My drug of choice…

Some people like chocolate.

Some like wine.

Some like shopping.

Me? My drug of choice is teaching.

I love everything about it. It is such such such fun to me.

It is a struggle for me, though, like any addiction I guess. I wish I could travel and teach more, but I also want to be home with the family. So for a long time I didn't go to stores to teach, but recently decided to go to the stores who have been asking for some time and/or the stores with owners who I adore.

This past weekend I went to Canada to teach at Scrapbook Centrale. Natalie has been asking me to come teach for her for 9 years. Yes. 9 years. It is about time I said yes, huh? Thank you, Natalie. You are the best and I can't wait to come back.

JenniferMcG & Nat_edited-1
(And thanks to my dear old friend, Mel, who took this photo. And who had the most thoughtful present for my family. And who gives the best hugs. Ever. Love you, girl.)

 I had such a wonderful time. Such wonderful help. Such wonderful people. We did 3 giant classes on Saturday and again on Sunday. Could have kept going.

Anyway… I am working on the class weekends for 2011. I am heading to some of the great/patient store owners locations in Buffalo, Ohio and Boston (several times). I am not booking past May right now. Stay posted for class dates. I won't be doing many trips, but just enough to feed my addiction.

Moving on…

Many folks have asked about the new Liquid Pearls. Yes, the are wonderful. Yes, they are a good price. Yes, you need them. 🙂 My favorite colors? Bisque, Silver, Platinum, and White Opal.

Here is a card showing a fun way to use the Liquid Pearls. This uses the fabulous Bisque color. I just traced stamped image, leaving some fun and simple dimension…

102310 BAF JenMcGuire
102310 BAF 2 JenMcGuire
I will share some other fun things to do with these pearls in future days.

Have a great weekend!


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