Inspired Stamp Challenge Week

Happy Monday!

A few weeks ago, I did a same-stamp challenge with my dear, talented friend Joy Taylor. We had just been talking and feeling inspired by each other, so I had the idea to do the week of fun. And we loved it! So, I decided to do this more often.

So, I am excited to start a same-stamp challenge week with another person I admire so much – Jill Foster. But we are going to add another element to the challenge. We are going to not only both use the same stamp, but also use the same source of inspiration. Fun, huh?

The reason we decided to add the inspiration element is because Jill's incredible blog is based on the "inspired by" idea. Each week she picks an fellow cardmaker. Each day she picks a card that cardmaker made and shows a card she created inspired by it. Love this concept.

So, let's get started.

Here is the stamp we decided to use for Day 1, along with an inspiration card I picked of Jill's…

And here is my card. To be honest? I hate it. Ha. I wanted warm, fall colors, but it looks just awful. Ha. But it is what it is, so here it is. (Like that line?) I am not picky about what I create. 🙂 Jill's inspiration card is a masterpiece – I wish I would have done it justice! Anyway, here it is…

092010 JF Day 1 JenMcGuire

092010 JF Day 1 JenMcGuireb
Supplies: Hero Arts stamps (flower, greeting, background), card, paper and accents; Twinkling H2Os (for all coloring); Versafine Black (for embossing flower); Clear Embossing Powder; Basic Grey Paper

Lots going on on this card. Everything was done with Twinkling H2Os – the painted circle, flower and stamped background. THIS background stamp is so good for inked backgrounds…

And THIS is still my favorite greeting stamp set of all time. Period.

Be sure to check out Jill's take on this stamp and inspiration HERE. She is amazing – I am sure it will be wonderful.

BTW… to all you amazing gals I saw this past weekend at Scrapfest – THANK YOU. You were all so fun, wonderful, warm and encouraging. My favorite part was having dinner with lots of Hero Arts Flickr girls – so fun. Love to you all. If any of you have pics, please email me. I did see this one from my new friend Barb and stole it from her blog. It totally captures Shari and I. Love my silly Shari…


Happy day to you.

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71 thoughts on “Inspired Stamp Challenge Week”

  1. Oh Jen, how I am going to love this week with you and Jill, two of the most inspiring and beautiful people in the world. Both your talents amaze me and without a doubt both yours and Jill’s cards are simply just that…I love this card that you created, you should not hate this, I love the cheerful look to this card, gorgeous in fact…looking forward to the week ahead, Hugs sweet friend and thanks for the wonderful mention again, so pleased to be able to call you my friend 🙂

  2. Hate it, huh? I wish I could make such aweful cards! Jennifer, it is beautiful. I do get how when you have an idea in your head how you want something to look and it doesn’t turn out like that….. but we don’t know what was in your head!
    LOVE it!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I love that photo of you and Shari! We sure had fun this past weekend! Your classes were awesome and dinner was a blast! And by the way, I’m not sure why you don’t like this card. It’s so full of color! Love the multi-colored ink on the canvas stripes and your pretty flower! Hope you’re getting some much deserved rest today! 🙂

  4. LOVE it Jennifer! You are so kind and I am honored to share this fun week with you! Love the bright, fall colors on your card and -wow!- that flower looks awesome! BIG hugs!

  5. I like it! It’s fun to hear that you don’t like it though. I’d love to see other creations of yours that you don’t like, examples of where your taste has changed, etc.

  6. Love the boldness of your card. It is so pretty and vibrant!! Who wouldn’t want to receive a gorgeous card like this one? Even though you didn’t like your card, you shared it. What confidence you have. Looking forward to this week with the sharing of cards. You did a great job last week at HA with the Twinkling H20s, too. Aren’t we our own worst critics?
    Shirley L.
    Roseville, CA

  7. I love the striped background! It came out so pretty.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you about the cards for kids drive. When I click on your link in the sidebar, it says that they’re due by April 30th… I’m guessing that’s an older one? Is there an updated version that I’m just not finding? (Probably). If you could point me in the right direction, that’d be great!

  8. Fabulous card Jennifer! Love the colours you used, especially on the striped background. Looking forward to all inspirations this week!

  9. You and Jill are a stamping match made in heaven…brilliant card, the background is totally fantastic. Looking forward to a great week of inspired creating!

  10. Oh, I love your fabulous card, Jennifer! That flower is perfect! I love how you used it to create leaves, too! What a great match – I adore Jill’s work and yours, well you might have guessed that!

  11. How could you possibly hate this card?! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I agree with what Susan Beauchaine said. I want to try making something like this! I love it!

  12. Great card as always, just love your creations! Had such a wonderful time in both the Hero Arts classes this weekend at ScrapFest – you and Shari are just awesome together just like previous years. Loved all the new ink techniques – messy but just fabulous colors!! Thanks for your generosity. Agreed – very cute picture of you and Shari!!

  13. I love your card. It’s very bright and pretty!!! Cute picture of you and Shari. It’s always more fun to share good times with a friend!!!

  14. I like your card more than the “inspiration” – it is well coordinated and I like the colors. What’s not to love about it?

  15. Beautiful card, Jennifer and I really don’t know what you don’t like about it! That’s such a great photo of you and Shari! I’ve loved reading all about and seeing all the photos from ScrapFest!

  16. Well Jenifer I don’t hate it, I kinda like the different mix of colors you chose to use. It isn’t expected and that is what I like about it. Plus I’m sure that in person it is even more pretty and sparkly and that probably helps the color palette. Thanks for sharing and am so excited about this weeks challenge. =) Have a GREAT DAY!!!

  17. I know how it goes when it is not as pictured in your minds eye 🙂 but nevertheless it is a great card! What an adorable picture of you and Shari…

  18. Wow this is going to be a great week. Two artists creating masterpieces for us to see. You are much too hard on yourself. This card is great! I especially love the background stamp – have never seen it before – so see you introduced me to something new. Can’t wait to get one for myself. Can’t wait to see what you create for tomorrow.

  19. I love everything you create, Jennifer.This card is a beauty. This week with Jill will be especially fun and interesting.

  20. This weekend at Scrapfest sure was fun Jennifer- you and Shari put on such a fun and fast paced class and the dinner we all had together was a blast! Hope you two recover from a long hard working weekend! Your card is just fabulous too- what’s not to like about it! I’ll try to email you a few pictures from this weekend as well.

    Hugs, Anne

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