follower

  19. My tip is storing paper scraps in ziploc bage according to color family. It makes finding the right piece quick and easy. I have already learned so much from your website, Jennifer, I can’t wait to get the new DVD!

  20. For the life of me I can’t think of a tip to share. So many great ones already left though. The DVD’s look amazing and I would love to win one. Thakns for the chance!

  21. Wow amazing giveaway, cant wait to watch these babies cause I LOVE your videos! My crafty tip is to use Elemers spray glue to attach tiny pieces from my Silhouette or other die cutting machine…super easy!

  22. Love the chance to win the DVD.
    and here is my crafty tip : if your sponge dauber has frilled because of over used dont throw it away..dab it on the acrylic paint to create weather look for your card ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. I love your videos and would love to win one of these new DVDs. something I just started doing again for glitzy valentines is to run the embellishment through the Xyron and then sprinkle with glitter. A great way to add sparkle.

  24. I’d love to win those, I always learn so much from your blog videos! All my tips come straight from you! My favorite is the pearlized water in those mini mister! I have to hold myself back otherwise I’d use it in every card I make!

  25. I love using my hero arts flowers and butterflies on the big Tim Holtz tags (die cut) but I don’t always want the big holes at the top of the tag because I like to use the We-R-Memories large flange eyelets with little holes. So I came up with the perfect solution: Make my own hole reinforcers by punching the 1/4 inch hole in cardstock and then putting the eyelet into the 1/4 inch hole and tracing the big circle flange. Take the eyelet out and use a 1/2 inch punch (I use the lever punch type) and using the traced circle guide make a perfect circle centered with the 1/4 inch hole. I use a small crochet hook to bring my fine weave ribbons through the small hole. What a great bookmark!

  26. This is really a good idea. I have kept a stamping journal for years but things change. Also it does allow you to quickly speed through one catagory by just opening that drawer.

  27. Good comment about unpacking the bag you just bought stuff in. It is so easy to lose a small purchased item in a big bag and forget it was even in there only to throw it away accidently.

  28. Very good comment. I am in the same process of labeling everything, making swatches of all my die ink colors, etc., in my craft room and knowing where everything is. When in a creative storm I don’t like to waste creative time searching for stuff.

  29. Thanks for a chance to win!!

    This storage tip is one that I got from someone’s blog, sadly I cannot recall whose. I use an over the door shoe holder from walmart (with clear pockets) to hold my paper punches. I can find them easily, and it frees up a lot of space.

  30. Those DVDs look wonderful!
    My tip is adding a little surprise to the back of my cards. I sometimes emboss a message or image on the back of the card using the same color palette.

  31. My favorite tip is I use a doodle pad as my stamp cushion, when it gets messy just rip the page off & stamp some more.

  32. Of course I would love to win one of these videos and I hope I do!!!

    My Tip is to keep a magnet close by for those times that you spill a case of brads or pins or anything metal and you can swipe the magnet over the table or the floor and pick up as many of the little items on the floor or table. That is much better idea than picking them up with the vacumme and having to repurchase all of those little items.

    Again thanks for the chance to win, you are such a creative person and a good person. I think you are just amazing.

  33. Jennifer, these videos look great, my crafty tip is this, lately I have been buying my flowers, bling and even ribbon in white, and then I color them with my copics to match my projecct. Thanks for this chance to win.

  34. I would love to win as I think Jennifer is about the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!

    My tip is to keep a magnet on your table, away from your PUTER for those instances where your brads or clips spill and you can use the magnet for a quick clean up. A magnet is a much better idea than your vac picking them all up and you never seeing them again”_

  35. I think one trick for me is to stay ORGANIZED! I keep a box of my essentials – scissors, double sided tape, glue, black ink. I carry it in those stackable snap in trays. This is great when I need to bring a kit to a class or when I’m travel and want to do some basic stamping. I can also throw in some stamps and paper that I’d want to work on. Most of my embellishments stay behind because I can always add them on later. Hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Thanks for a chance to win one of the great DVD’s, Jennifer. I know they are great because you made them. My hint concerns scrap SB paper. I have a color driven file which I use for trims or embellies on cards. It saves using a sheet of 12X12. Thanks to everyone for their hints.

  37. DVDs? GREAT!!!!

    My tip is for heat embossing. Cover a sturdy piece of cardboard with aluminum foil, shiny side OUT. Use a clothespin to hold your piece to be embossed on the foil-covered cardboard while heat embossing. The foil reflects the heat to the back side of your artwork, speeding up the embossing process and helping to prevent warping.

  38. I store my clear stamps on sheets in the static cling photo album. I group them by holiday or theme. I used to save all my magazines but found that to be too space consuming. Now, I tear out sample cards, technique articles, etc. and store them in folders labeled according to holiday, theme, technique, etc. When ready, I just take out a folder and review the info.

  39. I love all all videos and can’t wait to see your DVD. My crafty tip: Use a baby wipe to blend chalk inks.

  40. Great DVDs…thanks for a chance to win! My crafty tip: When mailing any card with 3-D embellishments, tuck a piece of bubblewrap into the envelope over the embellishments or sandwich the card between two pieces of cereal box cardboard. This works especially well for items that might otherwise poke a hole in the envelope or break. Anne, yourmainestamper

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